Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Article: Diamonds in the sky

By: Team PenTastic

By Gunjan Sharma, Second year, Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering

                     Diamonds in the sky

When the sun sets ,a dark curtain draws upon the azure expanse of sky, but its beauty never fades. For as far as eyes can reach, this curtain is studded with twinkling celestial bodies. Marveling the stars Vincet van Gough had said

  ". . .but the sight of the stars makes me dream. . . ."

The great artist was not exaggerating. The mere sight of stars fills human heart with wonder and amazement. For children stars have always been a source of learning and curiosity -be it their vast number,the famous nursery rhyme , drawing the star shape or joining these dots in the sky to form familiar constellations.Much loved and celebrated people come to be known as "Stars" , "Superstars" and "Rock-stars",not to mention they leave the common folks " starry-eyed". There was a time when sailors steered their ships using the North Star as the compass. In several popular movies the lead couple is often seen enjoying a night out gazing stars. Troubled elders seek refuge in the oculist powers of  constellations and keeping in line with the demands even TV channels invite astrologers over.In Indian mythologies stars stand for the auspicious. A departed soul is said to have found place among the stars. These heavenly objects are easily among those few things whose understanding is pursued equally by both scientific and philosophical minds.

As technology comes to fingertips,the distance between man and nature has suddenly increased manifold. The night sky is now marred by vertical constructions that have come to be seen as evidence of development. The light from distant towers outshines that of the stars much like the simple joys of life have faded before the lust for money and power. What if there comes a time when these simple joys become like the stars-they can be marveled at,
longed for but alas,cant be reached!!