Thursday, 27 February 2014


By: Sradha Suman Mahapatra

C.E.T MINI_MARATHON: The start of XTASY-14 !

The Red-Ribbon Club organised a Mini-Marathon in association with N.S.S here at College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar on 21.02.2014. "Put on your shoes and gear up to raise your voice for AIDS Awareness, against drug abuse" said the posters. All set to spread their word, a number of students accompanied by an extremely enthusiastic group of  faculty members ran down from CET to Ghatikia [chari-chhaka] and then back again. More than hundred participated in this noble cause. Our very own principal, Dr. Prof. S.P. Mohanty graced the occasion with his presence before the start of the marathon, boosting the confidence of the participants manifolds. The runners started their ordeal sharp at 8 pm [No, not exactly :P] and then XTASY-2K14 began !!

[Surprisingly, one of the members of "Team PenTastics" happened to be a volunteer at the  marathon, who did a little sneak-peek for you.]

Once the marathon began, the volunteers from various years and streams, with each a white CET_MINI_MARATHON cap, did their best to put the runners at ease, running with packets of water and Glucon-D powder. Smiling, talking, some peeping into their phones and some occasionally pouring down the "paani-pouch"es on themselves, all of them seemed to enjoy themselves while racing along with the others. The nice soothing air around made things all the more enjoy-able.

When the runners, sweating and panting, were about half a kilometer away from their destination, some geared up, some posed for pictures and some were just happy to have participated. The faculty members ran pace-to-pace with their younger opponents and made it clear that they had all that it takes to win!


The enthusiasm of all the participants was commendable. The energy with which the volunteers coordinated the event is again, worth mentioning. All those faculty members who came down to stand upright for the cause, were an amazing support and motivation. The event couldn't have been a greater success.



And then every good thing comes to an end; and so did this one. But anyway, we had our winner. Master.Biswaranjan Jenamani [ 2nd year, Mechanical Engineering] stole the show when he became the first to reach the decided destination and then when asked to pose, this is what he got us. Congratulations !

[Just to let you know that we, the PenTastics, can be anywhere ! ;) ]