Sunday, 6 April 2014

Footprints in the sands of time#3:Shesha Meelapa, Boys Hostel farewell

By: Jessica Mohapatra
reported by Jyoti Ranjan Pradhan
photography by Saroj Maharana

Shesha Meelapa(Final Rendezvous)

5th April 2014,Saturday, Ramanujan Hall of Residence played host to the farewell function for its final year residents. The function was graced by the very obliging Principal( Prof. S.P. Mohanty), Boys Hostel Warden( Mr Falguni Baliarsingh ) and Superintendent(Mr Ashok K. Mohanty ). They were accompanied by Biswajit sir and Sanjit sir.
Once the lamp was lighted with Vedic hymns, the anchors of the ceremony Vivek and Viswa invited all the guests to speak a few words, which they  graciously did , lacing it with words of advice for the   final years  and   the rest ..from relations ,to facts of life to the days beyond visual range..their motivating speeches included it all.

Final year students into their last month in hostel spoke of their experiences, their bitter and  sweet (but memorable) days at Hostel 4,OUAT .Snacks and cold drinks were served and the game began with a dance performance by Surya followed by songs from The Band (Sujan Mishra, Om Mishra, Rajat and Shakti).The combined comedy dance of the second years had everyone on their feet. This was accompanied by fireworks .when the party poppers didn’t work ( Shakti Sahani and Gaurav  Kumar Sharma) made them work. (There is a saying in  the Hostel: When there is a will there is a HIGHWAY)
A special video had been made for the farewell that reminded even many of the current third years of the days when our seniors had graced the corridors and lawns of  the hostel.
This is not a parting ,Just that it must be so

All the student office bearers and achievers were awarded by the Chief Guests (all 5). Just as they were leaving for dinner .there was a rapid radial movement of men away from the podium: the CAKE show had  just begun .
Dinner , music and dance ruled for 2 hours

The informal session that followed brought back even the dead from their graves.  Hosted by our buddies Ajay and Udatt , It was a fun session where  no one was spared.
bijli girane mein hun aayi,
Kehte hain ,Mujhko …That’s how titles were bestowed on our seniors

All escapades, girlfriends, bike kidnappings/hijackings, hostel rebellions, delusions and stupors were on the menu. Any one could ask anything. Some of the daredevils (honourable mighty seniors) had the guts to bring the hall down .

Antics of the seniors were very well displayed by Ajoy Dash. He enacted them.

Amrit bhai even bettered Sunny Leone's baby doll dance,
And our PBR bhai will miss the cinema now
Footprints of our lovely seniors

All in all it was a day that’s not going down the memory lane, it wants to be within the grasp of my eyes.
With hope that in the days to come, all our gentlemen are able to match their metal with the best and leave their mark for others to aim, A good bye to our brothers .
“ There will be none like you ever again. You are the best, even if Time were to rewind”
All this wouldn’t have been possible without the hands that made it all possible those who managed, arranged and organised: Gaurav,  Swadhin, Udatt, Sandeep,,Isaac, Nitin, Nilamadhaba Majhi, Biswaranjan, Om ,Shakti, Brahma,…………………………

And all second years for their hard work and groundwork.

P.S. The function ended at  5   on Sunday morning....
Team CET Rising would like to thank Jyoti Ranjan Pradhan for his help...without whom this article would'nt have  been possible ...thank you again.

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