Sunday, 16 February 2014

Counter-It! : Is Valentine's Day really relevant?

By: Bakshree Mishra
Philosophically I’m not disposed to remembering dates (calendar ones, I mean, not the other kind). I tend to mix up birthdays, exam dates and even appointments; remembering additional “days” would be like adding just one more additional ambitious domino on a teetering stack. So all one can expect from me is a passing acknowledgement, if somebody reminds me what special day it is today.

And then there is Valentine’s Day.

Yeah, if I happen to look at the calendar, I would acknowledge 2nd October, or 26th November as something worth remembering. 14th February also sort of registers on my memory, but in a way totally unrelated to the pink confetti that swirls around that day!

Naa… I don’t care if Saint Valentine did actually exist, or that he was persecuted/executed. (And somehow it’s seen as romantic. I guess I lack that romantic bone :p ). Not that I intend to blacken the mood for the day, but I remember 14th February for The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre that took place on February 14, 1929… Well it's not like I expect people to forget their plans for the day just because some murders that took place 85 years ago… Well, I’ve rambled enough.

Frankly, I miss the point of Valentine’s Day – or rather I feel that the intention was somehow skewed on the way. What is “supposed” to be a day devoted to love, is frankly a best-selling franchise cashed upon by chocolatiers, toy shops, flower shops, gift stores and so on. Somehow it is implied that on this particular day, you are bound to exchange gifts to your lovers, and then you’re free to do whatever you like for the rest of the year. That’s pretty profound, in a way.
Selling like hot cakes!
So in my opinion… Valentine’s Day is sort of pointless. Let’s say that I prefer to love and be loved all year round, not just one particular day :D
What do YOU think??


  1. Valentine's Day is around...and the only thing that hurts me (Not the only thing actually :D ) is I am not the Owner of Archies/Hallmark etc etc.
    Being loved all round the year.. is something everyone would love to vouch for..But,Like..There are only few goods amongst many bads..and So..what's special when everyday is the same?
    Yes.. Valentine is just a day.. But,its unique and it comes with a guarantee (of atleast no fights!! ) and Who dislikes some bonus!!
    The date has the strength to create a buzz among-st all others..It has some kind of joy and happiness which is absent the other days..even though one is loved all the time :)

    Well...Just a voice of a dreamer, yet to experience the Buzz..! :D

  2. I think it's just lame to express our undiluted and so called eternal love for our supposed soul-mate on just one day of the year. If we really are that caring it, we would care through out the year. What is the point if the sole purpose is just to cover up for 364 days of crap with an over paid uninteresting day ? :P
    Its more of a marketing strategy than a celebration..!!

  3. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.-Helen Keller
    And this precisely is what valentine's day helps us express. An expression of love. Valentine's Day pretty much offers us a unique opportunity to undertake a new perspective everytime on how we choose to celebrate love! For some the traditional approach with flowers, cards, and romance for their partner works beautifully. For others, a display of love towards children, parents, or friends can be equally rewarding. But in the midst of all the various means of displaying love to others, this day helps us remind how much we treasure our loved ones and how little we make them feel special for being in our lives! Atleast on valentine's day guys and girls make the effort to show a little love as you would want others to show you :)

  4. We would all luv it if we could celebrate our bdays 365 days in a year... but then thats 1 special day... i m not saying just luv a person on valentine's day ... but its nice when some people who aren't very expressive all the year round try and express their love for you on that special day... waiting for that 1 day is worth it .... ^_^

  5. well love doesn't need a day or a date. its an unconventional feeling to be felt n expressed for some one...or to look at a bigger picture to love everyone. so bringing in the concept of valentine's day into our culture would be like diluting the love for all. but since its inception this day is not really being accepted with much grace in our country so better not specify a day for love. if your feelings are true let they be the same every year,every week,every day,every hour,every minute, every second. let your love for your loved ones be unconventional every moment so dat every day becomes a valentine's day.. :) :)

  6. Some may argue that there's no point in expressing/exaggerating about love on a single day out of the whole year. Well, isn't it an equally ridiculous fact that we celebrate Independence day on just 1 day, when we're actually independent throughout the 365 days? The motto behind observing valentines is not what it's being generally thought about. Marking a day to celebrate love gives you a drive, a special little feeling to convey your feelings to the one you love. It's just to give a "push" to the people, who have always refrained from expressing love. So basically what i'm trying to say is, valentine's day has never been about doing on dates, sending romantic texts or posting too many "muahs" and "heart-shapes" on your girlfriend/boyfriend's facebook timeline! It has always been more about the introvert, and nerdy class of people to give them a philosophical boost so that they too can approach the ones they love

  7. Actually we needn't remember the exact date :P
    Such is the buzz surrounding Valentine's that repeated reminders come across us before a week(Teddy day,hug day etc.) and the social media is much to be blamed for it.

    Valentine's Day celebrates love. Forget what it celebrates, it simply gives us a reason to celebrate and be happy.
    One doesn't need to turn it into an overpaid day or give awesome gifts to prove true love. Moreover all don't possess money to be so vulnerable to strategic marketing attacks. :P

    It's just a day named differently,so we could take that in a positive sense and celebrate..take a break, eat something good, try out a movie or something exciting for ourselves..if we don't have soul-mates of course :P
    And if we have someone, we could just sit down for a nice chat or make it a bit different from the usual boring days!! :D

  8. Poor St. Valentine.... If not for the sake of "Love", at least for the sake of the old man who gave up his life trying to do some good for the world .... remember this day and remember the man and the legends related to him.... Poor man RIP.... :P

  9. Well I believe the take on the subject is ought to vary; but ignoring for a moment the acts of "show-off" of love and getting all mushy, it's a day we can take off just to feel happy, to soothe our senses! Most people work their asses out round the year and quite a many of those unlucky souls become inanimate towards the whole concept of being in love and using it as a source of happiness. May be this day can act as a reminder and make them look at relationships in a whole new way. On the contrary, there are also such people who yearn to meet their girlfriends or take out their wives on regular days, but sadly the plans just don't click! May be for them this day comes to rescue. We all know how crooked the bosses are, so isn't it more of a miracle that one can apply for a day's leave without having to write an essay for explanation! I know I included a lot of "mays", but I would love to be an optimist than being a sorry soul! There are a lot of perquisites associated with this day, you got to ensure you 're smart to pick the right ones.

  10. Celebrating Valentine's Day has no truck with a non-love period for the rest of the 364 days. Also, to the people believing it to be a marketting strategy..."Just dont buy anything" (or better scream to your purse, 'Your grounded !!!' :p ) Every festival has been targetted by the marketting honchos. The offers at electronics during Durga puja, the discounts on Diwali, etc, so if we let go of Valentie's day, will these destivals be next ??
    Should we cancel our celebrations one-by-one just because they are been targetted as stints of potential market boom by companies ?

    As for love, of course it should be throughout the year! However if couples want a special day for themselves, what's wrong with it ??

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