Saturday, 26 October 2013

The US spends more on education per student than any nation in the world.

By: Team PenTastic
The United States of America happens to be one among the few countries in the world that been named after an individual. The citizen is at the core of most American (domestic) policies. Protection of its citizenry and their interests has been a prime objective of the American constitution. Its people are not just literate but educated. There in lies the true power of America.
It didn't even budge when criticized for its acts be it invasion of sovereign entities or snooping on allies. America does what it has to do. On its lands it plays by the rules incarcerating more people than any other country.

Why is America so strong ? It's less than 300 years old.

What do I feel?
The US spends more on education per student than any nation in the world, Its manpower is better equipped, and able . Compare it with Indian situation :
A source close to Ecclestone said, "I had a meeting with the Delhi police commissioner the other day and he did not know much about F1. When I explained to him, he was amazed to hear the stature of the sport around the world."

(India doesn't know how to leverage its options, how can it?)
Rather than doling out freebies , if that amount in spent on education no MGNREGA will ever be needed in future . What the government has done is to teach people to live in whatever situation they are rather than rescuing them.

What do you have to say about this ?
Will you even say anything?

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