Tuesday, 4 March 2014

'Paani Paani re'

By: Jessica Mohapatra
‘Water Water everywhere but not a drop to drink’
The girls in KCHR  faced it as there was water for literally nothing!!! Life without water can be terrible and that we had a first hand experience at that last night.
No, it is not Holi....

Due to some technical problems water supply in the girls hostel went off  for nearly a day, much to the agony of everyone… the hostel water resources became depleted and scarce……soon ‘water ‘  became the hot topic of the town (err…Our hostel).

But every story has a savior...and so does ours!

So presenting to you …our very own...

...Water pump

The water pump saved our lives as when technology fails…(it can, even in a technocampus …..err is there an electrical engineer here?)  natural ground water does come to rescue..(of course with some help from mechanical engineers….reciprocating pumps remember!!!!).The pump came into being due to the combined effort of our Principal sir and Superintendent  maam and lots of other people we are grateful to them, as this saved us on 3rd March 2014.

{We  The Members of team Pentastic  can get anywhere and everywhere}

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  1. uhh...i am no one to opine on this but there hv been allegations that seniors hv misused their 'seniority' and hv displaced sm juniors stading ahead in line to the hand pump...this rumour, if true, is quite shameful...