Thursday, 20 March 2014

Buzz: Ending it with a Flash!

By: Bakshree Mishra
The final internal examinations for even semesters came to an end today (and yeah yesterday for the lucky I&E 4th year folks), and with the same college life ended for the fourth years. (That is if you ignore the tiny matter of end-sems looming right around the corner, but that’s another story.) There was a mixed feeling in the air; everyone seemed to agree that this last academic year was just too short. Somehow, it felt incomplete. Something was missing… but we could not quite put a finger on what actually it was.

But it seems some people in the college are perceptive after all, and the entire batch of 2014 got a very. Very. VERY pleasant surprise gift to end their college life with. CET batch 2014 is going to have an official Year Book! CET Photofactory members were seen lugging around their gorgeous cameras under the sweltering heat, and capturing each individual’s essence with their lenses. And of course, they kept getting sidetracked by personal requests, the students totally taking advantage of those DSLRs. And alarming the rest of the world with the plethora of photos flooding the Internet...

After all, who doesn’t love posing for a good camera… handled by an excellent photographer?!

And so the last days went by in a whirlwind of photo-shoots, becoming one of our most memorable moments of college life. And we had none other than CET Photofactory to thank for this brilliant idea!

“The idea was already out there,” said Lal Mohan Hansdah modestly, “but we were wondering whether or not it would be possible for us. But in the end when we talked with the teachers, they accepted it. And so this idea became official.”

And of course, it had to be asked. “Was it difficult to convince the authorities?”

“Not much.” Said Lal while Pravat Ranjan nodded in agreement. “We are taking steps, and now that we are official as a club, so whatever we do, as long as the teachers agree, it is official. They told us that funds will also be sanctioned, for the print outs and all.”

“P.K Padhy Sir even sent us a mail listing all that needed to be done!” Added Pravat.

When asked whether it was fully funded or if the students were going to have to pay an amount, no matter how nominal, they shrugged.

“The college IS funding,” said Pravat, “but we haven’t received all funding details.”

“Is this the beginning of a new tradition?” Because something this good shouldn’t be for just one batch! To this, both enthusiastically replied, “It should continue! That’s why we’re making this official before we leave. Students would participate more, and take more of an interest.”

It was a unique experience indeed. Not just the tons of #posings and #posturings that were taking place in the college’s SAC, but the fact that photography is more than pointing and clicking settled in. We got to see these people toiling hard, but still smiling and complying to every request. The passion they have was evident, and the gratitude they evoked with this venture was immense. And well deserved.

Of course, I had one last doubt about the whole venture.

“You guys clicked our pictures, well and fine. But who will click yours?!”

To this they impishly replied, “We will click each others’ pictures, and they will be the best of them all!”

CET Photofactory, I will put up with that, provided my picture turns out well!!

Waiting for that perfect look... Picture Courtesy: Poonam Modi, 4th Yr CSE

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  1. The news about the yearbook came as an extremely pleasant surprise indeed!! Thanks a ton, CET Photofactory!! :D