Friday, 20 June 2014


By: Team PenTastic

    Poem:-by Sourav Soumyajit Mohanty

    Branch-Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering ,2nd year

(the picture might take some time to open)Beautiful isn't it!!

 Neither bothered a bit about the disgrace of abrasion nor did I care
for the peaceful cushion,

probably always destined to surpass the clouds of depression;no matter
how hard the pain of Augustus-suppression.....(1)

From goldsmiths to brides,from kings to knights though certified the
unavoidable appreciation,

no one understands the pressure of limelight's desperation as I always
avoid the burden of over-contemplation.....(2)

Platini's skills,Apollo's strength and Aglaea's beauty are the only
gems I treat immoral in the creation,

diamond's valuable life turns out to be pale and often beaten by the
over or underrated consideration.....(3)

Afraid of Aristotelic hyle n being cursed to be imagined sluggish and
inept by impression,

despite the unkempt conspiration,never intend to go beyond the
limiting factors of destruction.....(4)

The science of allotropy might have seen the similarity between me n
coal in desperation,

but every theory is yet to explain the vigour n stamina established in
me by my wrathful frustration.....(5)



  1. Nice work ! Could be improved a bit, though, on account of the representation and the structuring of the ideas. Waiting to read more of ur work. :)

  2. Thanks for the review. I believe my writing style has been improved now. :)