Monday, 10 March 2014


Xtasy 2k14 witnessed a treat for all the writing enthusiasts, that gave them the chance to add their own dash of twist to the epic tales. And boy, we did get some rib-tickling, some jaw- dropping, some maudlin, and some were complete rip offs! Our CETizens proved to be master story spinners when it came to twisting the tales, undo-ing the poetic justice or just plainly sarcastic. The maiden venture of making a writing event a part of Xtasy proved to be a huge success with huge participation. participants were asked to give a sarcastic news report on a fake news in the prelims. And they had to complete any one of the scenarios given from familiar stories (Twilight, The Dark Knight, Harry potter), continuing from the turning points mentioned..
And certainly, we had some great entries who deserve a great round of applause, but the winners surely took it to another level! Gagarin Swain & Bidit Mohanty (Team- Aaj kuch sanskaari karte hain!) you guys stood out! So here goes their story..

Barry Otter was a lonely undernourished orphan who was living on the charity of his uncle and aunt, the Pursleys. On his birthday when the clock struck 12 , a wild shaggy giant appeared out of nowhere and said something that changed his life forever...
“YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE…. Events in your life, beyond your control, will direct you to places unexplained. You are the savior of mankind from the 3rd Reich.”

Then the apparition vanished. Severely perplexed, Barry kept gazing at the spot where the giant had appeared. Hearing the shouts of his aunt for staying awake for so long, and disturbing his brother’s sleep, Barry had to slid under his blanket and turn off his room’s lights. But, he had lost his sleep, still trying to decipher what the giant conveyed to him. Its pertinent to mention that, out of the entire message, he could only recall phrases like “the chosen one” ; “3rd Reich” , “savior” and then desperately tried to connect the dots.
He confided in his brother about his “last night” incident, only to be brushed aside as a mere dream and nothing significant. Left with no choice, he asked his virtual companion Google. From the billion answers Google came up with, his eyes struck on a link, that said, “We make you the chosen one” . The link was of “Chuck Norris Institute of Excellence in Superhero Techniques” (CNIEST).

He then quickly filled up an online form and registered. Before that, he had checked its address and the fees involved. Although he could make it to the institute everyday; the fee was unbearable. So he opted for crash course- his shortcut to be a superhero.
Collecting his savings from his piggy bank, he was ecstatic to go and finally pay the fees in the institute. For it was a crash course, he needed everyday training for a fortnight.
His foster parents and his ‘bro’ were oblivious to all of it(Nobody knows a superhero’s secret). His training started in full swing. He got a nom de guerre- “Sergeant Pamerica  i.e., SP”. His training was rife with grueling sessions of torture that ended up with broken bones and cartilages; but his “soul” was still intact. His undernourishment acted as a spoiler. He had a plan. He puffed himself up using bicycle pump and was amazed to see his newly acquired packs. Rajpal Yadav turns into Rambo.

During the final days of his training, he tried to jump off a building and fly like a superhero. Using his towel as a cape, he launched himself from the edge of his building end. In mid-air, he realized he had forgotten to chew Bubble gum , to use as a parachute. Now , gravity did its job. He was broken, defeated, probably dead. He then could hear the sound of the alarm and opened his eyes, ending his life in the world of dreams. The undernourishment still stayed with him and all the fake muscles had disappeared. And infront of him, he could see a blank sheet of paper and a question paper and many other students moving out of their seats.

“Barry Paas Ho Gaya” remained a dream that didn’t come true!

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  1. I remembering seriously laughing around like crazy and drawing weird looks from passers-by while "evaluating" this one :D

    Well done, team "Aaj Kuch Sanskaari Karte Hai"!