Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Xtasy Interviews #3: A Rendezvous with the Principal

By: Bakshree Mishra
Team PenTastic burst into the Principal's room, begging for an interview... and expecting to get kicked out any moment. But... with a generous smile and a twinkle in his eyes, we not only got a green signal from the Principal of CETB, Dr. Prof. S.P. Mohanty, but also insistence that the Chief Guests be interviewed first. And this is how the conversation went.

Picture Credits: Suraj Kumar Rout
Bakshree: Good evening sir! First of all we the students would like to thank you for the facilities you provided, especially the WiFi facility… it was a blessing to us all! So thank you again for all that!

Principal: [Smiles]

Bakshree: So, first of all as the principal of CET, what is your opinion about the students of CET?

Principal: I have never seen such disciplined students. They’re adjustive… they can adjust to any adverse situation. Never complaining… This is a rare quality of my students.

Bakshree: We have been having a lot of growth recently. CET is becoming a happening place right now. So how do you see CET after 5 years?

Principal: So maybe within 1-2 years I will see CET as a university, and after 5 years we’ll see a great change in CET.  Whatever facilities you require, you will get it. And there are many projects in the pipeline. We see that you are facing problems in the hostels- we don’t have adequate hostels. A second ladies hostel's construction will start within a month. A lab extension building will begin within a month. Then we’ll have Central Library, Auditorium. Everything is lined up, and we’re pressing the Government to release funds. And hopefully within 5 years you will see a great change in CET. I’m definitely proud that your CET is changing.

Bakshree: That’s great to hear sir. We also got to hear that CET is going autonomous…

Principal: Our board of Management, BPUT has already sanctioned it. Only we’re waiting for the approval of UGC. Hopefully in the next session, there maybe us going autonomous.

Bakshree: Well next question sir, what is your opinion regarding the preparations for Xtasy 2k14? What do you expect from the fest that we’ve prepared?

Principal: [smiles]So only after the finish the program that I can say! [laughs] whether you’ve prepared it in a casual or careful way, I can only say after you finish the event.

Bakshree: [laughs along] SO you DO have expectations and you are waiting to [gets cut off]

Principal: Of course I have! I always find great enthusiasm in the students. And I see you all organizing the events. Of course I can’t say that everything will go 100% error free… there may be minor errors. But they are manageable.

Bakshree: Lastly, words of advice for your students?

Principal: Advice… you should be very serious about your studies. As well as you have to develop extracurricular activities. WiFi facility is provided to you no doubt, but there is no meaning of spending the whole night over internet! [Smiles]. You must be serious about your studies – go for higher studies! Go for M.Tech programs, or prepare for CAT, go for management, or some civil service examinations. So… I want that my students should excel in different fields.

Bakshree: Thank you sir for your time! We intruded on you so suddenly and you agreed to spare us your time so… thank you once again!

Principal: [Smiles again] Thank you.

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