Thursday, 20 February 2014

And Meanwhile, CET is Buzzing...

By: Bakshree Mishra
[Suggestion: this post contains a lot of .gif images which may take a bit extra time to load. Please let them load; I assure you they'll add more colour to this article.]
With Xtasy 2K14 happening from tomorrow onwards, the SAC area of CET is the most happening place, and the place-to-be. After a whole year of academic and not-quite-academic pursuits, the college is geared up to celebrate. The air is buzzing, the atmosphere catching. And somehow everyone is getting captivated by this contagious energy swirling around.

Oh, what is Xtasy, you say? Na, it's not the drug. It ain't the club either (does it still exist btw?!).
Xtasy is College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar's annual Techno-Cultural Fest, and something to look forward to! Xtasy 2K14 promises to be a delight for fans of every genre - be it literary, technical, cultural, quizzards or budding entrepreneurs... as well as people looking for just fun! I suggest you take a peek at our fest website http://www.xtasy2k14.com/ for further details!

As for how we're gearing up, take a sneak peek with us regarding how it's affected us all!

Zairza - the technical club and hub of the college, is gearing up for Perception 2K14, and the swift and methodical way with which they approach their preparations is breath-taking.

Zairza Constructions #1
We're working not posing... Nope, nope!

The sheer energy threatens to sweep us all, and the adrenaline rush has made us all the more hyped up; caught in a vicious cycle of excitement and enjoyment... all of a sudden everyone has become workaholics and perfectionists.

Members of Cetadel are busy discussing as ever - every details about the events have to be narrowed down and specified to the letter; the passionate folks can't help but debate about the things to agree!

There is no Business like Money Business.

The Business Folks, the ECell guys, are an energetic bunch. They were spotted being concurrent with their upcoming plans.
No Comments...
The quizzards remain quizzical as ever, the secretive group ever ready to find more ways to set the brains whirring

The Kaarobaaris coolly composed and were seen taking a break after some heavy-duty planning sessions...

The planners are enthusiastic... and it's no wonder we expect heaps from our fest this time!
So come join us in Xtasy 2K14! The PenTastics are going to take a three day-hiatus as we observe, deduce and plain old enjoy... and you all are invited to jump in! We promise to bring you faithful and detailed reports about what went on, so you'll not miss anything at all.

So until then, adios!


And sometime somewhere in the SAC, some PenTastic people were trying to settle upon a perfect day for world domination...
Monday Monday... Friday Friday


  1. really nice.....it seems like sradha is saying point........as Bakshree di is pointing upwards

    1. More like we're pointing at different days written on the schedule-sheet :D

  2. Haha... This is a super interesting piece of article!!
    Completely captured the essence..!!

    And..I look cool here! ;) :P