Thursday, 31 July 2014

VOIX- The Battle of Words !

By: Sradha Suman Mahapatra
After a boring seminar session, I walked lazily towards the college canteen to grab a bite of the cheapest item available, that would also decently fill up my stomach for the next four hours. Well, when your mum tells you that 'it's a Thursday', you start calculating your budget for the day and the painful regret of spending like you're a millionaire when you had money, crosses your mind. But anyway, with a little difficulty, though, when I struggled to enjoy the spice-less, uninteresting plain noodles, a junior [ Anirban Pati ] calls out, "Di, time ho gaya ! ". Mid-lunch, I say, " Is it 2 already ? ". And he shows me the time. It was 2.05 pm. Hurriedly, I finished the plate of chowmein and rushed towards room no.205 for the first voix session of the semester. Excited and nervous, I dashed into the room. After about fifteen minutes of wait, we were finally ten people [ two people joined us mid-discussion ] divided into two groups.

The topic was "UNION BUDGET- 2014 : RELEVANCE TO COMMON MAN". We separated into two groups of five participants each and named ourselves- "The Attackers" and "The Defenders". The defenders had to defend the budget and the attackers had to oppose the defenders on accounts of the relevance of the budget to the common man. Then after the discussion had continued for a period of 15 minutes, the groups had to switch their roles, that is, the Defenders attack and the Attackers defend. The groups were made as follows:

 DEFENDERS[for first round]                                     ATTACKERS[for first round]
 Anirban Pati [3rd yr]                                             Sradha Suman mahapatra [4th yr]
 Sidhharth Patnaik [3rd yr]                                     Pratikshya Satpahy [4th yr]
 Biswanath Nanda [2nd yr]                                     Amlan Patnaik [3rd yr]
 Manish Behera [ 2nd yr ]                                       Vignesh Sai [ 2nd yr]
 Samidha Ratho [2nd yr]                                         Ipseeta Panigrahi [2nd yr ]

After all the rules were clarified, the teams were ready, and our friends from the CET_Photofactory [ Kishan and Lipak ] were all set with their cameras, the debate was started by a second year student, Manish Behera on behalf of his team 'the Defenders'. He started with the details of renewed tax redemption policies and other benefits for senior citizens and very senior citizens decided in the budget. He also gave details regarding housing loans and interest rates, giving a good start to the discussion. He was then replied by the Attackers' Sradha, who put forth the argument against the ill-justification of mere 50,000 rupee-increase in the limits for taxation, debated against the inefficient renewal of the old policies and then went on to criticize the failure of the government to reduce prices of daily-use commodities. Thereafter, the debate took its shape with each participant coming forward to put their arguments and some extremely intelligent points. Some of the first-time participants of second year had come fully equipped with facts and data and were seen making an aggressive effort. Some of them were among the top performers of the day. Vignesh, Biswanath and Manish placed some really useful points that helped the discussion grow. An interesting, almost-face-off like situation cropped up among the third year participants, Amlan, Sidhharth and Anirban, heating up the debate and making it all the more fun. Each participant came up with arguments ranging from tax-system to the allotment unds for women empowerment, education and skill development. The statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was one of the longest debated areas. Two participants, Samidha and Ipseeta, again of second year, though joined late, made their presence felt. Pratikshya of final year decided not to speak and give a chance to the juniors today. And while we all were buried in the discussion, our CET_Photofactory friends worked their ways through their lenses, clicking pictures of us speaking, shouting and thinking. Like this, after around 40 minutes, exceeding the decided time, the debate ended. The participants were still full of energy and were willing to continue for another half an hour, if not for the time-constraints.
Picture Credits : CET_Photofactory
Picture Credits : CET_Photofactory
Picture Credits : CET_Photofactory

At the end, the participants introduced themselves to the other members and gave their feedback for the very first session of Voix of this semester. Then, each one of us was given a piece of paper, wherein we were asked to write the name(s) of the person(s) who we thought was the "Best Speaker of the day". As per the chits, the BEST SPEAKER OF THE DAY was Anirban pati with seven votes. All in all, the session was a success with so many enthusiastic participants. We hope the next session, we get a similar or a better response with new participants joining us with their fresh ideas. 

Picture Credits : CET_Photofactory

When it was all over, Lipak [ From the CET_Photofactory ] called us for a group picture and we all ended the day with a long "Cheeeese" . We are extremely thankful to the team of CET_Photofactory for joining hands with us and helping us reach and achieve more. Thank you !

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