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C.E.T Photofactory : The CLEAR Picture

By: Sradha Suman Mahapatra


If you're a CETian , then you definitely know where to look for when you want to catch a glimpse of an event that happened here. From the beginning till the end, there will be a bunch of all the talented people, who will roam around with their cameras and bring you everything you missed, everything you want to re-live; From everything that is important to everything that is interesting ; and sometimes making even the uninteresting look interesting. Five, enormously talented students, collaborated to form a team about a year ago and now they rock CET, with a team of about fifteen and the energy of a hundred ! No event, no celebration is complete without our very own "CET Photofactory". They are so ubiquitous that if you do not know them, then dude, you know nothing! The Team-PenTastic seized a golden opportunity to spend some crazy-time with the "Fantastic Five" and to trod along with them their journey from two point-and-shoot cameras to five DSLRs and more.
[ Some parts have been translated from Odia to English and Hindi to English ]

: Good afternoon, all. First of all, I request each one of you to please introduce yourself, though anyone of you hardly needs any introduction..But still..

CET_PHOTOFACTORY : [ Shuffling and looking to each other to decide who should start. After about a minute, one of them spoke]   
      MEMBER 1 :  I am Pratyush Behera [pausing to laugh] , Final year, C.S.E [Laughs,                              again].
      MEMBER 2 :  [Tries hard to control his laughter] I am Spandan Patnaik, final year,                             Electrical.
      MEMBER 3 :  I am Lal Mohan Hansdah, final year, Textile.
      MEMBER 4 :  [Tries to control his laughter and fails] I am P.B.R, you know ! Final                              year, Electrical and...[searching for the other team member]
      MEMBER 5 : [ Comes running ] Uh! I am Punyaslok Das, final year C.S.E.
      [ All the five of them suddenly burst into a fit of guffaws for some mysterious reason ]

 : [Trying to fetch their attention] Uh ! Hello everyone. I want to put my first question to you. But before that, may I know who is going to answer my questions ?
CET_PHOTOFACTORY  : --A series of murmurs--
       SPANDAN: Mostly, P.B.R and Lal.
       P.B.R: Odia re kahile chaliba ?

 : Chaliba , bhaina. Sabu chaliba.
CET_PHOTOFACTORY : A gush of un-decodable whispers.

: [Confused] Okay. My first question is when and how was "CET Photofactory" born and what was the idea behind this name ?
       P.B.R : Uhh ! Actually it all started from pain. [ Laughing for some reason unknown to  the interviewer ]   Actually, we had to struggle really hard to get to here. In the previous year Xtasy..Actually, we all were into photography individually. But then, Lal came and gave us an idea that we should together do something so that all the Xtasy-photos can be seen at the same place. So, we thought of a page. We started a page and the name "CET   Photofactory" was given by Lal.

: So the idea was to flood FB with photos.. "Photo-factory", was it ?

         LAL: Yes.. I mean previously what was happening was that the photos of Xtasy were                being posted by many people individually. So we thought that if all the photos                  could be found at the same place then it will be better. So we all thought of                    starting with a smaller version by starting an FB page, which is very easy for                     anyone..To start a page. So we did that and named it as "CET Photofactory".

             Wo aise hi kahin se aa gaya. There was no particular reason behind that. Like                     photos are coming from a factory.. Hence, CET Photofactory !

 : Well, now it has been over a year since you started. Presently how many members are there in the group ?
          P.B.R : Basically, we have five members. And among juniors, there is Lipak...
          PRATYUSH : Five core members actually ! [ Laughing ]
          P.B.R : [ Resuming ] Yes , core members and among juniors, there is Lipak,
                     [pause] Onam and...

          SPANDAN: Kishan also.
          P.B.R : Yes, Kishan. So now, we're a full-fledged team !! [ Looking to his side to                         ask, "au kie rahigala kire ?!" ]
         SPANDAN: Around 10-15 members in total.
         P.B.R : And , yes our chief editor is Mr.Pratyush Beheraaa [ Extending the last                             syllable as if singing ]
         [ Everyone fell into a fit of laughter and our interviewer joined them, confused ]

 : Okay, moving towards our next question, Photography is CET Photofactory's hobby or passion?
CET_PHOTOFACTORY : [ All five in unison] Both ! Both !
           SPANDAN: Hobby as well as passion !

 : A passionate hobby, is it ?
           P.B.R : Uh ! Yea ! yeah ! Something like that. A very passionate hobby.

 :  How do you fund your cameras, by the way ? I see each one of you using a DSLR. Individually ? Or you have channels to collect fund ? Funds from college ?
CET_PHOTOFACTORY :  Individually, of course. No funds. No funds from college.

             P.B.R : As we said, hum log bahot struggle kie hain. But anyway, we are on the                          verge of becoming official now.

            LAL: [ Showing an application letter addressed to the Principal, C.E.T. ]

 : [Smiling] Congratulations for that. That's excellent. Is there any particular reason that I see not a single female member here today ?
             P.B.R : Nai achanti naa !

 : But there isn't anyone from the final year, right ?
CET_PHOTOFACTORY : [ A lot of "Uh!"-s and "Umm"s follow ]
             P.B.R : Haan. No one from the fourth year.
             PRATYUSH : Nobody volunteered from fourth year, actually.
             SPANDAN: We've tried asking everyone. We had also posted that anybody who is                              interested can join.
             P.B.R : Yes. We've tried and...
             SPANDAN: During "Expressions" also.

              P.B.R : Expressions ? Kau expressions bey ?! [ after being reminded by his team-                            mate ] Yes ! yes ! We've tried.

                         [After a pause] Ame bhala answer dei parunahanti re ! Punya, Punya !                                Punya, bring some coffee, man. [ Drifting into a conversation that
                         the interviewer didn't understand]


 : [ Almost begging ] Uh ! Well. Can I ask my next question, please ?
              SPANDAN: Oh haan !

 : Thank you. We always identify CET Photofactory more by the team and less by its individual members. There is this extra-ordinary team-spirit and unity among you all. Everyone can see that. What do you have to say about that ?
CET_PHOTOFACTORY : [Already starting to pat each other. But no one chooses to answer the question]

 :  Ase kauthu ete unity ? [And then I got my answer ]
              P.B.R : Oh ! It's really cool , you know ! There are a lot of binding factors and...
              PRATYUSH : Actually, everybody knows their part. We divide the work. Uh !                                       Everybody is..
              SPANDAN: Someone is involved in photography, someone in editing.
              PRATYUSH : Someone comes up with the idea and..
              SPANDAN: Someone edits... So...
              PRATYUSH : It's a team work.
              P.B.R : Dekh Mu kahidebi. We have a lot of binding factors. We have been to                               Kailash several times, together. And to many other places. So, it's, you                              know, Umm. Binding factors bahut.
              SPANDAN: Kailash is a necessity !

 : So, you mean you all are good friends and that brings all the unity.
               P.B.R : Good friends ? Very good friends ! Very very good friends !
               SPANDAN:  Kailash ! kailash ! Please do mention that.
               P.B.R : Yes, Kailash.

 : Okay. Kailash ! [completely clueless ] By the way, I will mention each and everything you said.
              P.B.R : Oh my God ! Sabu ?

 : [ Smiling devilishly]  Yes. Okay so let's move on to my next question. How do you see CET Photofactory two years from now ?

              PUNYASLOK :Lots and lots of DSLRs. And gadgets.. [ while chewing on his food ]
              P.B.R : Ha-ha !
              SPANDAN: New ideas..
              PRATYUSH : And people will be fighting to get their names into it..
              P.B.R: Fighting?! Ha-ha !
              LAL: Not only good gadgets, but also good photos with that.

 : Any plans to expand out of CET ? And become a professional group ?
                P.B.R : Uh ! Slowly it will be !
                SPANDAN: First, let it be official and then slowly it will grow.
                P.B.R : Two years from now, ....
                PUNYASLOK : Prabhat Ji will be coming to inspire the juniors.
                P.B.R : Pila mane ama naa shout karuthibe kemti.. At the college gate.
[Someone from the audience (Oh ! yes, we had gathered quite an audience there)] :     Prabhat Bhai ! Prabhat Bhai !
[And then another corrected] : P.B.R Babu ! P.B.R Bhai !

                SPANDAN: Prabhat will sponsor in future. Funding from P.B.R photography !

 : Shouldn't we clap for him ?
CET_PHOTOFACTORY : [ Violent claps ]

                P.B.R : Yeah !
                PRATYUSH : First of all, he'll donate his DSLR.
                P.B.R : Guarantee karibini ! [ His smile fading ]

 : [ Taking sometime to recollect her next question ] You were the first ones to start such cool idea. Initially...
                 P.B.R : Yes, Yes ! Obviously !

 : [ Determined to finish her question, continues] Initially, there wasn't much activity, especially of this sort. And here you are with such a cool concept. What do you have to say about the CGPA-culture here ?
CET_PHOTOFACTORY : [--silence--]

                 P.B.R : Kachara ! Ete lamba question !
                 [Everyone bursts into fits of laughter again. Probably, sensing the trouble the interviewer was in, one of the members helped her. ]
                 SPANDAN: Eh ! Please !
                 P.B.R : I will not say anything. [Grumpily] 
                 LAL: [ The interviewer takes the opportunity to thank you ] This used to happen before. But now, the scenario is much different. It is changing gradually. More people are interested in different activities, which is good.
                 SPANDAN: CGPA wale bhi interested hain photo-voto mein.
                 P.B.R : [Jumps in] Haan ! We're responsible for that. We've changed
                           the mind-set.

 : And we thank you for that. Now, this is my last question...
                 P.B.R : [ Disappointed ] Eh ! Nah ! Ete jaldi last kareni ! Bhala laguchi                                       interview !
                  [ Everyone laughs ]

 : But unfortunately, this is the last question. You know that CET Rising, a branch of CETADEL has begun its endeavor recently with eight members and all of them are ladies, quite opposite to your team. Do you have anything to say to us ?
CET_PHOTOFACTORY : [ A long pause ]

                P.B.R : That's cool actually ! We're all male members and you are all ladies.                                  That's cool
                LAL: Bhai-Bhauni team haba !
                P.B.R : Photofactory re bhauni nahi !? [ someone shouts: Onam ! Onam !]
                PRATYUSH : Message, message for CET Rising ! [ This person has to be
                             thanked for this]

                SPANDAN: Message for CET Rising ? Rise ! Rise !
                PRATYUSH : Rise above the stars ! [ Thank you , again ]

               P.B.R : Actualy, what do you CET Rising wala want to do, tell me ? [Checking                               the interviewer's CET Rising I-card ]
               SPANDAN: Your logo. Umm. Err ! The Flamingo ? No. [ Trying to guess ]
               P.B.R : [ Helping him in the guess ] Fountain ?!

 : Phoenix !
                 SPANDAN: Yes. Phoenix ! Good one !
                 P.B.R : Kana tame karucha ? CET Rising wala.

 : [ Trying to take in the twist in the interview ] We aim to bring anything and everything that happens at CET to all the CETians. [ Proudly]

                  P.B.R : What do you mean by anything ?

 : Anything that is cool; Anything like CET Photofactory. Anything like anything..! [ Not sure if she convinced the interviewer here ]

                  P.B.R : Why do you have only female members ?

 : Because no one else volunteered ? [ already sweating ]
CET_PHOTOFACTORY :  Copy ! Copy ! Your statement is copied !

                  P.B.R : Punya ! Punya ku dake ! Punya !!! Punya emti laja kale kana haba ?
[a wave of murmurs. And then suddenly there was another twist out of nowhere, which thank god brought the interview back to track] Actually, we did a lot of struggle when we started with two point-and-shoot cameras. We had no funds. From there to here. Now, see where we are. We are all Daboos- Daboo1, Daboo2,  Daboo3... All Daboo-ratna-s !
                  [ We respect this undecipherable Daboo-theory ! ]

 : [Giving up on the idea to make an attempt to understand ] Lastly, I would like all of you to make a shout-out for your team. Anything.
CET_PHOTOFACTORY : [ They took a long break to think and then came up with this ]

                SPANDAN: Anything ? Anything ! Anything !
                [ Others joining him ] : Anything ! Anything ! [ Guffaws ]
                P.B.R : Anythinggg ! Punya cheer ta karibu aa !

 : [ Using her brain ] Okay. Three cheers for CET Photofactory , Hip- Hip !

                    ALL : Hurray !
                    SPANDAN: Hip- Hip !
                    ALL : Hurray !
                    SPANDAN: Hip- Hip !
                    ALL : Hurray !
                    P.B.R : [Adding his touch ] Eee-aaa !!
                    SPANDAN: Ye kana ?
                    ALL : Ha-ha !
                    P.B.R : Sarigala ?

Through their lens !!

[ The Team-PenTastic had an amazing time with the team of CET Photofactory; As crazy as they were, that only makes them uber-cool. We wish CET Photofactory all the very best for their future and may they flourish to heights untouched ]



  1. Kassa...official now!! Helaa au!!

  2. Ahh!! refreshing piece of writing!! Kudos to all the photographers. When i was in my final year in CET and used to roam around the campus with my DSLR.. i was called various names.. from a weirdo to a shutter bug... My friends couldn't understand why i had to go near the girl's hostel to click pics :D . I missed the company of other photographers.. all the time.. Now seeing this dedicated group of photographers in CET.. i can't help but fell a little bit jealous
    Kudos to all
    Gouravmoy Mohanty
    CE Alumni
    09-13 batch

    1. CET and the CETians are RISING , you see. :D

  3. great writing..:)

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  6. Very amusing article ! loved it! Well done Shradha and CET Rising!

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    Club isn't official till now
    This club has been covering every small to big events taking in our college.. From any delegates meeting in orientation hall to any other star night show.
    It has to be a official club