Thursday, 6 March 2014

Catching_the_Hosts:Part 2

By: priyambada choudhury
Well, well..!! The first one was a little formal we heard, so we are here with a candid gupshup with our new comers..And yes we will continue with the couple's rapid fire here..!!

The first one we got was Adyashaa and Sourav. Since we were stalking everyone during break hours, they already had their mouthfuls. You must have heard the way to someone's heart is via their stomach..!! so, yes there were lots of secrets too..!!

Priyambada: So, this was the first time you both got to host, right? How did you find each other?

Sourav: She was really very nice and very co-operative. She wrote all the script for us.(pausing) Yea..!! She was very helpful.
Adyashaa:(sipping her cold coffee) The same goes for him as well. He was very helpful.( chuckles) Whenever I used to call him, he used to be very occupied. So, we never really practiced much.( huge uproar, laugh from our listeners and protests from Sourav with vehement denials)

Priyambada: Really? Sourav why were you not unavailable? Even Raman had complained about it. (no he hadn't, it was our joke)

Sourav:No, those are just vague allegations. I did turn up. They are all lies( trying to be as calm n cold as possible)
Adyashaa:(taking a cue from him) yea, yea, he helped. He was really creative. He did the informal part, the audience's favorite and I was made to do the formal boring part. So yes he was really nice however.
Sourav: Actually, we both belonged to the same batch, that helped us get along well.

Priyambada: You both have had other hosts as co-hosts, Who would you choose to host with?

Sourav: I would obviously choose a girl, see Raman was fun to host with, but hosting with a girl brings out a vibe in me and we look good on stage.( lot of "oooooo"s and whistles and everyone was convinced about his unavailablity)
Adyashaa:laughing and in spills.
(Raman we really hope you comment something after this. Eager for your reply)

Priyambada: If you both were to compare, last year's Xtasy or this year?

Sourav and Adyashaa : Both the events are totally different and they are unique in their own way. We both hosted for the first time and this time it's gotten even better and bigger.( Adyashaa was really nostalgic about all the jokes Swaraj Bhai had cracked and his happy-go-lucky attitude)

Priyambada: What was the most serious moment for you both?

Sourav and Adyashaa:
When Pritish bhai used to ask us to prepare a whole of Mahabharat to kill time on stage and then just before 30 min he would say kill it and get to the point. That was a new level of improvisation. ( laughing and laughing and ....) but really he was one of the nicest seniors we had among us.

Priyambada: Ohk , so three words for Pritish?

Sourav:hardworking, sincere and naughty.
Adyashaa: cooperative, sweet and caring. I could almost see a version of our last year's super seniors.

Priyambada: The last question, What was the best and worst that you encountered with each other?

Sourav: She is very good. Very co-operative but some times she gets so nervous on stage that she forgets her entire script. She gets conscious of how she looks rather than how she speaks.(lots of background protests from adyashaa..c'mon, every girl feels that way on stage, so ...)
Adyashaa: He is very energetic, and that's the best and worst part about him,as it takes a lot for me to get to his level.

Phew..!! that was done..!! now we moved on to Samidha and Raman. Wait a min..they are first years, so they weren't there yet and could be caught only during the lunch break.. And I had a lab session to endure and so off  I ran. But eventually we caught up.

Priyambada: How did you both feel about your first Xtasy here?

Samidha:(eagerly) It was a whole new experience altogether. really was fascinated and glad to have been a part of it.
Raman: (thinking for sometime) Xtasy did live up to its standards..the day you join college n your seniors start interacting with ya,one of the major things they talk is xtasy..this year being my first one did set a standard..n I hope the succeeding years would go on to be even better..!!!

Priyambada: If given a chance will you host again or do something else?

Samidha: (excited) Apart from hosting i would have performed odissi dance. I am a trained dancer.
Raman: Well I have got a multiple appendages.. My seniors did drag me for each and every event where they could drag me..haha..but honestly I am interested to try anything new..!! 
I might host next year. Hopefully my seniors would allow me ta host with a girl next time! I don't think I look that bad that a gal won't accompany me to the floor!! *toodles*
( I guess he did overhear Sourav, it was hilarious though)

Priyambada: What did you like the most about your co-host n what did you learn from them?
We both were from first year, it was a great chance for us to learn. He is very cooperative and a enthusiast person to host with.
Raman: The coolest thing about XTASY 2K14 was that it had me as one of its hosts..(chuckles) It was a fun hosting along with Sourav bhai..He was like an older brother and helped me out whenever there was a confusion.. He never loses hope n faith.. He kept backing me up  even when he wasn't co-hosting..It was awesome!!

Priyambada: Who was your favorite host then?

Samidha: I really loved the way Sourav bhai carried the on the show. He was great..!!
Raman: Well I loved the way Raman anchored!! (chuckles)
But seriously the entire Host crew was awesome..!!
The cuteness Adyasha  n Sourav showed.
The awesome chemistry between my super seniors Swasi bhai n Priya di.
The awesome presentation by Megha di,Viswa bhai n Aakanshya di and of

course the lovely coordination between Siddhant n samidha.. Each one is my favorite!! ( baccha abhi se kitna diplomatic hai, lagta hai bahut aagey jayega..!!)

Priyambada: That was one hell of an answer..!! So, the last one, What do you expect from the next Xtasy?

Samidha: Next xtasy I expect there will be more enthralling performances, more participation from other colleges and the stage should hav a different set up.
and I would be one of the hosts again.
the time permit should be longer( ha ha ha haa... you jinxed it now girl)
Raman: I do expect that XTASY 2K15 would break this year's standards. Next time with our juniors coming we expect newer n smarter people joining us. We plan to organize more events and start working for it from December itself!

That's all we got for now. The last episode will get you face to face with two of the biggest recluse of Core Organizing Team. Swasidhant Chowdhury and .... Keep guessing.. Till then adios.


  1. @Sourav bhaiya..being with a girl gives you positive vibes?? -_- no matter we understand n deduce that from your "canteen meetings"• I just wonder how he co-hosted with me!! Wait a sec!! Did u just had a illusion of me being a gal?? �� Bhai!! I recommend Ramdev wala Yogasan for you..
    N.B- its "Ramdev" wala...not "Bipasha" wali :P)

    1. @raman- i just meant dat anchoring looks gud wen a guy and gal r on stage...i am talking abt d stereotypes..dats been exaggerated by d interviewer.. n 4 d meeting part.. it was just 4 d preparation of script.. we r nt as flawless n spontaneous speaker as u..atleast i am not..n 4 d remainder part- i really dont indulge in any kind f yoga:-)