Monday, 3 March 2014

Book Review: The Way We Fall

By: Bakshree Mishra
The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fear is a crippling emotion. And sometimes it takes out logic and reasoning out of the equation. In The Way We Fall, Megan Crewe beautifully describes the scenario of a raging viral epidemic: the viral fear, and the struggle to survive, from a girl's point of view.

Kaelyn's narration is beautiful. It's a set of letters/diary entries, addressed to her best friend Leo away from the island. What began as a whimsical writing experience becomes an essential job as a sudden viral epidemic spreads in the island and it becomes crucial that a written evidence/ record of the events remains.

Kaelyn's character is extremely likeable, and perfectly normal unlike some of the very 'impulsive and hotheaded' heroines we find in YA fiction nowadays. She seems like Katniss from Hunger Games, especially in the way she cares for her cousin Meredith. And even after everything happens she remains strong and even becomes more focussed.

Tessa, Leo's girlfriend, is the second most important character, in her quiet way. Tessa is self possessed and doesn't show her emotions openly. At first Kaelyn dislikes Tessa because of misconceptions and prejudice, but when circumstances force them to work together, they become friends. A tentative friendship in the beginning, but it strengthens.

Like with Tessa, Kaelyn's friendship with Gav happens because of the epidemics. Gav is the leader among a group of volunteers who deliver food and relief to people's doorstep. He has a deep bond with his best friend Warren and is always worried about him, since Warren has a weak immune system.

The story wove through the lives of these people and their loved ones, and I couldn't help but cry when they did, and be happy for their little victories. This book is a beautiful read, a totally deserved 5.

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