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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Science vs Religion

By: Team PenTastic
Written by Bedopam Roy

Ever since the dawn of civilization, there has been much debate on the worth and dignity of science and religion. The intellectuals, philosophers, thinkers are divided even today on the conflicting beliefs in the matter of supremacy of one over the other.

With the rapid progress made by science and technology in the recent past, the conflict between the two widens further. Science, on the one hand, concludes the theories on the basis of experiments and analytical logic,while religious theories are based on experience,meditation and blind faith. Science deals with the things objectively,while religion is a subjective matter. In the present age of rapid growth in scientific advancements in all walks of life, the further history will depend on the way of living of the new generation to reconcile the conflict between Science and Religion

    Science always tells the truth in crude language and in absolute terms while religion speaks in poetic and touching sentiments. Science has the credit of all the material progress made in the world,religion enjoys the credit of providing mental peace and solace in the world where every one is mortal. Through science one can gather uncountable wealth, unimaginable luxuries,all material and physical things,that he needs to make him more efficient, more quick, more important in the eyes of others,but the mental solace,the self-respect he can secure only through the religion.

Many great scientists, scholars,political leaders, writers have given credit of their achievement to the Almighty,a super natural being,it shows that religion is not an unimportant concept to throw away. There is no weightage for moral and ethical values in the materialistic world created by scientific inventions and discoveries,but without moral and ethical values world becomes a self destructive entity. By pushing a button of nuclear warhead the whole world or the whole civilization may face destruction. Science is not going to tell us the consequence of the act of pushing a button but it is the moral values imbibed in a man because of his faith in a religion which prevent him to push such a button as it can destroy the beautiful creation of the living being created by the will of the Almighty.


Science has been able to cure several incurable diseases but unable to conquer the inevitable death. Science can not tell us the reason and cause of rebirth of the soul. Science cannot solve many mysteries of the world . Religion gives us the answers of the above questions,but that are unable to be proved,as in religion,the things are based on faith and belief and can't be justified and proved in a scientific way.

"Science and religion are two windows that people look through, trying to understand the big universe outside, trying to understand why we are here. The two windows give different views, but both look out at the same universe. Both views are one-sided, neither is complete. Both leave out essential features of the real world. And both are worthy of respect."
( Physicist Freeman Dyson)

Friday, 8 July 2016

Find Thy Buddha!

By: Anshuman Ray
Written By: Durga Prasad Adhikary

"Don't bow your head in front of me, I am not BUDDHA. You should bow your head only in front of a BUDDHA ", He said while lazily rising from his seat.
That day,I sat thinking about BUDDHA. Was he only a religious figure or someone who symbolises any deep spiritual meaning. Till that day Buddha for me was Gautama Buddha, the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu whom Shri  Jayadeva described beautifully in Gita Govinda (under Dasavatar Stotra) as :

"nindasi yajna-vidher ahaha sruti-jatam
sadaya-hridaya darsita-pasu-ghatam
kesava dhrita-buddha-sarira jaya jagadisa hare" 

which meant O Lord of the universe who have assumed the form of Buddha!
O Buddha of compassionate heart, you decry the slaughtering of poor animals performed according to the rules of Vedic sacrifice. That day Something forced me to delve deep within, so deep such that the soul will dissolute in the deep ocean of knowledge and tranquility. There was a intense urge to taste the utmost reality of life. The restless mind could no more had enough patience to delay this quest any further.

I searched dictionary extensively for the meaning of word " BUDDHA". The dictionary vehemently replied me, " One who has achieved a state of perfect enlightenment ". The word Enlightenment again entangled my mind. I again searched for the meaning of the word Enlightenment. This time I got the reply as ,"The beatitude that transcends the cycle of reincarnation characterized by extinction of desire, suffering and individual consciousness"

Enlightenment itself is all about being perfect and yet I could not find the reason of using the word perfect with enlightenment in the meaning of word Buddha. Later I inquired him about what I can do to reach that point , which once hit will make me realize the reality of being a mortal. I asked him directly, " What can I do to become a BUDDHA?"
He replied gracefully, "Be aware of everything that you do, you see, you hear, you perceive and never ever judge them. Just be sure that every action and inaction of yours brings you nearer to yourself, your inner self that dwells in the infinity"

Buddha meant the ones who know completely who they are, who knew their purpose in life, who knew the depth of their existence, who have mastered the five elements of life, for whom there is no differentiation of desires and sufferings, who can choose the moment where to cease his life peacefully without harming the body in any means ( The conscious act of dying through the process of getting into samadhi) , who have every emotion under their control and many more. Being Buddha is act of attaining perfection even though you are perfect in every possible aspect.

That day the whole perception about the word BUDDHA changed , there exists no single buddha but a string of BUDDHAS throughout this millennium who are all aware of themselves, their existence and their purpose, The first being Gautama who showed mankind the way to reach the infinity with this mortal body. The path of being the way who you are is always incontrovertible but the ways to deal with them brings a lot of confusion.
The ideology of defining oneself above the other brings about the difference in mindsets and thought of the people. To see one the way it is , is the way to reach heights unexplored by others. To see oneness in all requires great deal of clarity and determination in a being. One should fully be aware of the fact that he or she is a speck of dust in this vast globe and  to know the nature of his/her life would be it's greatest achievement .

Daily conflicts has limited the natural capabilities of the human soul. The conflicts that exists inherently within the soul, which decides the nature of things, which decides the nature of living, which decides the way to evade sufferings and enjoy bliss tends to make the path of life more clear and more organized. But they also bring with them a obliteration in the profoundness of the eternal soul. That is the reason why the ancient scriptures have addressed the true characteristic of soul as " Nirdwandam" or " Dwandarahitam" i.e. which is beyond any doubts and conflicts.

The knowledge of inner self makes one clear of the objective of life. The whole system, the whole cosmos with all its vitality has supported this life to nurture,to blossom so that one can experience the true exuberance of this life once he/she realizes the very basis of his creation, the very basis of its existence and survival.

Emotions like Love, Anger, Affection ,hatred are irrepressible qualities of human soul till the point one realises the value of its existence. These feelings do share the same plot and are the indicators of level of maturity of a being. Going beyond and further beyond,one realizes that the nature of all these emotions are quite alike and are manifestations of that one eternal soul. Meditating on inner self leads to knowledge and jubilation.

It is the time for the change. The change that will fix a appointment of "YOU " with " YOU" , that will bring about a change in status quo, that will bring a halo in ones personality . Passion, dedication and determination can bring about any change in the equations of life but they should aim at making it more peaceful, blissful and ecstatic.

My sincere thanks to all the Teachers, gurus and every being in this vast sphere of Joy and Pain & beyond.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Eerie Complacency

By: Team PenTastic
Written by: Shimona Elora

In those sleepless nights, when the mind wanders into the depths of the deepest thoughts, I lay fully awake on my bed with a sense of qualm. A sense of doubt, fear – of the known and unknown. For me known was the fact that I loved my mother, with the unknown being a question so mortifying – What will I do without her ?

Every once in a while, there comes a time where we take awfully less notice of our parents. We get so wrapped up in our own lives, that their's seem to be so insignificant that their potential problems just become another mere source of their cribbing. "Cribbing" - literally, all their problems have reduced to just that one word. As of my mother, she has this particular problem these days. She keeps on repeating the things she says. It is quite annoying sometimes, it really is for us, the fast moving generation. But that one day, while I lay on my bed, it struck me hard, like a fast moving bus. With the time that I was growing, with every second that passed, she was growing too. Yes, growing old - seems like a nightmare, doesn't it?

It was so hard now, not to notice those all so relevant reasons that led to the conclusion of the same. My mind started constantly playing those facts, as if from a well formed, organized motion movie – that had this rising plot, that would end up on a very sad note. Those days when she would complain of those joint aches, soon made me realize that they weren't a part of "cribbing" after all. Her shrivelling body seemed more prominent now – screaming in muted tones, of her increasing age. All the care, all the love came rushing back to me, making my eyes well up with tears. Her figure now resembled more of my grandmother, her behaviour was sometimes calmer than the weather before a storm, and sometimes so frivolous and changing just as if of a small kid, with every changing desires.

Nothing could really lessen my fears. It was as if she was a ticking clock, nearing her end. And the thought that I will be there to see it horrified me the most. All those days when I came rushing to her, when I needed arms to embrace me while I cried; all those times when she understood me and loved me no matter what; all those times when she cared for me more than she cared for herself; all those times, yes, all those times will be what I would have left of her. Time and age wait for none, and so shall they never make an exception for me, or for you, or for her. And on that note, I closed my eyes with an eerie complacency of the unknown – If not now, if not in this life, I will meet her again in the next.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Best Non IIMs

By: Jessica Mohapatra

Hello Everyone,I am an Alumni of 2015 batch and erstwhile member of CET Rising ,I have always felt that the coaching centres in Bhubaneswar are no doubt studded with good faculty(maybe) but they do not really give a lot of knowledge about life beyond IIMs, even as a college student I had faced the same dilemma of little knowledge about the various other colleges apart from IIMs so here I am sharing bits and pieces of the research work that I had done while doing a job in Kolkata and am hopeful(I really do hope) that it will help some other confused soul like me ,that there are definitely colleges beyond IIMs that are if not better but at par with some of the IIMs,be sure to apply for some of them as per your interest , here they are:

1.This is solely my research and observation, and has no intention to hurt anyone(living or dead)
2.Since I am interested in marketing you can find several references to marketing
3.This list is not rank wise or categorized in any way,the listing is random,  as that depends on your interest and preference.)

And General management is 2nd year you get to choose your specialisation.

FMS(Delhi): FMS is undoubtedly one of the best institutes in the country that comes directly after or sometimes even at par with IIM A,B,C (though the rankings can vary),it is one of the best in general management and also marketing with the only disadvantage being that it does not have a hostel but that does not take anything away from this college as it has an amazing ROI(Return on Investment :that is less fess but higher placements), FMS offers an MBA degree(not PGDM) and (beware) you need an extremely high percentile to even get a call for this college.

Bidusmita Sahoo,FMS passout ,CET batch of 2013

XLRI(Jamshedpur): This is the college that is a dream college for many.The college that is the best in India for it’s HRM (human resource program) but not many know that BM(business management )here is excellent too. Though the business management programme has been going strong for four decades, even today many perceive the HR programme to be XLRI’s forte. XLRI has an excellent campus life too.

Little Jena,XLRI 1st yr CET 2016

TISS(Mumbai): A contemporary of XLRI in the field of HR,the TISS HRM(Mumbai) program is also considered the best in the country by many as there is 2years of HR studies only and also a total of five internships (usually it is one)that makes you an expert the moment you step out of college.The disadvantage is 1st year there is no hostel facilities but the advantage outweighs the disadvantages : it has less fees(only close to 4L) and batch strength is less (close to 60)and an excellent ROI .


ISB Hyderabad:This is a premier college that takes solely through GMAT but for this college you need atleast 2 years of work experience This college makes you a master of business in a global scenario. 

IIT Bombay:(Surprise!!)This college is a haven(heaven too) for Engineers as it is a college that makes it compulsory for you to have a 4year degree(as opposed to 3yr criterion),This college has a very high cutoff which makes it very difficult to get through,Many FMCD companies (like engineering companies)visit this campus for placements.You get the IIT tag too and a good ROI.


NITIE(Mumbai):Want to do Supply chain management and operations,then don’t think beyond NITIE as it is the best for this,Good news is there is no engineer vs non engineer discrimination (as there are only engineers here ).This also requires a very high cutoff and is a premier college.

Ashiya Bhuyan,NITIE 1st yr,CET 2016

MDI(Gurgaon): MDI was the first Indian Business School and second in Asia to be accredited by AMBA (Association of MBAs London). Well organized exchange programmes ensure that regular PGP students get an opportunity to spend a term abroad. Excellent for general management. An equal number of international students from as many as 48 B-Schools spend a term in MDI. This makes the experience at MDI truly international.

Exam :CAT

SP JAIN(Mumbai):One of the best for general management and what makes it tougher for some and easier for others at the same time is that it is profile and percentile based ,profile takes into account your X,XII,CGPA,extra curriculars,work ex etc.


IIFT(Delhi):One of the best in the field of International Business. Needless to say, there is no institute beyond IIFT when it comes to curriculum in foreign trade which apart from regular domains like finance, marketing, strategy, operations and systems provides an additional domain to specialize in. Delhi and Kolkata have common placements.

Exam:IIFT exam

MICA(Ahmedabad):It is the present Mecca of  marketing where you are taught marketing for 2 years(if marketing is your interest,this is the place to be),it gives you excellent profiles in marketing management from the very starting.It is the the best for strategic marketing ,communication,advertising and media management in all over India.It focuses on creative aspects of marketing too and storytelling to make the product history really interesting for the consumer.

Shraddha Singhania,MICA 2nd yr ,CET 2012

IIT Delhi: It is very difficult to get through and has location advantage. It also has a lot of FMCD companies visiting during placements ,this too gives preferences to engineers and also the coveted IIT tag.It is good for general management.


JBIMS(Mumbai):It is very good for finance and has a location advantage but the disadvantage is heavy maharasthra quota that leaves very few seats for everyone else.It had an unrealistic percentile for the others this time .

Exam:CAT/Mah CET

NMIMS(Mumbai):It is also one of the best for general management especially Finance but it has a huge batch strength and no in-campus  hostel facilities that can sometimes be a disadvantage otherwise it is excellent as an Institute.


SIBM(Pune):An old and reputed institute,better at marketing but mostly offers sales in FMCG and FMCD sectors.It has an excellent campus life with very good infrastructure.They offer MBA not PGDM.


SCMHRD(Pune):The 3rd best for HR in the country (after XL and TISS),even in marketing(mostly sales)it is doing well now though SIBM is better with FMCG companies,It has a Strategic location and is growing fast ,They offer an MBA.(PS:Sona Mohapatra was also an alumni here)

Anirban Pati,SCMHRD 1st yr,CET 2016

XIMB(Bhubaneswar):No introductions required ..after all XIMB is XIMB.It is one of the only colleges that allows you to take a major and minor,The faculty is unmatched for, slightly locational disadvantage but remember Bhubaneswar is now a smart city and is growing quick, marketing is mostly sales and tech consulting,quite good for finance, overall an excellent college be it BM or HR.
Has a good brand name too.XIMB offers an MBA degree.
Priyambada Chowdhury,XIMB passout,CET2014
Soumya Prakash Swain,XIMB 2nd yr,CET 2015

        (PS XIMB hamara personal favourite hai afterall!!)                                                      

IIT Kharagpur: This also has many FMCD companies for placements ,has the IIT brand value, good for general management and prefers engineers.


IMT Ghaziabad:One of the oldest institute but still is reputed, though it requires a lower CAT percentile is still excellent,It is still very good for marketing but  the  huge batch strength becomes a problem.It offers general management.


IRMA(Anand,Gujarat):The best for rural management as a heavy percentage of India still resides in Rural heartlands ,the rural handicrafts need to be promoted ,retail management introduced too,It is very promising and is set up by Amul founders .


I would like to thank all my lovely seniors,batch-mates and juniors for giving me their  photos even out of their busy schedules and for helping me complete this article,there are many other brilliant students from CET in these institutions but I might have missed out on them only because of shortage of time  or even my lack of awareness(Sorry about that it was purely non intentional).The pictures are there only to make you aware that we have alumni in these prestigious colleges too. The purpose of this article was just to educate and not compare the B schools in anyway.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Worth of Every Breath

By: Team PenTastic
Written by: Lagnajita Dash

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching”
                                                                            ~Morgan Freeman from The Bucket List

Today we live in a strenuous and overwhelming cycle called ‘Life’. It goes on and we flow right with it. Today its assignments, tomorrow semester, the next a job and with it transpires long labourious hours of work. And before we can take a breather, BOOM! Marriage, children and tonnes of responsibilities. Amidst all the hustles and bustles of life, we often forget that we have a life to live, a life that is so short and transient. We cloud our life with so much anxiety and worries up to the point that we even begin to worry about worrying. Once you are stuck in this cycle, it’s very difficult to get out.

One of the many things that we let fog our happiness is Money. Money is the cause and solution to life’s most unnecessary problems. We need bread-there’s no denying that-we just don’t need to allow cheddar to be the source of undue stress. Instead of worrying about source of money, we should focus on the things that make us happy, otherwise we end up in a career that we hate. As they say “Money can’t buy happiness”

Another thing that we shouldn’t let get into our life and become a burden is our Past. The past is important to learn from but the only way we let it distract us from our goals is if we let it. Don’t let the past define your future.

Work is a silly thing to get uptight about. Nobody’s job is without any stress, there’s always something going on in our workplace. So the best we can do is enjoy what we do and the lesser we worry about the work, the faster it goes by.

We often get worked up with what other people are doing and constantly compare ourselves with them. Well...Quit trying to make someone’s life your own and walk your own path and inspire others.

Mistakes should never hold us back and be the source of frustration and stress. Remember what Thomas Edison said about ‘mistakes being the key to innovation’ and make the mistakes a climbing stone to your success.

And never ever make the dumb mistake of worrying and stressing about something that’s completely out of your control. I hate politicians playing the blame game on serious issues like rape, domestic violence etc., but I can’t do anything about it now. The easiest way to reduce stress is taking on the mantra that “This too shall pass” and instead focusing on the things that we can really control of and bring about a change.

Last but not the least, every decision we make, every carefree action we indulge in, we can always count on our cynical society to point their inept fingers at us, judge every step we take and try their best to bring us down. There are haters at every corner. If not haters, most of us worry incessantly how others are going to react to anything we do. The unhappiest people in this world, are those who care the most about what other people think. And if we are going to stop and stress every time someone doesn’t likes our actions, we aren’t going achieve anything. And speaking of haters, hater’s gonna hate and bitches gonna bitch. Stopping at their whims is absolute stupidity.

Essentially the point I want to bring out is, every second we spend dwelling on the downs and negativities in our life, is every second lost in being truly happy. Yes, there comes many situations where we should be worried and struggle to deal with it, but that’s only when life and situations force us to. All the other times where we bring up and create problems on our own, like all the things I mentioned above, and stressing over those makes us lose the time we are never getting back. Our life is on a ticking time bomb. Every single second counts. Be crazy, be stupid, be silly, be weird, life is too short to be anything but HAPPY. Worrying constantly doesn’t take away tomorrow’s problems, it takes away today’s peace. It is necessary that we let some things go, simply for the reason that they are too heavy. Tie no weights to your ankle. Appreciate even the smallest happiness that comes your way. Have fun, fall in love, regret nothing and don’t let other people bring you down. Most importantly, make a freaking Bucket List and swear your life by it.

“Life is too short to wake up with regrets. Love the ones who treat you right, forget about the ones who don’t. Believe everything that happens, happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would most likely be WORTH IT”