Tuesday, 6 August 2013


By: Team PenTastic

Darkness creeps in,
Through the shadowy recesses of the night,
Midnight closes in,
Lies in wait he, Stalking
his prey: The darkest cloak,
The sharpest scythe,gleaming
In the dark, Sparks sprouting,
A flash of silver in the stark emptiness.
The list in his mind grows, So
Does his longing; He craves
For his undying thirst, a soul.
Dread is his guise, Patience
his virtue;
The innocent to the aurora,
Paradise awaits, The fruits of bliss;
The wicked bound in chains,
A cold lullaby ensues, The unworthy
Recoil in horror, for they know,
Time draws near, Darkness,
Torment lie in wait.
For he is the master of thy fate,
The Grim Reaper.

Amitabh Dash
2nd Year Mechanical Engineering