Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Report Card

By: priyambada choudhury
“Good god I pray thee hard ,
With all the might I have ever had
Let no harm befall my ward,
Today they are to send his report card.
Crumpled under the bed he sits.
Nervous, jittery and out of his wits.
Breakfast untouched and bed undone,
has locked himself in the toilet alone.
Three nights past during his sleep,
he has screamed loud without relief.
His father has been fretting all week.
The astrologers' advice I had to seek.
Even though I had paid them well in advance,
they were still doubtful of his chance,
of passing this year at all cost.
That is one thing, I fear the most.
History has been his old fiend,
against whom he cannot defend.
Maths though has never been a trouble,
it’s just that his attention is feeble.
English is what he loves the best,
so what if he scores the lowest?
When it’s science he does not complain.
Its just that he cannot explain,
Why the sun burns bright?
Or what are the northern lights?
For three years he has patiently been
on the same bench near the dustbin.
I pray thee to grant his wish,
Send him to the seventh grade please!”


  1. my school days..!! :D

  2. Could be better..Gets lousy towards the end when the subjects come into picture. But kiddo! Perfection comes with practice. All the best! :)