Sunday, 2 March 2014

Poem: Ode to Lost Love

By: Team PenTastic
By Amitabh Dash, 2nd year, Mechanical Engineering

I speak about a pain,
A pain deep inside,
Bleeding, still hurts;
Gnawing at my conscience,
Clawing at my existence, 
Tears flow unaverted,
Yesterday. Today. Everyday.
Those thoughts of you,
I cherish them times,
Those days, Those moments,
You inspired something in me,
Yet today that something has died,
Still I thrive with a hope,
A hope that you return
To the arms that crave to hold you
The love that I long to feel again.
Arms spread across I wait.
I wait,
For the warmth of your soul,
For the fragrance of your hair,
For the caress of your hands,
For the touch of your lips.
Even death wont claim me,
Losing you I have lost
My essence,my purpose,
And I remain,
As the debris of the one,
That once you used to love.

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  1. Like the ring to it. Could be improved.