Monday, 17 March 2014

Footprints in the sands of time#2:Dasvidanya seniors

By: Jessica Mohapatra
(Photocredits:Onam Giri,CET Photofactory)
What is 'Dasvidanya'?
It is a Russian word for 'goodbye' and so it was...

The Venue....
KCHR hostel for girls on 16th March,  where we bade a farewell to our final year seniors with a very heavy heart. If there was any place in CET where all the action was happening it had to be KCHR, where our 4th year seniors shared their joy and pain in all the four years of engineering. Even with exams around the corner, the 3rd year girls had organised a splendid farewell 'Dasvidanya'. It was a merry event with song and dance(and some tears also).
The show kicked off  by the very able anchors Jyotimayee Kar, Ekta Mohanty and Minusmita Sahoo. It was followed by  song and dance(mostly by 2nd years and 1st years),and speeches that showed how valuable our seniors were to us- by Natasha Pradhan(1st year), Ayushi Nayak (2nd year), and Jessica Mohapatra(3rd year). After the games, the seniors started sharing their experience, the curtains fell after Aruna Tripathy Maam gave away the mementos.

BUT...Picture abhi baki hai mere dost..

After the lavish dinner,we had a DJ night,where everyone from seniors to juniors put on their dancing shoes and  danced away to glory...

 Dear Seniors,
                     We will really miss you a lot. You were the ones to inject life into the buildings of KCHR. Hope you  have a wonderful life ahead...leaving your footprints in the sands of time...and do remember CET and KCHR.

Some Foot Prints of our lovely seniors

Special Credits for this event go to- our Hostel Representative Priyanka Kar, Shravanee Panda, Supriya Bidanta, Smita Kanhar, Aparajita Dash, Jasmini Murmu, Mousumi Das and many uncountable names who made this event possible and a huge success ,who sacrificed their crucial time ,bought the gifts, arranged for the decorations. Food packets etc...Trust me, they are the backstage people who deserve the real round of applause.

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