Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Xtasy 2k14 Interviews #2: A Chat with the Chief Speaker

By: Bakshree Mishra
A certain member of the Team PenTastic just happened to be with the Welcoming Team when the Chief Speaker for the opening night of Xtasy 2k14, Mr. Sandip Mishra, Senior Assistant Editor, The Times of India, arrived in CET, Bhubaneswar as the campus was buzzing and preparing for Harihar ... And she was aware of the huge irony when she asked him if he could agree to an interview! Mr. Sandip Mishra graciously granted my request, and this was the conversation that ensued.

Sandip:[laughing as he sits down in the interview seat] Usually I’m the one who’s doing the interviewing!

Bakshree:[feeling sheepish] Good evening sir… it’s an honor having you here!

Sandip:[smiles] Good evening..

Bakshree: So first of all, what’s your opinion about CET? When you hear about CET, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Sandip: CET is one of the most prestigious colleges in Odisha as far as technical education goes. Because I have grown up in Bhubaneswar, so CET is kind of a name that I would associate with a lot of my friends that have passed out from this college. I know a lot of teachers who have retired from here. So it’s a very known entity for me, I’m not an outsider.

Bakshree: What was your first impression when you entered the campus? Or have you visited here previously?

Sandip: I have not visited the new campus before. It shifted here in the middle of 2001. But I've been to the old campus...

Bakshree: In OUAT…

Sandip: [nods in agreement] Definitely I knew about the new campus, so... I was just talking to your Principal about the campus, its area and infrastructure… I hope and pray that it gets university status soon… You can get total faculty and better infrastructure then. Definitely grow and become one of the leading institutions.

Bakshree: Thank you sir! About my next question… you cover politics and policies, business (as it says online)… so what can we look forward to in your keynote speech tonight?

Sandip: [Laughs] I haven’t thought much about it, but I will definitely be… because it’s a technical education college and the audience would mostly comprise groups so… I will definitely present something pertinent.

Bakshree: Our College has a very active literary club called Cetadel that has been regularly conducting events, like the recently concluded CET Youth Parliament. We also have an ECell. Both these clubs have been really active this Xtasy. What would you like to say to these enterprising people?

Sandip: It is good to hear that. Along with academic pursuits, it is important that other aspects are given attention to.

Bakshree: So you believe that a wholesome development is important?

Sandip: Yes absolutely. One must have a wholesome growth.

Bakshree: One last question, sir. Any word of advice for our students?

Sandip: Well, work hard for your career. This is an important period in your lives.

Bakshree: Thank you so much sir for your time! [extends hand for a handshake] We hope you’ll have a great time here in Xtasy 2k14!

Sandip:[Shakes hands and smiles] Thank you.

Picture Credits: Suraj Kumar Rout