Saturday, 28 June 2014

For the book lover :The Alchemist

By: Jessica Mohapatra
The Alchemist newest edition,(the one I got)
(the first edition of alchemist)

Tempted by the 25th year celebration of this Paulo Coelho book in my nearest bookstore,I decided to take the plunge.This was the first time I was reading a Paulo Coelho book and just one word to describe it ‘Mesmerizing’ .

The book 'The alchemist' is very inspiring and marks the adventures of a Spanish boy ,Santiego  and his journey to Egypt to seek his treasure, his true destiny.The entire book tries to instill in us the belief that’ if you want something then the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’
‘Where your true treasure is there will be your heart and one who reads the omens of God and passes all  obstacles is the true hero. This book is very motivating.

It is a thin book but heavy in it’s contents, it shows us that God is with them who endeavor to pursue their destiny and that love is not an obstacle but a guiding force that  enables the beloved to achieve the impossible.

Reader Rating:3/5
(P:S the Om  Shanti Om ,SRK dialog ‘kisi cheez ko dil se chaho …..’is the Hindi translation of the moral of ‘The Alchemist’.)
This book is a must read for those who like simple, heart winning stories.

Best part of the book:The surprise twist at the end(wasn’t expected from such a simple book)

Best time to read:At night,this short and sweet book will definitely keep nightmares away as it strengthens your belief in The Almighty.

(PS:This book is bound to inspire you, make you calmer and help you find your true destiny,
it helps you realize that God helps them who help themselves.. so... help yourselves with this book and...Happy Reading!!!)

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