Monday, 17 February 2014

Not a hate story! - A review of Reliance food court

By: Ayushi Nayak

Bhubaneswar eateries: An introduction

We all know Bhubaneswar as a city well known for its food culture, for all the thousands of taste buds that it satiates, the milieu of restaurants and the infinite road-side ‘Thellas’. Renowned as India’s very own temple city; this place has a larger than life palate that can keep up with the taste of food lovers of every age and kind. Ranging from our very own Bambayi- style Gup-chup stalls to that sexy decor and food of all those 5 starrer restaurants of the Lagoon,& from that mouth watering Italiano delicacies of Yummies to the sweets by Ganguram, dear readers, you know what? *This place has it all*

My experience

Moving on, today’s review is about an eatery I believe suits the average student pocket. And as already mentioned, this one is about the Reliance food court! Located on the 2nd floor of the Reliance Super Market, this place shows no sign that it is located in a dingy locality even though its ambiance is on the sorry side of being average. But because it has a reasonably priced menu, it sees a huge turnout from the student community. And it was on one such I-had-to-manage-my-allowances-reasonably-kinda day that I stumbled upon this place. And, I remember ordering a Rs. 59/- Chinese combo meal, which thanks to my legendary memory power, I can’t remember the name of. But, nevertheless, as any other foodie would vouch for, I do remember what its contents were and, boy, they were good!

Starting with that chowmein laced with a Hindustani twist, I had never even in my dreams wondered that I would ever find that many vegetables in a single dish, I mean this is Bhubaneswar after all. And that awe-inspiring fried rice, that was rather out of place in a Chinese Thali. Sweet mother of taste, hail you in great spirit for those utterly-butterly deep veg fried balls and also for those fingerlicious manchurian which was a delight to both my eyes and my taste buds. 

Reality Check:

I may sound all happy and satisfied with this place but it comes with its own price. For an example, I would not be much enigmatic with that extra cauliflower side dish which was really much of a throw-able than an eatable.
*In the greater scheme of that good-food night, I did also had a mausambi juice to sip on while the food arrived which which I believe could have worked as a perfect appetizer but for being stale. So a word for the wise, never taste a drink in that food unless it comes out of a package!*


All in all, the food court is someplace you must visit in your stay here at Bhubaneswar but you must be really very cautious what you order for!

Stars: An average 2.5 out of 5. Recommends: Only if on a tight budget.
Moods: Too pleasant to last even rainy days!

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