Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Xtasy 2k14 Interviews #1: A Moment with the Chief Guest

By: Pratikshya Satpathy
And then when every one was busy with their events, some running to the help desk to witness the Blind date and when some rushed to the stage to see the most awaited performer of the evening "Harihar Dash", the "Team PenTastic" was full fledged towards the Principal's Chamber to interview the Chief Guest of the evening "Mr. Bijay Kumar Mohanty", Principal Director of Audit, East Coast Railway.
So here we go...

Pratikshya:  Good evening Sir. welcome to CET. 

Bijay: Good evening. (smiles)

Pratikshya: Sir, as we know you are in the East Coast Railways, as the principal director of audit and you know that companies like TCS, Cap Gemini, Tech Mahindra and many more are recruiting graduates from CET. So what in your opinion can help more companies, especially East Coast Railways to come for campus recruitment to CET.

Bijay:  Well, I audit them. As such I don't belong to East Coast Railways, I belong to Cadre of audit, which is under the CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General). I will like  to tell you that not only the East Coast Railway but also the Indian Railways recruits many graduates from technical universities every year. And you must be knowing that there is something like railway engineering service, which is very good and a very classy service. Moreover there are 2-3 companies which are into software like CRIS (C---R---I---S) and RITES (R---I---T---E---S), basically technically oriented, IT oriented companies owned by the railways. You can basically address them for recruitment... they are recruiting people... as it is government concern they have set standards to apply and some times they even put up advertisements for job openings and all. Of late they have also decided to recruit graduates through campus placements. 

Pratikshya: So, Sir how can students of CET be benefited by the East Coast Railways placements are considered?

Bijay:  As I was saying the IT companies... the placement officer basically approaches         these companies...like they have some thing like PRS (Passenger Reservation                       System) which is an IT application for which they need to keep a lot of people from                    IT background on placement basis.
Otherwise you know in government sectors it is "Employment for Life" (laughs) but                   here they keep on changing.

Pratikshya: So what would you basically suggest in such a situation?

Bijay: What I will suggest is that your placement officer should contact these organisations first and then they should come. 

Pratikshya: Sir, so what basic technical skills would you suggest to students, if they opt for career in railways?

Bijay: (sighs) yeah... see the requirement is basically what? "Service" ... service via the     service providers....like they provide various facilities like ticketing, tour                                     facilities....and Indian Railways is now so heavily into tourism sector. so if you have                 any experience in ERP or SAP and all then you stand a better chance in railways.

Pratikshya: Sir can we have a word for the students from you, please. 

Bijay:  Well my word for the students would be, "this is the best time and the worst time for the students.....Because now they have the freedom to enjoy them shelves as well as they have a lot of anxiety for their placements, higher studies and career goals.So I would say enjoy but simultaneously focus on career."

Pratikshya: This was really a very valuable piece of suggestion for our students.Sir today is "Xtasy 2K14", so what expectations do you have from the event, tonight?

Bijay: (laughs and speaks enthusiastically) Lot of fun....and a lot of fun... Nothing else..     Enjoy... This is the time you don't get serious...

Pratikshya: It was really a pleasure to have you here this evening. We hope you have a nice time at the fest tonight. thank you, Sir.

Bijay:  (smiles) Thank you.

Picture Credits: Suraj Kumar Rout


  1. We met Sir.. when we approached East coast railways for support for the fest..and I remember,we had a "WOW" time.. He was superb!

  2. a really good interview !!!...team pen-tastics...kudos !!!