Sunday, 27 July 2014

Meet the Pen-Tastics !

By: Sradha Suman Mahapatra

 Aloha, folks ! 

It's been quite some time that this team of Pen-tastics started this endeavor to connect all the CETians and Ex-CETians via this medium; to bring you CET-ifacts and to help you spread your thoughts. And hence, now we think that it is time, you get to know the team, that is 'us', better. 

The ones who set it all right before they left...
Ms. Bakshree Mishra [ Batch - 2014, CSE ] 

 With her zane of vibrant energy, she brought us all together and came up with all those fresh ideas. Her crazy determination and relentless effort was the reason of birth of "CET Rising". We wish her all the luck for her life ahead; to continue being the person she has always been.

Ms. Priyambada Choudhury [ Batch - 2014, I&E ]

 Being the happy person she is, she makes sure she spreads her brand of joy all around her. Working in a team with her was our pleasure and knowing her was a delight. Toward a new life she has ventured, leaving a story behind.

Ms. Aishwariya Dhal [ Batch - 2014, Mechanical ]

 Her sweet support was all that was needed to get us all going. The occasional smiles and words of encouragement made it all the more happening! We let her know that the memories are all safe with us.

The ones who are taking it forward...[ In their own words ]

Ms. Jessica Mohapatra [ Batch - 2015, Electrical ]

 Hi. My hobbies are singing, charcoal painting, reading books and ( from the time I joined CET Rising ) blogging. I am a friendly, outspoken, fun-loving, and adventurous sort of a person who loves travelling and meeting new people. 

Ms. Pratikshya Satpathy [ Batch - 2015, Textile ]

Hi. I am a very friendly and easy going person. I love to communicate with people around and make friends. I believe in living life to the fullest despite regrets. I find poems the best way to express and thus sometimes try my hads at poetry. I love reading books. 'CET Rising' has been an excellent platform for communicating with the mass and I hope we, as a team, take it ahead !

Ms. Sradha Suman mahapatra [ Batch - 2015, Electrical ]  Hiya. I am not a writer, but i like writing and I do it when I want to. I am, as you must have already guessed, whimsical and I believe in 'plans-ruin-all-the-fun' theory. I am waiting for some Narnia-like adventure to happen in my life, but till then 'CET Rising' is just as good. "Live, Love and laugh" is what has been my philosophy for life.

Ms. Tejass Vittaa [ Batch - 2016 , BioTech ]

I am outrageous. Laugh out silly. Fun. love meeting new people and getting new ideas. Fashion junkie. I adore this zany materialistic world and absolutely love making an entrance. I hate being lifeless or bland at any point of time. Adventurous. Limitless. I write. Also an avid reader. And my drug is public speaking. When I want to do something I just do it. No second thoughts. A regular emotional girl. Actually, a bit of everything. And that's exactly what defines me. I am comfortable in my own imperfection and being exquisitely me.

And now,
The ones who are to be a part of the Team-Pentastic !

Since, three of our senior members left us, we plan to include new people into the team, who will bring in their brand of enthusiasm and creativity to help CET Rising flourish. Those who think being a Pen-tastic is cool and those who want to make it cool-er, go to the link given below and fill up the form. We'll then invite you for a two-round selection process after a week. Yes, you have only a week to register yourself. Do it fast ! Or you'll miss it. 


We are eagerly waiting to work with new people and on their new ideas !

Thank you Shivani Das.

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