Friday, 14 February 2014

And here's to Blogging!

By: Team PenTastic
Aloha, Hello, Namashkar!
We, the Pen-tastics, welcome you to the CET-Rising, the official blog of College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar. From news to the chat-pati gossips, from the latest events to the dug-out interesting facts, from all those people who shone out to the ones who spoke aloud, from all that was buzzing around to all that went unnoticed. We bring you anything and everything.
Who are the “Pen-Tastics” anyway?? Well, we’re just a group of ‘fantastic’ CETards, who have come forward and pledged to let not a single day of our dear CETizens go un-entertained. We aim to bind together every CETian - students, faculty members, alumni and also staff- by compiling a plethora of exciting information, news as well as interests from across and from behind the ‘green’ of CET. We write, know and Rise!
You can look forward to…

From the Newton-s amongst us to the Curie’s, from the Lata Mangeshkar’s to the A. R. Rehman’s, from the Mr. /Ms. Popular’s to those who walk in the crowd, from the strictest of the faculty members to the friendliest of them; We bring you their views, some of their secrets and maybe unearth a side we never knew!

Your FaCETs
This space is for anyone who has something to speak out. Be your opinions or your interests, be your anger or your appreciation, or be it anything random, just write it up and post it here. Show us your creativity, blow our minds! This is your own space – so get featured!

Counter It!
Get a view, have it countered… and then defend your ground! View and Counter-view any raging issue along with us Pen-Tastics, or any other CETard you find!

Get Random
Well because… duh… this is a blog! It is going to be spontaneous, and sometimes completely random. But always, always, fun!

Here you will find anything and everything that is running around in the campus- Events, activities, exhibitions, fests, placement news and what not. Be smart, stay informed!

Foodie Corner
The tastiest gup-chups to the most appealing cold coffee, we taste and we review! What are the must-haves in town? Join us as we hunt for better food-experiences!

Movie Reviews
We watch, we review. And if you get to it before we do… Why don’t you??!!

Book Reviews
One of the greatest pleasures of life is reading books… unless you fall into pitfalls of deceptive books that tempt you to run for the gates of hell -_-.

As you can see, these sections can be accessed through the menubar overhead but… hang on! Some of them have not yet started. And yes, we need YOU to help us out! Send us your article, posts, poems or a point of view, and see yourself featured here!
Mail us at: cetadelrising (at) gmail (dot) com.

We hope you'll come to see this blog as a home to return to, every evening. So watch out for some pretty awesome back to back posts!

Team Pen-Tastic :D

P.S. What do you think about the revamped blog?? Drop a comment! ;)

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