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Sunday, 23 October 2016


By: Team PenTastic
Written By- Pratyasha Ray

People are distrusted, they leave as soon
As the light goes out, and you lie down
on your soft bed
with these heavy thoughts in your little head.

No matter what,
you are left alone to struggle with your demons.
I wish Moonlight could heal,
I would have lied down on my roof counting the stars,
for these open Wounds refuse to mend,
and my first instinct is to destroy and sweep away
all the remnants of the storm.

You left, I held on, my mistake.
I learned to walk away and never came back.
Toughest lesson, because when a bird learns to Fly,
it never walks back.

I am free spirit, I must die,
for my death would bring something new to this world,
and there would be one less lonely Girl.

I cannot replace the scent of your T-shirt in my head,
and my desire to plunge into the Creases of its warmth,
yet you refuse to give me a chance to keep it alive.
I am a firefly, and I keep burning in the incandescent light of my own Torrent.

But before long, I would have waned from your sight,
and then you would want me.
Footprints on the sand are fleeting,
and we Built castles we could never inhabit.
No matter how much you don’t want me,
I’ll keep craving.

It’s too late, to catch me now. I am long gone.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Bizarre Questions asked to a CETian!!!

By: Team PenTastic

[Written By: Bedopam Roy, Yogesh Kumar and M. Soundarya]

Every CETian must have gone ( and still goes) through a bizarre and weird phase of being bombarded with questions which seem to have come out from the blue, just at the time of taking admission in CET. So these were the responses that we got from CETians themselves......

1   1.  Dinesh Dora, 2nd year (Electrical Engg.) : "Uniforms In College??"

     The most bizarre question asked to me was “do you have uniforms in CET? ”; since most of the private colleges have. I quite firmly replied that CET has got no such dress code but you need to be decent. First years have to wear formals and that’s it !

Bhai Au Kete Barsa Uniform Pindhiba

2.    Risha Agarwal, 3rd year (Mechanical Engg,): "The CET Jungle Book"

I was literally flooded with numerous bizarre questions like “Is CET a full-fledged anti-ragging college, how is the food in the canteen ? And what is the speed of college Wi-Fi?”. But weirdest ones were “Why is CET in a jungle? And why do you have such comical get-up on your freshers?” 

Even Bhubaneswar was a Jungle Once :P

3. Suramya Mishra, 4th year (Textile Engg.): " CET? State Govt. College,is it? "

When I took admission in CET some people around me interpreted "CET " as some sort of “City College”  even till now people ask me where is CET ; inspite of  CET being a prominent institution of the state. Another question occurred to me was whether the dispensary near CET main gate was functional or not…  Later on I came to know that a doctor does visit the dispensary on Monday,Thursday and Friday…..to which many of us have no knowledge.

Hell yeah..It is..Improve your knowledge about Engineering Colleges

4. Neha Pandey, 3rd year(F&AT): "CET- What's In a Name?"

When I said about getting admission in CET, people asked me whether it is CET Mumbai, which made me ROFL.Also I was asked about the boy whom I liked in college and about hostel.Well, our college has insufficient accommodation for girls which made me live in a private hostel….huhh!!!

Where Do you study?IITWhere? Kharagpur, Kanpur, Raipur???Happens all the time :P

5. Akshaya Kumar Tripathy, 3rd year(IT): "Hmmm...Dil Chura Liya"

Most bizarre  question, hmm… I was asked many…like which girl stole my heart on the very first day of college.To which at that moment,I had no answer. I was also asked about my first day at CET and the list goes on….

 6.   Sagufa Azeez, 4th year (I&E Engg.): " Seriously Why CET??

The very first question was “Why CET?”.Obviously it was on the the basis of merit list and the choices I had filled .Also I was asked about the whereabouts of CET….its infrastructure placements,etc

Because it's a damn good College!!

7.Rituraj Mohanty, 3rd year(CSE):  18+ Content Ahead

Yes ,definitely I was asked many bizarre questions “who evaluates your paper, CET teachers or BPUT?”.BPUT obviously but teachers do play pivotal role ;) ,seniors asked “How to increase concentration during exams” (for boys particularly), I replied Horlicks, but their answer was weed!!! (a burst of laughter followed…). It was like fog nahin weed chal raha hai… ;)

That's definitely the way to flunk your exams

8. Samir Satapathy, 4th year(Textile Engg.): "Autowale se hum pareshan"

The most bizarre question put to me was by an autowallah!!. “when I hired an auto from railway station to take me to CET,he rather took me to Acharya vihar towards KIIT instead of Khandagiri. After charging extra he took me to CET. He could not understand whether it is ‘C’ or ‘K’,too embarrassing”. Another confusion also occurs between CET and other similar sounding names like CEB,etc.

9. Siddhant Das, 3rd year (IT): "When will CET get University Status?"

Yes ,I remember a question asked by my seniors,if I had any girl friend before taking admission.That was quite funny….LOL!! My neighbour also asked me a bizarre question:-“Is CET still under BPUT ? , when will it get university status?” .I had no idea what to answer.Some questions are better if unanswered….. 

Work In Progress!!!!

10. Amruta Kar, 2nd year(F&AT): "Confusion over F&AT "

One weird question I remember was “Does CET offer agricultural courses?”….LOL. CET is a technical college ,from where does agriculture come !! Another one was “what is fashion and apparel technology,is it fashion designing or is it a B.Tech degree”. It was totally a lame,stupid and bizarre question. Technology advanced but people still remain grounded. 

You Find Ignorant People every Now and Then

11. Piyus Sravan Tripathy, 4th year (CSE) : "CET comes under OUAT right? Why did u choose Agriculture over Engineering?"

Piyush Sravan at a complete loss of words.

And here i thought i was pursuing computer science from one of the most prestigious colleges of the state. I just smiled at that person and nodded my head. There is a gross lack of basic awareness among people about what CET offers.

12. Sobhan Acharya, 4th year, IT : Why did U join CET when there are other private institutions offering better opportunities?

Apparently the CET legacy and achievements haven't reached the people of our own state. CET has produced CEOs and IAS officers who are renouned for their talent and skills. CET has been quietly scripting success stories while sycophants have been busy flattering other institutions. It's time to make our presence felt.

13. Hari Prasad Swain, 4th year, IT: "What is CET?"  

And it was asked by a person standing at NAKAGATE. 

Are u freaking kidding me!?

These were some of the Bizarre questions asked to CETians. If u have encountered any other question do comment below. In any case, if u are wondering how we would react : 



Friday, 14 October 2016

A physic-mental journey

By: Team PenTastic

 Finally I was travelling back to my home. Away from the rush and struggle of college and exams! This was in itself a relieving hope making my mental nerves jump! I was almost boiled in a short journey from my hostel to the station. Reaching station before time offers you two things: a desired window seat and a lot of time to get boiled once again! It was seriously a very dreary afternoon. When you would be dying for cool breeze, you will feel hot gush of gases everywhere. When you would be fantasizing yourself taking a dip in that village’s chilled lake, you suddenly realize that “oh! I have already bathed in my stinky sweat”. I just waited and waited and waited only for the train to start but perhaps I arrived too early for the train master to show pity on me! 

After an hour or so, the train started to rattle and move at around 3:25 pm. Sigh of relief! For me, it was a transition from a blast furnace to the outer world. As the dry fields passed by, I kept observing the same scenes, more correctly, disappointing scenes of broken, fragile hutments, dead and dry moors, dust-covered bushes and care-demanding senile trees. I was candidly missing those lush green array of fields or at least patches of them. But I knew I am going nearer and nearer to a destination wherein I will attain absolute peace at least for few minutes. And there! It came. The largest lagoon of India and second largest in the world was slowly taking shape. Yes, you all guessed it right- CHILIKA !

Indescribable & inadmissible it was! My eyes gazed persistently at the view. The water droplets were scintillating under the sunshine! The sudden gush of cool, solacing breeze gave the signal. In few seconds, its vast view filled my heart with sheer ebullience! I wanted to cry out. It enthralled me, the sun kissed water (it was still not dark), the small islands, the old fishing rods; everything was exactly like a nature-loving painter’s sketch and I was staring like an obliged witness wondering about the Creator’s excellence!

 It seemed like the high-headed sky was bent over the brackish lake having forgotten its entire ego only to smell the freshness of water pearls, only to capture the sight of verdant green lawns of the mini-islands so that it can reconcile with it later! The snow white sky and the silver shining drops have become one; this time the horizon could not make them apart! It seemed like the water stretches forever and forever endlessly. It felt like the drops had special grace implanted in them. It sounded like the droplets giggled indicating to stop by it and rest in its lap. But I knew I cannot; I have been physically destined elsewhere albeit I was mentally uplifted to another world of my dreams. I had to move on, arresting each prospect of this graceful lagoon in my eyes. As I reached home, as the night fell, as I lay on my fluffy bed, I closed my eyes to behold those vistas which gave me tranquility in the most harmonious manner.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Call Of Justice : Raise your voice!

By: Team PenTastic
Do sign the petition below and be a part of the revolution of the youth, for the youth, by the youth.


How often have you cribbed about injustice being doled out to you and you standing there helpless, unable to get your point through. If life offers you an opportunity to rally in favour of justice for the sake of a well-meaning innocent soul, wouldn't you make the most of it? Luckily, now is the time.

Narges Ashtari is a name that might or might not be familiar to you. To those who are introduced to this name for the first time, she is an Iranian running her foundation Prishan in Rayagada, Odisha championing the cause of underprivileged kids for the last six years.

As it turns, you do not really reap as you sow.

Another NGO ASSIST which had been working alongside Narges' foundations was exposed by her to have been extorting money from the residents on false premises. On account of a petition circulated by Narges, they had been denied bail several times over two years. But ever since their lawyers managed the issue of a bail in their favour by the State High Court, they have been making life hell for Ashtari by deluding people and blinding them with the lust for money.

An incident dates back to 2014 where Narges along with a tribal couple and their kids had taken a bunch of kids for a picnic by the riverside. The elder kid of the couple was swept away by the current, never to be found again. Though, the parents had filed a missing report then, the founders of ASSIST have twisted the tale before the naive parents in such a way that they now hold Narges responsible for the death of their kid and hence, have pressed manslaughter charges against her in the hope of extorting lucrative compensation with regard to the loss.

For quite a while now, Narges has been the constant butt of abuses, both physical and verbal.

Her very intention of coming to Rayagada for the sake of improving the welfare of the kids is now being questioned. All because of the distorted influence ASSIST has had on the residents and the local authorities in charge.

This petition is a virtual rally in her favour, against the manslaughter charges she is facing currently because Justice is our ultimate call.

Do your Bit. Be the change.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp ‘16 @ CET, Bhubaneswar

By: Team PenTastic

Written By:  Shirin Sonali

Within the overflowing swarm of engineers and doctors, an entrepreneur definitely comes out on top. The excitement and inspiration to hold the reins of your own life is what makes them different from the crowd. Keeping in accordance with these promises, Entrepreneurship Development Cell in collaboration with EDII, Ahmedabad organised the Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp 2016 at C.E.T., Bhubaneswar.

After an overwhelming success with the First Edition of this Camp last year in September, 2015, which managed to attract hundreds of participants from our own college, EAC was back with a bang. Last year there were many well-known, renowned and successful speakers with us who provided us with a glimpse into their inspirational lives, sharing with us the stories which made them what they are today.
This year, they managed to attract even a larger crowd, with many successful entrepreneurs joining us for the two day event.

DAY - 1.

With an overwhelming response of around 200 registrations, on the first day of this event we witnessed a large crowd anxious and eager to lap up all the knowledge the speakers were going to pour. We had Mr. C.R. Patnaik, the Nodal Head-EDII, Odisha, for the inaugural session of the event. He spoke to us about the concept of entrepreneurship and the vast historical background on it. Then we had Mr. Dibyasingh Mishra, GM, DIC, who spoke on numerous start-up policies which exist for the benefits of budding entrepreneurs and start-ups. 

For the third session we had successful entrepreneur and mentor Mr. Sanjaya Mohanty, Founder of May I Find, who educated the participants about Small Scale Industry (SSI) units, and how to start it. He also told us about the technology assistance from R&D and Institutions that will be and are provided to various start-ups.

For the last session of the opening day, we had Mr. Sandeep Mishra, Founder of Bigcart, who spoke on the technical and commercial aspects of SSI and the long term benefits of a SSI start-up.

All the esteemed speakers were commemorated by our principal Mr. P.K. Patra and faculty members who presented them with mementos as a token of appreciation for gracing the event.

DAY – 2.

For the first session of the final day, we had Mr. S.K. Rath, Asst. Director of MSME-DI, who enlightened us with the financial aspects of SSI unit, and various schemes of assistance and support that MSME is ready to provide anyone with a sound business plan for a start-up.  

Then we had Mr. Abhishek Khemka, who is an alumnus of our college and has successfully co-founded Eventskart and Temple Thali. He spoke on the Identification of Business Opportunities and gave us an insightful presentation on it. He told us that the path to entrepreneurship might be risky, but it is definitely worth the risk.

For the last session of the event, we had Mr. Sakya Singh Mohapatra, who has successfully founded Sakrobotix Lab, who shared with us his knowledge on creativity and business communication skills required for business. He said that the one thing every person with an idea or a business plan says is that they are waiting for investment to begin their endeavours. But they don’t realize that once you start and hit it off, you’ll automatically get investments.

After the guest lectures and sessions were presented with mementos by ED-Cell’s PIC Mr. P.K. Parida, there was a factory visit to Odisha Transformers Private Limited (OTPL), in the Mancheswar Industrial Estate.

It was an exciting field trip where the participants were explained about the various mechanisms involving transformers. They were told how it works, about the types of transformers, and how they are adjusted or modified in order to supply the correct voltage. The participants got to witness firsthand the making of transformer wires and coils.
Having always been acquainted with the theoretical part of studies, getting to know about the practical aspects was definitely a welcomed change. After an hour and half in the factory, the participants acknowledged that the trip was more than worth it.

The two day event proved to be a fruitful one. One could see the enthusiasm in the young minds, as was evident from the fervour with which they sapped in all the knowledge and by the interest with which they asked questions to the mentors-cum-entrepreneurs.
ED-Cell’s move in introducing and explaining the concept of entrepreneurship to the 1st year students through EAC turned out to be a great success. Not only did it show them that they don’t always have to be clamped down by 9-5 jobs, it also inspired and showed them the path to living their lives by their own rules and being successful too.

We hope that ED-Cell continues to organize such exciting and inspiring events for which we wish them good luck!

Photo Credits: CET Photofactory