Saturday, 7 June 2014

THE LOVE STORY [ Of a foodie ]

By: Sradha Suman Mahapatra
Once, there were two long-lost friends, named Roma and Shoma. They miraculously met on the streets of Bhubaneswar, one fine evening. Overwhelmed, both of them started running towards each other at about one step per 30 seconds as in a typical Bollywood-movie scene. "Roma!", "Shoma!", they called, alternately. And when they finally covered the five meter distance between them in approximately 200 seconds, they suddenly stopped and looked into their bags. [ Fortunately, they didn't find five-star chocolates in them, "Phew !"]. They took out a five-rupee coin, each. At this, Shoma says, " Behen, Kam hai ". Then Roma inquires [ unveiling her face out of the dupatta, wrapped in the famous summer-Naxalite-style ], " Kitna hai? ". Shoma counts again and answers, " Das!". At this, a dabang Roma says, "Das Bas hai!" and walks a few more steps [ not in the Bollywood-style, this time], to the near-by "Gupchup-wala-bhaina".

Now, a trenchant critic will tell you that this was probably half a decade ago, 'cause, these days Gupchups worth only ten rupees will definitely not be enough for two people. But, if we increase our budget a little more, say twenty-rupees for each, it will be. While, pizzas are now available at as low as forty-four rupees, whether they can placate the appetite of a pakka Odia gupchup-lover is debatable. Gupchup, Puchka, Pani-puri, whatever you may call it, never fails to lure you. When the Gupchup-wala-bhaina, strutting the otherwise quiet evening-lanes, shouts out rhythmically , "Gupchup-Gupchup!", the music woos the old and the young alike. People, in swarms, surround him, waiting for their turn. Never does one forget to ask for that extra Sukha, no matter how many one has had before that.

I, for one, being a huge Gupchup-lover never miss a chance to try out a few pieces. About a year ago, while returning from my evening walk with a friend, we came across a new Gupchup-wala bhaina, near my house. Intrigued, we went closer to check the stall [a little bigger than the usual cycle-stall ]. It read, "KAILASH SPECIAL DAHI GUPCHUP". The new Gupchup-wala-bhaina explained us that there were three options - the normal gupchup, Dahi-gupchup and papdi chat. Now, the second option grabbed both of our attention and we ordered two plates of twenty-rupees each. This was where my love story began, about a year ago. Since then, I have been an ardent admirer and have never failed to mention about it to other friends and acquaintances. While the normal-gupchup and the papdi-chat won't surprise you that much, the Dahi-gupchup variant of gupchup will surely do.

Since you'll have to make payments as soon as you order, a good idea about the prices is a must. The dahi-gupchup is available in three different price ranges- Rs.15 [ small] , Rs.20 [medium] and Rs.25 [ large]. And the pieces of gupchup, studded with the masala-alu topped with Kailash's special red-sauce and curd, supplied in the three plates are six, eleven and sixteen, respectively [ And this is different from the time we first ate here. No wonder, there has been a bad inflation ! ] Along with the alluringly decorated spicy gupchup pieces, you will be provided with a special sweet and hot and sour dip [ or whatchamacallit ! ] that, I bet, will stimulate every taste bud in your mouth and the best thing about it is that you can ask for it as many times as you want ! [ Terms and conditions always apply ].

"Kailash Special Dahi Gupchup" is not going to disappoint our hygiene-freak friends too. They cover all their plates with transparent polythene before serving and all the plates, spoons and katoris are neatly washed. [ You can check that for yourself]. The one who prepares the plates generally has his hands covered. You'll find proper provision of clean water for washing hands. People of various stature and all age gather in numbers with their families or friends; So do not be surprised to find a bulky crowd and also be prepared to be served a little late when the crowd is too large, though the guys try their best to deliver as per the demand. And yes, since it's located beside the Pokhariput petrol-pump, on the pavement, you will have just enough space for your vehicle. [ Now, you cannot expect proper and legal parking area to come with a gupchup stall, can you ? ]


1. Location : Near the Pokhariput petrol pump, Pokhariput.
2. Time of availability : Starts at around 5.00-5.30 PM and closes approximately at 9.00 PM
3. Do not order Papdi chat or the normal Gupchup, unless you have had the Dahi gupchup already and want to try out more.
4. If you're trying it out for the first time, you should preferably order the medium [ i.e. of Rs.20 ] plate.
5. The proper way of enjoying : Count the number of pieces, to be sure. Next, Pour 2-3 spoons of the pani on the best piece of dahi gupchup and then stuff the whole piece in your mouth together. Repeat the same step, until the Katori is half filled with the tasty pani. Ask for some more pani and then continue with the first step, till you finish the plate. If you like it, order another and repeat the same procedure.
6. Although you can always enjoy the Dahi-gupchup by yourself, still if you can rope in some of your friends with you, the fun will just double up.

1. Quality : 4 stars [ includes hygiene ]
2. Quantity : 3 stars [ You know, it's never enough ! ]
3. Service : 3 stars [ Well, as I said, it gets a hefty crowd ]

One of these summer evenings will be the best time to take your bike out of the garage and call up a few friends to enjoy a couple of plates of Kailash's  special Dahi-Gupchups. So make your plans as soon as possible; And when you're done, tell us if we're right. We also welcome responses in contrast [ but then, you know we'll secretly conclude that we've one less Pakka-wala Odia Gupchup-lover (*winks*) ] Tell us if you know of better options. We would love to try out !


  1. He even does home delivery ^_^ It's really awesome..!! I eat there as often I can..!!