Friday, 28 February 2014

The Review:Hasee Toh Phasee

By: Jessica Mohapatra

Movie: Hasee  Toh Phasee

Directed by: Vineel Mathew

Starring: Parineeti Chopra, Siddhartha Malhotra,Ada Khan

We see  in the movie that Nikhil’s(Siddharth’s) wedding plan is in full flow,relatives are pouring in, the household is getting decorated ,just 7 days are remaining for ‘THE DAY’.

Well he is getting married….not to( parineeti’s)  Meeta but with Karishma(Ada ,Remember 1920!!!) who  is Meeta’s sister. Nikhil is very mischievous and has been seriously committed with Karishma for the past 7 years….but his fiancĂ© constantly threatens to break up with him, and then enters the rebellious Meeta from China. Meeta had eloped from her house by stealing money and was a castaway in her family.

Nikhil hides crazy but intelligent Meeta in his house, Meeta is ballistic and has bizarre habits like….eating tooth paste and eating 7 pav bhajis at one time. She is fun but a complete package of trouble……it takes Meeta just 7days to jeopardise   Nikhil’s 7 year relationship, after spending time together they slowly realize that they have fallen for each other.

The movie is very funny with innovative dialogues and fresh jokes-“tum oxygen ho  aur mein  double Hydrogen humari chemistry ekdum pani ki tarah hai” , “socho mein idea hoti, aur tum technology humari patang kya mast udti..”

Hasee toh  phasee  is a nice movie with some really groovy tracks…both Siddhartha and Pareeniti  look really good together.Both of them have acted really well and their chemistry is actually like H2O. So all together a very pleasant ‘paisa vasool’ movie.

STARS: a 3.5 out of 5
RECOMMENDS:A  good watch, some scenes can be a bit touchy( at least my friend had become   
                             teary    eyed) and don't forget your popcorn...
MOOD:   you will   be in a good mood as it is loads of fun..(or maybe a bit romantic if you have a

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