Monday, 7 April 2014

I was born a girl....

By: Pratikshya Satpathy
Sometimes i dream to fly high in the sky so clear,

sometimes i wish to dance with butterflies that fly so near.

Choices then i had were a million to follow,

but too meek my heart, drew a line below.

They said,"i was born a girl",

so they meant," i was supposed to be surrounded by  four walls".

My heart compelled to run away,

to explore the stars in the night and the sun in the day.

Crazy was the little girl,little did she know the world around,

ready to pounce on her, there was a pack of hound.

Poor little girl had no one to save,

then she found someone, enough bold and brave.

It was her only, but a way much stronger,

and now she was not to fear, she said,"am here, beware!"

She confronted her fears, overcame her griefs,

fought hard to banish the outdated laws and beliefs.

And then she believed a new beginning to come,

where every girl would live proud, stay happy and gaily roam. :) :)

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