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In The Words Of a Poet

By: Sradha Suman Mahapatra
C.E.T has always been a pool of talent; Some gloriously known, some shyly hidden and some just surprisingly sprung-out. Just when you think, the variety of talent is now all known, you see someone rising up and showing you, 'it's not all over, dude !'. I have known her for quite some time now. She had once told me that she writes and that she likes to keep her work to herself. And then one fine day, I hear that she has been awarded the third prize in the "Fifth National Poets Meet- Odisha" for her poem, the first one ever. Wasting no time, one of the Pen-tastics, Ms. Priyambada Coudhury, talked to her, while Ms. Swayam Siddha Mishra was still recovering from the joy that jolted the earth below her. Come, let's look at what she has to say about her poem, her inspiration and her aspirations. 

[covered by Ms.Priyamabada Choudhury
edited by Ms.Sradha Suman Mahapatra]

PRIYAMBADA: Swayam, how were you feeling when your name was being announced? Did you expect it? 

SWAYAM: Oh what an experience it was ! I was completely surprised! I had never expected to get the III National award for the very first poem(as well as the only poem, till date) of mine. There were all national and international poets, who had hundreds of poems to their names and most of them were published in renowned anthologies too! And there was I ,with a single poem in my hand. At one point,I had even decided not to present my poem anymore and just do with the anchoring of the event, as the poets present there were too experienced. Due to constant pursuation by the jury and the other poets, I finally did. And then,I won! The first prize went to the poet from Bangkok and the runner-up was the winner of the prestigious Rabindranath Tagore International Award, 2014 !

PRIYAMBADA: Please tell us about the poem you wrote. What inspired you ?

SWAYAM: My poem goes like this: 

"Just don't know where to BEGIN, don't know also how to begin! 
Just don't know how it STARTED, don't know how it ENDED! 
You taught the meaning of FRIENDSHIP to me, Your breach of TRUST also gave me the pain,
Which I had never ever experienced! You taught me not to care about the SOCIETY, But finally you LEFT me on listening to the SOCIETY!!! 
You never HEARD, You never FELT, Just walked AWAY, Far away from ME...
But I still CHERISH the moment when it thunders and begins to shower, 
With your LIPS planted on MINE, HEART POUNDING...Kissing under the RAIN! 
Mind has already taken a DECISION, While heart still waits for YOU...
I know you won't RETURN, I know those days will never be BACK...
But still, just HOPE you would have ever understood ME and MY FRIENDSHIP... 
HOPE you will ever understand-What you meant to me BEFORE, What you mean to me NOW, 

And what you will always mean to me,wherever I go!!! 
                                      ---By: Swayam Siddha Mishra

My source of inspiration cannot be credited to only a single person, but to a number of personalities in my life, situations and feelings. But yes,I would obviously like to thank the person who did put me in such a situation, fortunately/unfortunately, that I got converted into a poet.

PRIYAMBADA: Lovely, Swayam ! We have heard that many national award winning poets had graced the event, how much has this changed or influenced your perspective towards poetry? What did u learn? 

SWAYAM: This has changed my perspective to a great extent. Now I am thinking of switching over from short stories and novels to poetry. I learnt many things about writing a poem, starting from the structuring of the sentences to the essential elements that ought to be present in a poem. 

PRIYAMBADA: What do u think of the poetic scene at our college and Odisha, in general? 

SWAYAM: Well,I think there are many budding poets in our college. They have great inclination towards this unique flow and throw of feelings. I am really glad to see that having taken up engineering, many birds (students, indeed ) in our college have a literary bent of mind! As far as the poetic scene in Odisha is concerned, I think people over here are not getting a suitable medium to present their work. Finance, especially is a hurdle over here. And perhaps they are not that well informed; because here, in this meet, there were not many poets from Odisha, while many national and international poets had graced the occasion.

PRIYAMBADA: Who is your favorite poet? And given a chance, will u take it up, in the future, more seriously, as a career option?

SWAYAM: No specific favorite poet, till date. But yes, I can name two poems which are my favorites. "SAVITRI -Sri Aurobindo" and "The Plasm of Life -H.W.Longfellow". I Haven't given much thought about making it my career, as I am just in the budding stage. Lets see where the flow of time and tide takes me.

PRIYAMBADA: What would you like to tell our aspiring poets at CET? Any message?

SWAYAM: I think I am not yet in the stage to give advice/suggestions to others, as I am just a budding poet. But yes, I would just like to say that write a poem only when you get sufficient true and deep feelings for it. Don't just write a poem in order to increase your collection "quantitatively". Remember, it shows! 

Swayam Siddha Mishra- First from the left

     [ We, the team-Pentastic, congratulate you for your success and from the very core of our heart, wish you all the best for your future. May you rise and shine, and receive more such awards and much more appreciation for your work, in the future. ]

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