Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Catching_the_Hosts: Part 1

By: priyambada choudhury
We all know that your have been eager to know about your favorite hosts. How they did it ? Their secrets, their favorites, their gossips! What better that a heart-to-heart talk? Candid n Charming: presenting you all the first series of chats. Team Pentastic is on it. Our formal hosts Viswa Ranjan Pati and Meghashree Kar from 3rd year are the first ones we caught.

(Our hosts were caught while they were trying to gorge on some fats in canteen. Viswa was especially apprehensive regarding this sudden attack.)

Priyambada- You have been hosting for two years, what is the change you saw this time?

Viswa- (taking a moment to think) Yeah, this year it was more organized. Thanks to our seniors who gave a chance to students from all the four years to do something in Xtasy. (pausing) I'm not telling this just from anchoring point of view. Apart from organizing, 4th years were the core members, 3rd years were involved in X-Swats, 2nd and 1st years were volunteers and all four years could co-ordinate. So, this Xtasy witnessed an active participation from all the years.

Megha- (smiling) Basically when it comes to the pattern it remained the same..but yes there  has been an inclusion of  new faces in the league of anchors..which was  good.

PriyambadaThat was really nice way of putting it, Viswa. This is the second time you both were onstage together, how easy or how difficult it was?

Viswa-Yup, it was second time with Megha. While hosting, you need to understand your partner so that there's no confusion out there. That's the only tough thing. And Megha, she's good. Being with her was nice.

Megha-It was pretty easy with Viswa as the co-anchor. He is my batch-mate n a great friend too, so it was definitely easy and since it was the 2nd time, we knew well where we can do go n hence it didn't take time in distributing sections. (Pausing and thinking) Well there had been no issues in preparing, but used to b too busy with  lots of events. As he was one of the most active members of Xtasy 2k14, so we didn’t get much of rehearsal time.

Priyambada- Okay, given a chance who else would you have hosted Xtasy with?

Viswa-Hmm..apart from Megha, I would have done it with Akankshya di. She did the second portion for the formal one. She's fabulous. (smiling) Informal with Adyasha..and you too..but it's not possible. You two were also great on stage..!!

Megha-Adyasha..she is a lovely girl..!! Even Sourav is good when it comes to informal.

Priyambada- What are your expectations from next Xtasy?

Viswa- Next year onwards, we'll try to separate 'Perception' from 'Xtasy'. This is because we had a very poor response from students as far as the technical events are concerned. Automated robotics had only 1 team...'Aquabots' and the list goes on. Being in a technical college, it hurts. Problem is the shortage of time. More than 60 events in just 3 days. So, from next year, we'll try to give 2 days to Perception, then a week break and then the cultural 'Xtasy'. That will solve the problem.

Megha-This year I couldn’t do much, except hosting on the second day owing to some personal reasons..Next  year I hope to participate in more no. of events. Each year has seen an improvement in Xtasy, so I hope we carry the same legacy forward.
Priyambada- Ohk last one, given a chance, what would you choose, formal or informal?
Viswa-Anything will do.. I would like to try both (chuckles)

Megha-Both..( smiling)

Incase you are wondering about the beautiful pictures, we have none other than our very own CET Photofactory to thank.
...To be continued, with more hosts n more chats. With Raman, Adyasha n Saurav next, Stay tuned..!!


  1. Lovely co-ordination between the lovely pair of hosts!! ^_^ (y)

  2. Adyasha Mohapatra5 March 2014 at 20:07

    Viswa bhai and Megha di !! You give a beautiful start to our cult saga with the glimpse of your lovely personalities and hosting style .. :) . And thnx !! It feels proud to be appreciated by such lovely and friendly seniors like u ! Thnx di and bhai ^_^

    1. Thanks Adyasha! We're really proud to have such responsible and lovely juniors upon which we can surpass the vision of our dream CET.