Sunday, 28 July 2013


By: Team PenTastic

The meeting, dated on 27th July 2013, was the sixth get together in current session. Most of the time, the discussion revolved around upcoming events, identity card for the members and the blogs in general. In short, it was full of innovative ideas and plans. Most importantly the gathering followed the basic principles of executing a job:
       ~~> Before taking raw data into account, let your brains do some work-out.
       ~~> Plan a stable and organised way to meet the goals, derived from raw data and ideas.
        ~~> Execute the plan ,put in efforts.

Many suggestions were taken regarding upcoming events which included Pictionary, Hilarious Endings ,Adspoofs. Besides them, the events that came up were debates on elections, theme events (as in Independence Day), t-Shirt designing, photography, wall painting, article writing, bingo quiz. The details on each events will be updated before 3 days of the scheduled date for that event. I assure you that the events worth wait.

In Think Tank, we are going to have speeches on "Be Modi and speak out your idea". A white paper of the event will also be published in the blog. The white paper of previous think tank session will be soon out. Bringing NGOs and sponsorship (like from Made Easy) to assist us was highlighted by many . The vision of creating cartoons integrating a comic story and publishing them on our magazine or blog was eye-catchy. The promotion of CETADEL should be carried out from the very first day(the first day of this year's freshers). So, we planned to have an interaction with freshers. Going from classroom-to classroom as well as to their hostels were the ways that got mention.

Our blogs, The Rising and Reflection CET, will now be regularly updated . Do visit the blog regularly, to keep yourselves updated of the latest developments. (Keep others updated too). If you like anything about an event or a meeting, do not forget to post a comment before leaving. Reflection CET is in need of writers. Everyone present at that moment were asked to contribute articles, not copied from anywhere.

Mousam Pradhan
The Reporter
CETADEL, Bhubaneswar

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