Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Making a stand

By: Team PenTastic
Team PenTastic encountered a surprising scene this morning as they arrived in college. The extremely reliable supporting staff we depend on in our labs and in the library were found sitting on a peaceful dharna in front of the Administrative Block of the campus. On a closer inspection, we could make out this…

Intrigued, we decided to find out what the issue actually was about.

Team PenTastic: “What is this exactly about?”

Protesters: We are some 25 employees working here for 7-19 years, all eligible for permanent posts according to resolution of the Government of India. But we are getting 1/3rd of the salary we rightfully deserve.

Satya Sir Shedding Light
Satya sir of Physics Laboratory fame, shed light on the matter.
“It has been 20 years since we have been working here. Within these 20 years we have made demands for our permanentization many several times; we even wrote to the authorities. Our demands keep getting stuck at promises; all this time we have been kept hanging. We were told every time that it will be done… you keep working. We have been working as per our due and you students are witnesses of that.

“In September 2013, the Government of India passed a resolution was said that people working in an organization more than 6 years have to be given permanent staff status.

“Taking that issue the VC built a committee and after 4-5 meetings with those constituting members & the Chairman, and it was recommended that those staff should be permanentized. However in spite of that nothing has been done yet and that is why we stand here, opposing against the delay. We demand regularization of 25 contractual employees of CET, Bhubaneswar who have been rendering services from 7 to 19 years.”

Team PenTastic: How long do you intend to continue with this protest?

Protesters: We are here till we are designated permanent status.

We asked a passing by Professor H.N. Thatoi, HOD of Department of Biotechnology about his opinion.

“This is a legitimate request.” He said. “These people have been working for about 20 years… They have their families to support and how is that possible with Rs. 7000 per month? Even the Government of India has passed a resolution that employees working for over 6 years should be designated permanent status. However there must be some official bottleneck that is obstructing this. This matter needs some attention.”
[Once again we prove, Team PenTastic pays attention!]

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