Thursday, 29 May 2014

Breaking the GATE : Anisha Acharya

By: priyambada choudhury

Well Well..!! GATE 2014 was a name synonymous to nightmare for many aspiring engineers. Many had racked and burned their brains off in a bid to break the barrier that lay between them and their goal. However not everyone succeeded. And even fewer were those who did this in their maiden attempt.

The tall, lanky, free-sprited, tom-boyish (mind you..!! she is the Ms fresher I&E 2010 )
Anisha Acharya felicitated by HOD TK Patra

Our bold beauty with brains Anisha Acharya , I&E-2014 with AIR 40. ( you know friends always give other friends dramatic entries and introductions..!! )

I&E Freshers 2010- Ms Clipper- Anisha Acharya
Priyambada :How are u feeling now that you have secured AIR 40...?? ( suppressing my giggle)

Anisha : Honestly speaking AIR 40 is not that great rank in instrumentation.(smiling widely) It really sounds great, doesn't it? It is the GATE score that matters. But yeah I am happy that only 39 students are above me in my branch. Thank god I was not in EC or mechanical branch else I would have missed this interview for sure... .( she is kidding me..??? Well then it must be the famous Instru modesty )

Priyambada: We know IE is a rare branch and not too many seats are up for grabs, how would you advice your juniors to prep for GATE 2015?

Anisha :
For I&E students I would like to say try to master subjects u feel you are comfortable with.(pausing a bit)  Pick up 4 to 5 subjects of relevance and try to master them. 
In GATE accuracy matters more because now question papers have numerical type questions. So guess won't work. However everybody has their own style of preparing but hard work is must. One needs to push himself even beyond his full potential. And yes the real competition starts after GATE when you have to compete with EC and electrical students. ( phew that was scary..!! but also clear to the point.. I hope juniors are listening )
Anisha Acharya- 2nd row (from bottom), 3rd(from right) I&E-(2010-14)

Priyambada : Now about some technicalities of GATE, what was the most challenging part for you this year at GATE?

Anisha: This year the online test was new to me.Also numerical type questions were quite a challenge. It was shocking when I saw so many numerical questions on my screen. rest was okay.

Priyambada: What do you think about the online format? Will it be helpful to the students in the long run?

Well unlike offline tests online format is better because one can practice with all the online tests various institutes offer. However something I would like to say the online tests you practice are tougher than the GATE. Analysis of online tests, continous effort for improving and proper time management will surely help.But basics should be strong.

Priyambada: Congrats for the BARC selection.(laughing out loud) Everyone wants to know how did it go and What all to expect?

Anisha:  Thanks Priyambada...( laughing out loud)

BARC interview was very different and was quite interesting. My interview went for almost 90 minutes(ONLY)...!! ( really..?? almost matrimonial)
They ask all concept related things..basic concepts. For instrumentation students I would suggest to brush up their concepts in industrial instrumentation. Something one needs to know when you go for any technical interview is "you must keep your mind fresh and be confident for most of the times they are going to ask you what you don't know and you have to think hard on the spot. So before going for the interview relax and give it your best shot..
" ( hear hear..!!)

Who has been your biggest inspiration so far?

Anisha: There is no single person who has inspired me. Essa didi ( Essa Mahapatra, I&E 2012 AIR-17) was the person I looked up to .
Since always I have wanted to be like her : to study hard yet to be a fun loving person.
I cleared BARC because of Elina didi.( Elina Mishra, I&E 2013 AIR 37). She really helped me out.
Seniors really help you when you need them the most. My seniors were my inspiration . ( that couldn't have been said any truer )

I remember while traveling in bus in my 1st year my immediate senior asked me "What after 4 years?"
I said GATE...!!When he asked me the abbreviation I fumbled...(aww that is our real goofy Ani)
But then when you see your branch seniors scoring 12,17,37 AIR,99.9 percentiles,IIM, XIMB, a feeling comes "why not me?"
Rashmi Agarwal and Anisha Acharya at I&E farewell 2014

THIS inspired me..( smiling)

 Priyambada: Lets talk something outside GATE now..!! last question..!! Had you not been an engineer, how else would you see yourself?

Anisha: If there is anything I love to do is dancing. I never got any professional training. I really want to have one. So had I not been an engineer I would have seen myself as a dancer. ( all of you who didn't know, she is an accomplished modern dancer and has performed almost every year at college fests)

Anisha Acharya, Sonali Tripathy, Supriya Bhuyan, Srusti Rath, Shovna Debata at KIIT Kolosseum 2012
One behalf of the entire CET Rising Team I wish her loads of love and good luck for BARC results. May the odds be ever in your favor..!! ( yep.. I got filmy..!!)

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