Friday, 16 May 2014

Aaj hai shukravar,ab ki baar Modi sarkar

By: Jessica Mohapatra
(this article is not  personal, with no intention of hurting anyone living or dead ..just reflects the sentiments of people of India( in  general))
Aaj hai shukravar ab ki baar Modi sarkar...

The Na-Mo wave (or I daresay a Tsunami wave )  has swept the country ,routing the ruling congress completely. This wave of change after 10yrs  is called    ' Tsu-Na-Mo ' by anyone who has witnessed its fury.

After a quarter of a century it marks deep tectonic movements in the democracy of India,the end of 'the shaky coalition' governments at the center .It is in the hands of a stable Narendra Modi  led government where the future of India now lies. The  people of India seemed to have shunned dynasty politics, and it marks a new chapter in Indian  polity.
one interesting picture that I came across,you can guess what it means?

Todays phenomenal victory could be attributed to the one man(you know who..),the general of the BJP  campaign who roared and thundered across the nation, it was a one man  army all the way.

According to Times Now
NDA 332      UPA 62
BJP   281      Congress 48

The stock markets are soaring high , the rupee is at it’s all time high, the  economy of India is cheering, as the economy improves the placement scenario across our country will improve(a good news for us) .There is a positive cheer in the entire nation , as the saffron party’s phenomenal feat goes into our history books.This is touted by Times Now as India’s most stable government till date.What do you say...is this the beginning of a new era in India??


  1. With his melodic speeches, that target the filmy Indian population and his clearly effective strategies, NaMo has made it very vivid that he leaves no stone un-turned to prove that he's as good as his words. Sweeping the congress and almost all other major parties off their feet and the tally boards, the Narendra Modi-led BJP is all set with its to saffron cap. Now the thing we, the happy Indians, will wait for is to see how deep does this government plan to grip with the issues that have long been festering this country under the UPA government; How true will be what our PM-to-be says, "Achhe din ane wale hain" !
    What I personally like about NaMo is that he is one of the smartest politicians so far, unlike others, who has very conveniently established a connect between him and the 'janta' and not to forget , the special connect he shares with the younger ones. After all, how many PMs has the nation nick-named ! I wait for India to rise and to shine. These five years can be the most historic five years in the six decades after independence of India or the janta will be made to stop believing in the miracles ! *Fingers-Crossed*

  2. This was most expected. After their 'in-scamous' past the Congress were sure to be whitewashed. AAP was too rejected by the ppl, mainly due to double-standard nature of many of its leaders and policies. (As far as i know, AAP didnt win a single of the 7 seats in Delhi...the delhi folks finally hving their revenge)

    On BJP-oriented note, i feel we hv to giv sm time to Namo. Anyone one needs time to pull our nation out of the mess the Congress hv put it in. We shld expect quick results but not lightning fast ones...I do expect the primary focus and the inital works to be on economic reforms.

  3. a very good write-up btw :) :)

    'tsunamo' was a good way to put it...Also quite professional to mention the source of info...

  4. BJP doesnot have majority in the upper house, so it might face difficulty.
    and one more thing the vote percent share of BJP is 32% which is quite less then no. of seats won by BJP that is more than 50% but MODI is great with just DEVELOPMENT in his mind, hope he is able to fulfill what he has promised to do. Hope for the best.
    by the way great writing.