Monday, 26 May 2014

By: priyambada choudhury

Are you a BHAI fan..?? By BHAI you know who..!! Well then it's the movie you should be glued to. Set in the feudal JATLAND in some corner of Haryana, this movie begins with a dry spell. But as the scenes roll, there is a love story revealed, love-birds elope and thus it sets off a wild goose chase with lots of punches and flying kicks ( yea Tiger literally flies over his enemies )

Dimpy ( Kirti Shanon) and Babloo ( Tiger Shroff ) are brought face-to-face by filmy if not so weird turn of events when Babloo and his friends are kidnapped by Dimpi's father ( the subtly emotional yet equally angry Prakash Raj) to grind out the whereabouts of  his daughter ( Dimpy's elder sister) who has fled her own marriage. Although initially reluctant, Dimpy starts falling for Babloo. Babloo who is equally smitten is head over heels in love as well. And true to it's dialog, well beyond the half time "love-story to aab shuru hogi". But then it is not a fairy land and its long battle to fight. Will they make it?

When it comes to Tiger, he does everything he is expected, dance, sing, romance, get cheesy, fly fight. So, it's like either you can fall for him or totally hate him( beginner's charm oops..!!) . Prakash Raj is far from the mocking-evil-to-bone villain. He does full justice to the emotionally tormented father he has been cast as. Kriti has sadly been totally neglected when it came to performance but whatever little she has been assigned is much to satisfaction.

The story touches the sensitive issue of honor killing from the perspective of different generations. A true masala spinner. It's got peppy dance tracks, romantic slow songs, cheesy one-liners and some very high flying action. A masala movie to be enjoyed with friends. One time watch..?? sure..!! After all if you liked Bhai's movies this one will win you over..!!

STARS: 2.5/5

MOOD: Typical Bollywood Star Movie, get a gang of friends if you plan to watch.

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