Friday, 26 July 2013

DefeNd thY ChaRacTeR

By: Team PenTastic
CETADEL is back folks and wE are back with a bAnG! Its time you put your thinking caps back on again!

Ever been a comic junkie? Spent more time with AniMEs,mAnGas,CoMics than slugging it out with your study books?
Been obsessed with your favorite SupErHerO?

Then CetAdEL is the place to be as we hold a riproaring discussion on the characters you so AdoRe! Welcome aboard mates
as CETADEL proudly presents to you," DEFEND THY CHARACTER".

Love BatMan? Tell us why you do so. Ever had a wish to sport AdaManTiuM claws like WolVeRiNe? Or crawl on buildings like SPidErMan? Then there's just one place to be this TuEsDaY!

Swords are drawn..The BattleField is Ready! Join us for a high Octane DiScusSioN as sparks fly and Your favorite SupErHeRoeS are put under the hammer..

1. Characters should be FICTIONAL. We will not NOT entertain any discussion on REAL LIFE characters.
2. Characters shall be alloted based on your choice.Its FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. So Hurry Up!
3. Comment on the link below with the name of the character you want to defend.

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May the FORCE be with you!

Amitabh Dash
2nd Year
Mechanical Engineering

1 comment:

  1. I would like to defend Dante of Devil May Cry 5.