Monday, 17 March 2014

Let's have a Kit-Kat non-break!

By: Team PenTastic
Hola, folks!

It's that time of the year when one sees the almost empty canteen and corridors at C.E.T; When our hostelite friends flee back to their homes to find solace with their books and some of us scan through the syllabus for the first time in the year; When B.K, Alok, JPH and USHA publications make their fortune, sample papers and guide books for the respective semesters selling like hot cakes.

Yes! It has been several days since BPUT published the schedules for all the even semester exams and one day since the customary re-scheduling has been done. The 2014 elections have brought a new twist to the time-table dividing it into two phases, which gives relief to most of us. As 28th March, 2014 approaches, C.E.T prepares well with its armor divided into groups: Some will battle hard to climb an inch or two above the 9-point on the scale and some will continue their fight with the "back"s. Meanwhile, we the PenTastics have been struggling to make a decision. No matter what the heart desires, under the beady eyes of parental authorities, we have lost the freedom with which we pursued being Cetarded.

What decision can a person... or a group of people (no matter how PenTastic they are) take with a grieving heart on one side and a frightened brain on the other?!

Finally we decided on a compromise.

After a whole month of regular and daily activity, we... are NOT going on a hiatus! Because, let's face it, we are CETizens that are more Cetarded than the rest, and we definitely won't be able to keep away. Hence, we are going to bring you posts... just not as regularly.

CET Rising is going to be a bit... capricious! :D

But have no worries, we will update our page whenever we make a post, so do keep an eye out! And of course you can always surf the blog for any previous post that you might have missed... And if you pity the blog being inactive for a while, you can send us Your FaCETs and save the day!

So we wish you all the best... and let the Holi Games begin! May the odds be ever in your favour :D

Team PenTastic

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