Friday, 14 March 2014

Footprints in the sands of time #1 Dumb-Charades

By: Team PenTastic
          Covered by Jessica Mohapatra & Ayushi Nayak
 What started off as a tiff between departing fourth years Shyam P Ghosh and Vishakha Pal, turned into a battle worthy of great folklore.
It would be apt to say that it was a clash of titans with two teams equally matched in the eternal battle between the genders.

While the boys team comprised of Shyam P Ghosh (4th year), Sradhendu Sahoo(4th year), Mahesh Prasad (4th year), Clinton Senapati(2nd year), Subhrajit Kr. Brahma(2nd year), Amlan Patnaik(2nd year), Debesh Mishra (1st year);

The girls side was led on the front by Vishakha Pal(4th year) backed by Satabdi Pani(4th year), Rakshya Shubangani(2nd year), Apurva Mishra(2nd year), Jessica Mohapatra(3rd year) &Ayushi Nayak(2nd year).

What began as a Dumb Charades match, ended as a face off on whether Ganje ki Pocket mein Kangi ka hona Bade suspense ki Baat hai was an actual movie or not!

Finally , we the Pentastic managed to achieve the unbelievable!
                A TREAT….that was sponsored by Vishakha Pal, Sradhendu Sahoo
& Shyam P. Ghosh (in quite a sanskaari manner)

We had a real gala time with perk
n coke!

This one was one helluva of a candid event that made the walls that exist between a senior and a junior crumble. Amidst fighting it out for the ultimate 'charades glory', we never had a chance to look at the very barrier that crushes the spirit of being a part of the same college. 

Folks, it would hence, be prudent to say that we need some more of such events!

And needless to mention team Pentastic manages to reach everywhere!


  1. enjoyed the day...thankss to all the juniors to make this day memorable one :)