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[No] coffee with Vinnata Rout

By: Sradha Suman Mahapatra

There are so many of us who are stuck here, by chance , by force or simply because of the lack of other options. After all, Studying in an engineering college or at CET was not everyone's first choice. There are some who adjusted to the obvious and some who still regret not taking the other path at the crossroad. But like a wise man once said, Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are, "It might have been".  And I know a lady here, who has adopted this formula in her life and has decided to follow her own terms and conditions for life. Being in an engineering college, not by any particular love for the course, has never stopped her from trying out things and exploring her interests. Acting, dancing and singing are some of her hobbies. Her tenacious experiments with herself to find out what she has in her makes her the dynamic person she is. Someone has very rightly named her! Ms.VINNATA ROUT, a student of [3rd year], Textile engineering department , C.E.T I cannot help but sport a softer corner for this lovely talented lady who is a friend from the Kindergarten. In the process of exploring her interests, she has set an example for all of us who could not dare to think different, who could do no different than regret, and who could never dare to follow their hearts. She has always been involved in a plethora of activities, carrying the sailor's zeal and a positive heart. Working for NGOs is one thing she has been doing relentlessly. Last summer, she interned with the TOI and has a lot to share with us. 

Under the sky ! [ Thank you, Anish Tripathy ]

SRADHA: Hello, Vinnata ! As you know, I am here to interview you on behalf of my team "CET Rising".
VINNATA: Ete formal kariba kana darkar ?!

SRADHA: Uh! Okay. So my first question is Vinnata Rout is an engineer by choice or by chance ?

VINNATA: Umm ! By force, I would say. My parents. they wanted me to take up engineering because that's like a safe option. Even if, you know, I don't click in other things that I am interested in, this will play as a back-up.

SRADHA: Oh then given a chance to re-select your career option, what will you opt for ?
VINNATA: Uh ! [pausing to think for a moment] I think Commerce. Yes, Commerce [ Confirming again ] because that is Mathematics; I like Maths. And there are other things like Marketing and Finance. Those subjects kind of interest me more..[ Realizing she could speak more] than , u know, gearing diagrams of textile and cotton and fiber and silk, Blah! Blah ! Blah !

SRADHA: [ laughing] You have been an extremely active participant and organiser in various college activities especially in CETADEL and AMUZA. Also this Xtasy...
VINNATA: [breaking in] Seriosly ??!! Amuza !!??

SRADHA: Yeah, aren't you? or at least weren't you ?
VINNATA: I were a participant. I don't remember ORGANIZING any event for Amuza this time.

SRADHA: Okay. I pardon, my information is wrong...
VINNATA: [ Again, breaking in] Yeah, It's okay ! [ waving her hand like flying off mosquitoes ] But I'm glad that people associate me with Amuza. It's a good thing.

SRADHA: [Finally got the chance to complete her question] Also this Xtasy and also during CET Youth Parliament, because of you, we got many reputed sponsors and media partners. How do manage to do so many things at the same time ?
VINNATA: See [pause] I [ pause] have different interests at different times. If sometime I want to dance, i'll only dance; If I want to sing, I'll only sing and if I want to organize a thing, some event or include myself in some college activity then.. I'm.. I kind of.. you know, give all my time to that particular thing. Uh ! Multi-tasking, yes, I do multi-tasking, but if you talk about fest or youth parliament.. Like CET MUN. last year. During this fest-time, it's like something happens  to me and I just feel like, if given a chance I can organize the entire fest, by myself. But you know how it is with day-scholars. We don't get much chance to do that. But, it's okay. At least I do something and I am happy that i could contribute by getting them some good sponsors and media coverage and radio partners. I wanted to help more, but jitna bhi mila hai, fine !

SRADHA: [Smiling] Your work was great. I Move on to my next question. We know you did your internship with the Times of India, last summer. Can you brief us about your experience there ?
VINNATA: Um ! My experience was good, in fact it was great. Because as you know Times of India is a very big brand, so working with them was like a, what can I say, golden opportunity. Because of them, I got to know a lot of people here. The sponsors I got this time were only because I had worked in a similar field when I was working with TOI, when we were organizing a quiz competition for C.B.S.E school students uptil tenth standard. Because of that event, which went on for two months, there now isn't a single company that I haven't visited in Bhubaneswar city. I used to go alone. Earlier, some people used to accompany me , but towards the second month, I used to go alone and meet a lot of people and used to convince them to invest in our project. This experience was one-in-a-life-time. Because of that I have learnt a lot of things. I am still in good terms with them. They recognize me. Err.. You must have read my article that was recently published in Bhubaneswar times about awarding classical accord to Odia language. [ Reading an embarrassed expression on the interviewer's face] I will show you that or you can find that on my FB profile. [ Making a how-the-hell-you-don't-know face ] You know, they called me up from their end to take a telephonic interview! So, I am, like really glad I worked with them. [ Closing her eyes and smiling in self-satisfaction ]

SRADHA: That's really wonderful. Apart from all these, you have also been very actively involved in acting and theatricals. We've heard about your performances being awarded and appreciated widely. Were you always interested in acting ? Do you plan to take it any further in your career ?
VINNATA: Aaactingggg [ A little more, and it would have been a song ] !! These day-to-day nautanki even you know, I can do very well. I have been a big, BIG drama-queen since school days. And if you remember, when we were in D.A.V Unit-8, I had done my first skit in U.K.G and that was it. After that I never actually thought of going on stage and performing, but within my friends circle, I have always been the entertainer and the performer. When I came to C.E.T, the situation was like, there was a script sent from our college for a competition and it somehow got selected. Now they needed some actors. I was literally pulled into it. I actually had no interest from my end. But that was my first, umm, a professional performance, you can say, for a state level competition. There I was awarded the best supporting actor and that gave me a boost. And then I went on to participate in our college street play last year and I guess my performance was appreciated by a lot of people. [ Almost patting herself , happily] 

SRADHA: Of course ! That is one of the reasons why we are interviewing  you today. [ Trying to break in]
[ Failed ]
VINNATA: Exactly ! [ Patting herself, again ] And then there was a student in KIIT film and sciences, who is studying direction and she had a classmate who was into cameras and filming and all that. So they were doing a short film and I played the lead female character in this movie, titled 'Ahmiyat' with Sachin Khandelwaal, who is a fourth year student of Civil department of C.E.T. And it was great!
[ Taking a pause to think if she can speak more]

SRADHA: [ Grabbing the opportunity to move on to the next question ] Okay. What was the best experience you had at C.E.T ? 
VINNATA: Uh ! Ironically, it's always during the XTASY . [ The smile growing into a grin ] It's always during the XTASY that I have my best experiences and it's always during the XTASY that I have my worst experiences. And I will not explain further. [ Moving her head from right to left and then left to right ] 'Samajhne wale samajh jayenge, dusron ko Babaji ka Thullu'

SRADHA: [pretending to understand only babaji ka thullu ] we will try to decode that.
VINNATA: You are the one who will actually very well understand that. This time, at least.

SRADHA: [ Giving a Okay-Okay-I-admit-now-let-it-go look ] Was I a part of the worst experience ? 
VINNATA: Yeah. But whatever! You were also a part of the fun-part. We had a really good time, especially in all the CETADEL events. 

SRADHA: Glad. I am glad. Thank you. Now would you like to say a few words for those CETians who see no life out of their books and cgpa ?
VINNATA: Just. Umm. I don't know. I have no such particular message as such. But if they know me and if they think that yes, I have made a life outside cgpa, because let me tell you, I have back papers. The thing is, I am not saying that I have done anything really great but yes, this is the moment. You're interviewing me; that means I must have done at least something of importance. So they can, may be, take a little inspiration from me and try and be like me. [ raising the imaginary collar of her kurti and then bursting into a fit of laughter ] 

SRADHA: [ Trying to add some of her own gyaan ] And above that, enjoy their... [ Never allowed to finish, absolutely never ! ] *Poker-face*
VINNATA: [ Pouncing in ] Enjoy their B.Tach career. Absolutely ! Four years are just too much for all the books and the semesters and internals. Come on ! You can , if you want, handle both [ studies and interests ] or just dump your cgpa and do whatever interests you. 

SRADHA: That's some advice ! [ Dreaming ] [ Back to reality ] Umm! Now Vinnata, this is my last question for you. This is more of a request than a question. It has been few months that CET Rising has begun its endeavor and some words of encouragement from you will boost our enthusiasm. 
VINNATA: See, I really love the team. It's by the girls only, if I am right. It's a really cool thing, especially in CET where girls do not get a chance to come forward and involve themselves in anything. Of course, now the scenario is changing. But the coolest thing is a group of girls initiated this and are continuing with this thing. It's a huge success and everytime there is something new to check out and it's interesting to go through all the posts, especially written by Ms.Sradha Suman Mahapatra [ With a wink and a mocking smile ] She's my personal favorite. I'll be a little biased in that. Well, the team is doing great. Keep up the good work and I hope come year, you'll interview me once more. [ Grins ]
I'll make sure you do. [ The dare-you-not-take look ] 

SRADHA: [Scared ] Oh yes, why not ! If you are always this dynamic, then of course. And I had a really nice time talking to you and knowing you more. Thank you for sparing some time. 
No coffee! [Thank you, Anish Tripathy ]

[ The 'Team-Pentastic', wishes you all the good luck for being this not-like-anyone personality you are and a successful career ]


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