Friday, 7 March 2014

Catching_the_Hosts:Part 3

By: priyambada choudhury
This is the last part of our Host Haunting..!!
So, we are changing our interviewer as well (since one of us Pentastics was hosting as well)

We had saved our fourth year seniors for the final treat! Not that they were leaving the canteen for any other place (yeah, yeah, the perks of final semester, no attendance problem). And going by their talks, they hardly resembled our seniors. What they said?  Here let's shoot.

Tejas: You both are our senior most hosts, Priyambada Di is a veteran host. Swasidhant bhai you have been organizing since ever. So how did you both find this year's Xtasy?

Priyambada: This was time, it was unlike any other year. Part of it shall be due to Swasidhant being in our team( lots of yes yes from Swasidhant bhai) Of course that's because the one who ruins it should also get credit (chuckles). But honestly it was the best in terms of coordination and organization.
Swasidhant: I admit there were glitches and lags but that's human. What is important is we managed it so well even though we had hiccups.

Tejas: People were very disheartened and dissatisfied because we didn't have a dj this time. What's your take?
Priyambada: I would say welcome to CET (winking and laughing) and I m not new to dj being cancelled or people being banned from djs.
Swasidhant: See this is a very wrong notion. For guys, every song was a dj.(rolling down laughing) (Actually I think it must be some kind of axiom)

Tejas: But bhaiyaa you were in the organizing committee, so, CET demands an answer...!! (I know I became Arnav)
Priyambada: I ll just repeat what ever I had said on-stage, "He is responsible, you all can beat him" ( laughing loud)
Swasidhant: It's wrong, we guys didn't need anything of dj, we danced on every song. We didn't care who was there or not. We enjoyed a lot, because we knew at some point it would be not possible to get dj.

Tejas: Who was the most attractive host for you?

Priyambada: It would inappropriate for me being a senior to comment anything here( laughing ) But Siddhant and Raman were nice. I m having my revenge and I won't at all praise Swasidhant, he made me lose Wartalaap.
Swasidhant: See, now that Priyambada is next to me, I can't say any other name. It's got to be her. I know Priyambada will insult me, go, ahead. But she likes me( laughing out loud ) ( that's really an awww..! moment)

Tejas: What was your most memorable moment on stage?

Priyambada: Well not exactly on stage but it was that one time when we both had mikes and something happened on stage( which we weren't expecting at all) and we both spoke something inappropriate and then hurry to check if the mike is on.( chuckling)
Swasidhant: (in spills) totally..!! ( whoa..!! nobody saw that coming..!!)

Tejas: Now the final question how much are you gonna miss all these next year?

Priyambada: That was one thing that had remained constant in my life all these years at college.The salvaging part of my journey. So no matter what this stage will not come back. I will miss it like hell.
Swasidhant: Of course, this was our legacy. What ever work we did, whatever we achieved, you all will hopefully take it forward. And definitely I ll miss it.

Just as we were wrapping up, we saw Pritish bhai and it was too good an chance to let him go without an interview. So, here is our surprise the Core Team Organizer, Placement Coordinator and very shy Pritish bhai from 4th year.

Tejas: You have been organizing events for quite some time, What has been your experience this Xtasy? How was it different?

Pritish: We were the supreme seniors here this time. In terms of co-ordination and event management it was much easier to gel with juniors. There was good communication. Over-all it was really fun.( smiles)

Tejas: Who was your favorite host? male and female. Name one and why?

Pritish: Sourav was my favorite host among guys because the feedback I got about him was really encouraging.( There were lots of hooting and shouting, one from Priyambada di "Swasidhant you got ditched again")
Among the girls I was really impressed by Adyashaa. She is a lovely girl. Moreover I had asked her to change the script so many times that it was really difficult for them. (Priyambada di kept shouting "cheater, I wrote all the script for you." Almost had the same expression as Leo when he missed out Oscar)
But I would agree that Priyambada is more confident on stage than Adyashaa. (Well at least that stopped Priyambada di from further accusations..phew..!!)

Tejas: One last question, Placement Coordinator or Xtasy Coordinator, choose the tougher one.

Pritish: Placement definitely. They are a very serious matter. One small mistake and it can cause a blunder in some other place. So, its not at all funny.

Tejas:Thank you bhaiyas and didi.

Well I had to run away because they were suddenly interested in going for a poll about themselves. It's really difficult choosing just one of them. So, adiĆ³s amigos..!!

And keep tuned as we are having our very own CET Photofactory next on cover.


  1. Swasi bhai n Priya di..i keep on repeating this..but lovely chemistry between ya.. U Choudhurys r seriously not related in any way??like dooor k rishtedaar?? :D
    n I wonder where from does Pritish bhai generate the modesty he has.. Is there any pill for it??I would love ta have it then!! Would miss all of ya lovely seniors afta this year.. :'(

  2. Priyambada di..wud b missing u a lot..u had been so wonderful a senior..n being wid u in wchevr event z an absolute fun..perfectionist in a way and an epitome of talents bagged wid modesty

  3. Surely there will be a huge void when the best of the hosts and the kindest of the seniors will no more among us next year. We wish you all the best for your life ahead.

  4. Surely there will be a huge void when the best of the hosts and the kindest of the seniors will no more be among us next year. We wish you all the best for your life ahead.

  5. I will miss you all amazing people more. This was the best thing that happened to my college life. Thanx for making it such a memorable one