Sunday, 9 March 2014

Fiction: All-In-Me & Alumnni

By: Team PenTastic
By Ashirbad Satapathy, 1st Year, Civil Engg
This story prepared describes my organizing committee experience in the Alumni Reunion of my school. It also contains a figment of my imagination.

‘All-In-Me & Alumni’
29-12-2013. 8 am. D-Day had arrived in. The wait was finally over (& out!). Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 1, Cuttack Alumni Association had yearned for this day. The infant had broken the logjam, persuaded the blocs and struggled through legal procedures which conspired against it like the roaring waves bewildering the motion of a ferry amidst the stormy waters of the blue ocean. And yet, it had managed to sail down victorious to dock at the very first destination of its eternal voyage. The Maiden Grand Alumni Re-Union, “RETROUVAILLE-2013”.
It was more than just a celebration or a festive affair. Every member of the organizing committee was ecstatic. The burst of exuberance of this much awaited event overwhelmed me, yet I was a bit perturbed and perplexed.
This anxiety was not just for the vague reason of me being the first secretary of the infant association and the man who had single-handedly managed to accomplish the voyage so far and the one who had worked for hours and missed the meals and sleeps to turn this event into reality (I don’t refrain from snobbery. I had worked a hell lot!).
This was also the day of tryst with my lady love after a couple of days of separation (which seemed like ages). My heart palpitated to play the rhythm of love. The whole body was shivering hard to demolish the imprisonment of the grief of separation and was ready to dance and sing and rejoice at every moment I was going to spend with her. It was the feeling of my life returning back to my cheerless, still body with a ray of hope and yelling out loud and hysterically the anthem of resurrection.
Let me give you a flashback before I further unfold the proceedings of the D-Day. The thought of launching an Alumni Association to hold regular Alumni Get-togethers struck to our mind (Me & Sam, My friend) on the day of our valediction Ceremony from our school. Our Principal was happy to hear this and easily sanctioned the permission to go for it. That day was emotional. After being awarded as the Mr. K.V of my batch, it was like an added responsibility on me to give back something to the school, which had been a second home to me for the past 12 years of my life. So, the work began on Facebook with me and Sam launching the official Facebook page of the Association and sending invites to all the batchmates and senior passouts in contact to join in and co-operate in the noble venture.
But Sam shifted to New Delhi to pursue his under-grad studies and I was the only one left who was studying in a college nearest to the school at a distance of 30kms. We kickstarted the venture formally from an ‘Introductory Meeting’ convened by the principal and after a few subsequent meetings, I could be able to register the Association legally and finally the date of the first ReUnion was fixed to be held on 29th December, 2013. Sam and I were together again in December to organize this grand event.
Now coming to the added twist, ‘My Love Life’. She studied in my school and I was utterly infatuated with her from the very first sight of her in the school assembly. She was a tremendously beautiful Bong-girl. We both fell in love and confessed the same to each other on 23rd October, 2013. (I will not go deep into my love story as it will probably end up in a novel!). Two months into happy love life, and there hit the first test of my love. Her family conceived about us being in relationship and her every possible contact with me was staunched down. We could not even celebrate her birthday together, which I had dreamt of to be fairy and romantic.
Now back again to 29-12-2013! Though she had promised to meet me on this day, I got the information from her friends that her parents were not ready to allow her. This actually was the reason of my anxiety, the sense of awe at the possibility of not being able to meet her! Amidst all those rhythms and lovely, pleasant songs my heart danced at, there was a commotion in my mind. After a lot of research the last night I had got her Mom’s no. And the time had come to convince her to allow my baby to attend the function and most importantly, indirectly meet her man!!
I prayed God and dialed on the number. Her mother received. After a formal Namaste, I tried my best to convince her but in vain. She disconnected the call and I was not even allowed to talk to her..
Though grief and remorse inundated me, there was work in hand. I and Sam were going to host the event. The whole crew of the Organizing Committee was busy setting the Dias and decorating the arena. The round tables with embroidered, multicoloured table cloths and the golden chairs with soft cozy cushions had been set. The banners yelled out the word of glory-
“Welcome to The Maiden Grand Alumni ReUnion
and the whole school was bedecked with lights and sounds and balloons and amusement like a bride is lauded and bestowed with wondrous ornaments before her marriage. The small budget had never been an impediment to the celebration. We, the crew of the OC had done everything on our own and there was that feeling of satisfaction and content in our bosoms to have made all this possible.
Busy in the peripheral work, I and Sam had forgot to prepare our scripts for the hosting of events and again we ended up laughing out loud at the plan of preparation for hosting as we could never do it in the previous events that we had hosted together and always hosted directly on-stage without rehearsals. I wonder, whether it was the confidence and faith in each other that we could sync well on stage or the passion to risk out and take it up as a challenge or simply laziness that made us not being able to yield time to preparation for hosting each time. Whatever it was, but every time we did well and therefore there was nothing to worry about it.
It was 10 am. After getting everything set, we both came home; got ourselves ready and flaunting party attires entered the school to accomplish the event in style! We had arranged volunteers (who were students of the school) to welcome the delegates of the Alumni and I had assigned Ayush the responsibility of organizing them for hospitality of the delegates. Nirmalya Bhai was in-charge of registration stuffs. Sam was looking after the caterers and event managers. Abhirupa & team managed decoration and the performances and events. Finally, I was taking care of the entire logistics, funds and ensured that everything went well. The event was launched. The Chief Patron of the Association (Principal of the school) along with other invitees lighted the lamp and inaugurated the function. This was followed by the cake cutting ceremony to commemorate this day as the first birth anniversary of the Alumni Association.
The events that followed were dance programmes, song performances and games and fun.. Everyone was in a jolly mood and I too had forgot all that had happened in the morning amidst all the rejoice and celebration. I and Sam hosted the events alternatively. While the exuberance was in the air, the power got cut-off and the music system did not work. Due to shortage of funds, we could not arrange an inverter. Now we both had to carryout changes in the programmes and decided to proceed with the events that didn’t require music and electricity aid. On the other hand, caterers hadn’t come, it was another big problem. We both had to manage everything alternatively and finally after an hour or so the power got restored and everything went normal (rather no-one was normal; celebrating and rejoicing!!) and the day’s function ended with the dainty lunch.
After a short rest for the alumni in their camps, the naughty night was knocking the door for some chill and dance. The main attraction of the gala ‘The Social Nite’ with the renowned DJ Rambo rocking the floor. And yet again, it was time for me to sit at one corner and miss my better half. Everyone was dressed in party outfits. Men did sport lovely, enviable ties and black blazers.. The ladies flaunted their curvaceous build in hot red sarees and dazzling ornaments. I too had to dress myself in that black velvet suit and the black bowtie gifted to me by my valentine.
I was missing her. I was dying for her. My body was present in the discotheque, while my heart was drenched with grief. Every organ of mine wanted to disintegrate and run to her and hug her.
I was sitting at a corner with the grossest smile I could show to people. And I heard something… Someone saying, “Hey Dearie, can you hear me? Why are you sad man? Common, Let’s Dance..”
I was astonished at the sight of the girl. She looked much like my beloved, though couldn’t match up her beauty. She had nearly that fair complexion, smoothness and glaze on her skin, though fade and pale compared to my lady.. Her curves, her stature, her build, her voice, everything resembled with my ‘baby’, yet far apart… But most importantly, there was that innocence, friendliness and an indescribable attraction which matched exactly to my valentine…
I fumbled, “B.. But.. I.. I can’t dance” And ended my part of conversation eagerly to hear to her . “Ohh.. Same pinch!! .. Even I can’t .. It would be nice then .. Come on .. I would love your company”. Her words tingled my veins and strained my nerves. With an involuntary effort I rose up, held her hand and agreed to dance. There was that fragrance and the same attraction in her which I had experienced previously with my lady.
I questioned my commitment and honesty to my love and made every possible effort to refrain myself to move with her, to touch her, to let my body flow in her rhythm, but in vain… Soon, I was dancing ecstatically with her and was the centre of attraction for everyone. I enjoyed her company. We talked a lot, had the dinner together and the grief of not being with my lady love had vanished by that time, for I had someone who was like her incarnation, though not up to her levels, but yes, she was like a token of love sent by my darling…
And lastly the auspicious evening ended up with our batch being awarded ‘The Batch of the Year’ award. All the batchmates were exulting at the victory and I too had got my prize. But where was she? … I looked for her … nowhere to be found … I recalled, she wasn’t even present throughout the day.
I was dumbfounded. Who was she? … Where did she come from? .. Was she an alumnus?... When did she come and again go back?... That night I had a lot of questions, but I persuaded and consoled myself to close my eyes and cherish those romantic moments. I have never seen the mysterious lady ever since the glorious evening.  


  1. Wait for another alumni meet brother! :D

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