Monday, 16 June 2014

Star-struck..:Shilpa Pattnaik

By: Jessica Mohapatra
Shilpa di in KCHR hostel
(photocredits:Onam Giri, CET Photofactory)

I was trembling from head to toe...I was to take the interview of  Shilpa Pattnaik,'The Shilpa Pattnaik..'who got in through IIM-A in her very  first chance....who shunned all the critics for good that 'a fresher could not get into IIM-A', within a month she  has  become an idol for all her juniors preparing  for CAT. Blessed with a wonderful personality, she has made not only Electrical Engineering, but  the whole of CET proud by securing a place in the prestigious IIM-A(  A task considered almost impossible by any fresher...).But I was starstruck when I actually met her ,such a humble , nice and down to earth senior, here is Shilpa Pattnaik unplugged in the longest interview of her life......

Jessica:(a bit timidly)  First of all. Congratulations....IIM A...wow..
Shilpa:(blushes....) well thank you..

Jessica:Tell us something about yourself...about your early life?
Shilpa:(thinks and replies...) well I am from phulbani,schooling from Karmel and Loyola..I have passed my Btech  from CET....(laughs..)..I have attended 8 to 9 interviews, hobbies are watching movies,newspaper  and magazine reading.After the IIM calls...I used to read the newspapers even more dedicatedly.

Jessica:(nervously..)If not CAT then??
Shilpa:I was placed in mew sigma company,Bangalore(....she was the only senior from EE to do so..),
then after job experience ....I would have appeared for CAT again.

Jessica:(starry eyed)IIM-A....brilliant...tell us about your strategy??
Shilpa: Believe me...my strategy was very simple..firstly I will tell you why I chose management as an option,I enjoy managing stuff and also (giggles) the corporate dress code   excites  me(laughs loudly)...well on a serious note I started dedicatedly preparing for MBA 10 months before CAT...I went to TIME and practised their handouts,2 hours of dedicated study everyday is enough.

Jessica: Your strengths are ...
Shilpa:I am ambitious, focussed  and goal driven..and  CAT preparation-wise I was strong in social issues and verbal ability.

Jessica:How strong were you in business news etc.....
Shilpa:Coming from an engineering background,we cannot be experts in the business domain,they too understand , just know the basics that's all they would want to know.

Jessica:(now excitedly...) well tell us something about you D-day strategy as you know all that matters is that day....what  was your state of mind..you seem to be cool and composed?
Shilpa:(laughs loudly...then tries to keep a straight face) Now do I, well I might look calm but actually I was the very opposite of that, my hands were shaking ,that's why I didn't perform that well in the maths section( I was a bemused ,90.36 in the first section isn't less..hmmm) I did well in the 2nd section though(Quote by 'well' she meant just a spectacular 99.97 in that section).

Jessica:(after it sinks in.....) so it is very important to be calm in such a big platform ,tell us about your percentile in CAT ,and life after that....
Shilpa:Well my total percentile was 99.66,life hasn't been the same ever since ...I had got calls from all the IIMs ,after that I was busy with the interview preparations as the battle was half won(IIM A was still to be won,)I spent more time on newspapers, I got selected in IIM A and XLRI(many results were not out by then).

Jessica:ok... Tell us about the importance of CGPA in getting selected?
Shilpa:IIM C gives no weightage to CGPA but IIM A and IIM B  give emphasis with the latter    giving    even more emphasis on CGPA (Shilpa di's CGPA was 8.9)

Jessica:(now looking grim..) What motivated you in your success?
Shilpa:(laughs) My school friend Ashish,he motivated me when I lost confidence and assured me that I have what it takes,my college friends Bhagyashree,Swagatika (Mohanty),Imtiaz and Sabyasachi and last not but not the least my parents motivated me to achieve the impossible.

Jessica:Well finally (after that long interview of 1 hour), what are your   tips for your junior and also tell us (  hiding a smile) how    did you enjoy your longest interview with CET Rising???
Shilpa:For my juniors I would like to just tell them one thing (thinking for a while...) ,Always find out   where  your interest is and work towards getting it no    matter  what.
And about this interview(smiling radiantly she says) yes it is the longest interview of my life,was really nervous,CET Rising is remarkable ,something new and refreshing and I did enjoy today's interview.

Jessica:  Thank  you (shaking her hand as she gets up) for taking out time from your busy schedule,I am sure you will be motivating all our readers,and best of luck for IIMA.

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