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Saturday, 29 August 2015

INTERVIEWED: Mr. Saraju Mohanty

By: Aayushi Jajodia

1.       One always cherishes the time spent in college. Let us begin the interview on a lighter note by taking a trip back to the time when you were an undergrad at the college.  How was life back then?

That’s really an interesting question. I really started studying seriously after joining Electrical Engineering undergraduate program. I actually saw a clear focused career path as compared to high-school or 12th class education. I always enjoyed every aspect of Electrical Engineering.

2.       You were a bright student, a university rank holder in fact! Shouldn’t miss this opportunity to take some advice from you.

Time is very precious. Give best to what you are doing. For example, if you are an undergraduate student completely studying the prescribed syllabus is your responsibility for your future career, not your instructor’s. Getting involved in student union, etc. is not part of your undergraduate education, even though there is some relevance in development of leadership skills. Spending more time on partying and other activities will cut-down time from essential, useful activities.

3.       As your undergraduate project, you had worked on Electromagnetic Radiation of High Voltage DC systems and their detection. No doubt it seems very impressive! I am sure our readers, especially the students of electrical engineering background, would be more than delighted if you could share with us anything else associated with it and also some tips and advice while selecting a project .

It is quite pleasant to remember the project at this time when in particular people are talking about effects of electromagnetic radiations associated with mobile phones on us when using on a daily basis. My undergraduate project was an experimental one. We really simulated high voltage up to 400KV in the lab facilities available at CETB. We conducted various experiments to study the effect of voltages generated because of proximity to high voltage. We analysed the various harmonics present in the voltage signal and average voltage. Then examined the effects on communications signals. A good team, a sincere professor, and a out-of-the-box topic are 3 key elements of project selection!

4.       We heard about the upcoming IEEE iNIS-2015 in the college Facebook group, of which you are General Chair! Could you please share something more about the event that would motivate CETians? Also, what should be our road map to do such symposiums and events here in CET-B Campus?


I have been chairing various conferences in India for the last decade. This year IEEE iNIS (IEEE International Symposium on Nanoelectronic and Information Systems) is initiated with an intention to provide a platform for both hardware and software researchers to interact under one roof for the development of circuits and systems for efficient and secure information processing. Faculty and researchers from CS, IT, EE, Electronics, Instrumentation can attend the meeting and present their research findings. A dedicated student research symposium is being planned as an integral part of IEEE iNIS 2015. I think CETB students should participate in this meeting and take advantage of the meeting. I have tried to hold meetings in CETB campus several times in the past, which has not materialized for various reasons. There is a need for strong dedicated local leader. No doubt a meeting is organized for 3 days, but it takes a yearlong effort in the back-end for the success of those 3 days. We can hold an event in CETB campus anytime. But, frankly speaking it is not important if a meeting is held in campus, rather important is if faculty and students travel to international meetings out of their campus to get exposure to scientific community.


5.       You have published numerous journals, headed several projects, have several patents and you have also written few books, one of them being on Nanoelectronic Mixed-Signal System Design published under McGraw-Hill publications. You have made some major contribution in your field of studies. How accomplished do you feel at the moment? Anything you are working on currently?

It feels really good to have these scientific contributions. I hope these contributions have significant social impact. For example, major impact on industrial development, impact on students careers, and training of future researchers. Currently, my research group consisting of 5 Ph.D. and 5 M.S. thesis students focus on emerging technology based mixed-signal design, hardware for Internet of Things (IOT), low-power hardware design, etc.

6.       For all the readers could you share your specialization in the field that you have pursued? What are the scopes available in this domain?

In general, I have been working on hardware designs for energy-efficient digital signal processing. I have worked on digital design as well as mixed-signal (combined digital and analog) designs. Digital watermarking research was a part of my hardware assisted digital rights management (DRM) research which got lots of attention from scientific community as well. There is ample scope in hardware design research. I always believe, if I compare hardware and software, that hardware is an independent entity whereas software needs hardware to run. Various efficient sensor design, energy-efficient DSP, energy-efficient SoC, efficient hardware for IOT, efficient hardware for bigdata are some current interesting problems to work on.

7.       You had appeared GATE examination in the year of 1997, leading you to pursue your further studies at India’s one of the prestigious institutions, IISc. Share with us the life and experiences you had there.

IISc, Bangalore is India’s most prestigious institute as that is the only Institute from India that sometime appears in global ranking of Universities. Actually, I got admission twice to IISc Bangalore. In 1996, I got admitted into Electrical Engineering program and in 1997, I got admitted into System Science and Automation (SSA) program. I later on realized that my decision to join SSA was excellent one that allowed me to learn both CS and EE areas. This helped to build my background for my future research during Ph.D. IISc, Bangalore is extremely competitive as most of the colleagues are top rank holders of their respective undergraduate institutes. IISC, Bangalore campus is a very classic and the best place in India for training for future research. Computational facility is one of the best that I have seen!

8.       What was your motivation and who were your mentors who helped you shape your path to where you are today?

I had planned right on the orientation day of CETB in 1991 that I will be a professor in an engineering institute. I wanted to complete Ph.D. before joining any position. Of course, due to some family pressure, I worked for a Govt. public sector. But, I did not spend much time as it was the transition time from undergraduate to graduate studies. Thus, I can say I was self-motivated.

9.       How do you like to while your time away when you aren’t teaching at the university? Any kind of hobby that you like to indulge yourself into?

Time really flies. But, there is a need to relax from time to time so that we are not exhausted. I watch movie, TV series, documentary etc. In particular, Indian mythological series are my favourite. I also enjoy movies related to ancient cultures, as well.

10.   You had attended the Global Alumni meet last year in the month of December which was held at C.E.T. It must have been a homecoming filled with memories.  How do you want to see our college grow in years to come? What are your expectations and hope from the institution?

CETB is a government funded institute. CETB students are top quality. CETB really needs to work to significantly improve visibility. That will happen in many ways, including faculty and students travel to various international conferences, publishing in journals, and inviting researchers to campus for talk. CETB should be made a University, quality faculty need to be hired, and lab facility needs to be improved further to take the Institute in an upward growth.  Being a government college has its own advantages and disadvantages.

11.   This brings us to the end of our interview. To conclude, what parting advice would you like to give to our readers?

There is no substitute to hard work and sincerity and don’t compare yourself with others; everybody is unique.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Independence Day Celebrations in CET

By: Nimisha Acharya
15th August is the day etched in our minds as the day our country gained freedom from the British. This day is celebrated all over the nation as Independence Day. On this day a plethora of events were organized in the college to commemorate this occasion.

The flag hoisting 

On the eve of the Independence Day, the NSS organized two events – poster making competition and oratory competition. The theme of the poster making was “Morality in National Integrity”. All the posters presented were too fabulous. The winners were Babyshweta Sahoo and Chandni Rao (3rd years, BT). The oratory competition was jointly organized by NSS and Cetadel and the topic was AIDS Awareness. It was a great initiative to take up a topic which is considered as taboo, and to clear all the misconceptions regarding this disease. As rightly pointed out by all the participants, we just need to remove the social stigma attached to AIDS. The judges were Minakshi Sir and Srimant Sir. The deserving winner was Arghya Patnaik (3rd year, I&E). These competitions would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of Abhishek Khemka and Rudrakhya Badu, the student coordinators of the NSS. And a special mention to Subhrajit Kumar for all the help!!
The winner of the oratory competition, Arghya Patnaik

The award winning poster on national integrity by Babyshweta Sahoo and Chandni Rao

The morning (for us KCHR girls) started with the sounds of our Nani shouting at the top of her lungs and her unique methods of waking us up, to ensure we attend the events!! This time we anticipated something different than the usual flag hoisting and speeches. The venue was changed and there were lots of cultural events planned out. With lots of excitement all the students proceeded to the Xtasy ground for the grand celebration. After a long wait, the programme started at 9.30 am. The parade (march past) by the executive security was the highlight of the day. The security personnel welcomed the honourable chief guest who was none other than 4-time Member of Parliament and Vice President of BJD, Dr. Prasanna Kumar Patasani. His words were truly inspirational and enlightening.  Then our esteemed Principal Mr. P.K. Patra gave us some great news, our college will be granted the status of unitary university soon!! Independence in the truest sense!!

The executive security

The anchoring was done by Sourav Kar (4th year, ME). The winner of the oratory competition, Arghya gave a speech on morality and development in our country. He asked a very important question, “Are we really independent?”  His speech made a powerful impact and was applauded by one and all. Then the official music club of the college, Arpeggio performed a medley of patriotic songs like Vande Mataram and Jai Ho. Then the much acclaimed all girls dance group, Shangri-La enthralled us with their graceful dance moves. All the thirteen girls were resplendent in their white attire and danced like a dream. Both teams Arpeggio and Shangri-La wowed us with their performances!
The superb team Shangri-La

And for the icing on the cake, the official dramatics club Amuza gave a truly outstanding performance. Their Nukkad Natak entitled “Adhuri Azaadi” covered some important issues. Inspite of almost 70 years of independence, the women of this country cannot consider themselves safe. The transgenders are mocked at wherever they go. Child labour persists in most parts of the country. Even after huge advancements in medical science, people rely on fraud Babas. If a huge majority of the population is still bound by shackles of orthodox mentality and superstitions, are we, as a nation, truly independent? The amazing Amuzians presented all these issues in a very entertaining as well as thought-provoking manner.
The Amazing Amuzians!!

The programme concluded with the prize distribution ceremony and the vote of thanks. All in all, it was vastly different from the celebrations of previous years and the initiative was appreciated by everyone. A huge thanks to one and all who made it possible; the teachers, the final year students, all the performers and of course, the audience!! And a special mention for the guys and girls of CET Photofactory, who always capture the best moments!!
The audience!!

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Friendship Day Celebration by CETians.

By: Team PenTastic

"Each friend represents a world in us, world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."

In India, Friendship Day is observed on the first Sunday in the month of August. The popular customs of  this day includes handing over roses, especially the pink and yellow ones, tying friendship bands, etc. The day is observed with great exhilaration and merriment , with friends throwing parties and  gorging on lip-smacking dishes.

Though We are late in updating about one of the very special days of this phase of our life, Cet Rising brings to light , a few simple  but lovely celebrations that took place during  the Friendship Day!

" Friendship is an integral part of our Life. Without friends , life is incomplete. If we have friends, we would never be alone and good friends are very important for us. 
This Friendship Day, a few of us went to Shikharchandi and had a mini get-together. Although there is a lot of pressure of studies, placements, projects but this was refreshing" , said Abhishek Khemka of 4th year, I.T.

Sonika Panigrahi of I.T , 3rd year said that they had a small coffee party in the canteen, where they recollected old memories and pulled each others' leg!

Deciding a uniform dress-code, some of Biotech students of 3rd year celebrated the day in a different way.

Many more Cetians celebrated the day in various ways, a few meeting their old buddies and others enjoying at hostel while many sending texts to their closest pals!
Friendship Day celebrations have come a long way, but the basic idea behind the occassion remains the same. This is the day when we acknowledge our friends' contribution in our life, express love for them, cherish thier presence in our life and pay them a tribute.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Interviewed: Mr. Bibhav Behera

By: Aayushi Jajodia

 Interview Taken By- Chinmoy Mishra

1. To start with, tell us something about your hometown and schooling career i.e. your life before you joined CET?

Hi Chinmoy, I spent most of my childhood across different places in Odisha as my father was in a transferrable job. However most of my childhood days have been spent in Cuttack and Rourkela. I am a native of Kalahandi. I changed 5 schools before I completed my 10th and 12th from ISPAT English Medium School in Rourkela in 2001 and 2003 respectively. Nowadays I am based in Bangalore and work with Snapdeal as Regional Account Head.

2. Moving ahead, what was your branch at CET and how was it like to study at CET, back when you joined?

I joined CET in the Electrical Engineering department in 2004 and graduated in 2008. CET was an extremely influential phase in my life not just with regards to academics but figuring out what one needs to prioritise in life. The electrical department was always a close knit one, be it within the students or with faculty. CET was always about thorough academics with a dash of co-curriculars.

I strongly feel co-curriculars strongly shape a person’s personality which is extremely essential in today’s competitive world. Organising massive events like Xtasy and others is no mean feat for any CETian.

We used to have a band in our days and used to jam pretty much every weekend ensuring that most people around had to go with earplugs (a la Cacofonix). Good fun days J

In final year we recorded a song called “Aaya Tha Fresher”. <parental advisory: explicit content>

3. College life, of course, is considered to be the best years of a student’s life. How would you describe your experience at CET?

College life is an extremely crucial phase where one’s personality gets shaped. I made my closest set of friends in CET and till date we are a close bunch although scattered across the globe now. CET was fun, be it class room mischief, last minute rush to buy books for semesters, internals, to the canteen breaks, to picnics and of course to the big daddy of them all, Xtasy. Those were crazy fun days that we still reminisce till date. CET was definitely the most intimate and fun phase in my student life.

4. Since we are talking about your college life here, you must have had a number of eventful moments at CET, is there any such moment in particular that you would like to share?

There are so many. We spent a lot of time sitting near the bike stand chatting with friends. Whenever we go back to CET we ensure we spend time there.

My most memorable moment, if I had to choose one, would have to be Xtasy in our Second Year when Strings had come down. We were right in front of the stage and it was an amazing feeling since we were in the initial days of forming our band.

Apart from that, I guess my 2nd most memorable moment would be when I sneakily exploded a stink bomb that I had somehow arranged in class in 1st Sem. It was mayhem. This is now a confession! J

5. We know you have a passion for photography. Could you please share more about it?

If I have to say two things that drive me passionately it has to be Photography and Music.

I have been a wildlife lover for as long as I can remember. Right from my toddler days, my father exposed me to the beauties of the wilderness. That inculcated in me a love and respect for the creatures we share the planet with. In order to capture my experiences in the wild and tell my story, I took up photography and there has been no looking back since. I love it. Whenever I get a day off or a free weekend, it has to be a photography trip first and then all else.

Apart from wildlife, I do shoot events for Sunburn. My wife is also a photographer at heart and we do assignments in wedding, interiors and product photography as well.

Photography is what keeps me sane in today’s stressful and demanding life. I feel it is extremely crucial in today’s world to have a passion that drives you. It is what gives meaning to ‘you’ as a person. For me, that is photography.

My website www.bibhavbehera.com is almost ready now as a tool to showcase what I love doing.

6. Were there any club(s) in particular, you were interested in, back then? Having said that, I think you would have enjoyed being a part of the CET Photofactory . Also, would you like to do a Photography 101 session for CETians? :D

We did have clubs back then. I was a part of Zairza, our Band ‘Irish Chants’ and for a brief period Zintaic (The dance club). I realised I had two left feet and when I danced, people ran away.

I would have loved to be part of the Photography club if it existed back then. Photography was going through a paradigm shift in those days with move from film into digital.

I would love to have a photography interaction session with the students. Let me know when J

7. Any particular faculty member(s) from the college who helped you or inspired you?

There are so many. Satpathy Sir, Bagarthy Sir, Biswajit Sir. Everyone left a mark in some way or the other.

8. After your B.Tech, you pursued your MBA degree at XIMB, how was it like to prepare for the exams and then get into a reputed institution? Were there any challenges in particular you faced during your MBA you would like to share? There are numerous MBA aspirants in CET who would love some advice from you in this context.

Yes. I joined XIMB after I passed out from CET in 2008. I was keen to work in Marketing.

I used to be coached at Career Launcher and finding time between your Semester exams, internals, practical etc to study for entrances was a challenge as a fresher MBA. However as an engineer, we are wired to think logically and that gives us a massive edge over other fields when preparing for MBA. Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude are the core strengths of an engineer and one needs to leverage it. No wonder every year we see so many CETians get into many prestigious institutes across the globe.

We had a few courses in CET in final year which were more or less core marketing and organisational behaviour courses. That helped once I was in XIMB.

9. Were you always determined to do a MBA or did you have anything else in your mind?

I was always determined to do an MBA. Engineering is a degree which unlocks your mind to think logically. MBA hones your soft skills. Together the combination helps you get a strong analytical brain coupled with a creative side if you have the inclination for it. I believe I am a creative person with an analytical bent.

I always wanted to start off my venture into photography services and that is now taking shape.

10. The college has changed a lot since you left. Have you visited the college ever since the completion of your B. Tech? What’s your take on the changes that have occurred in the college? Is there anything you wish to see at the college in the years to come?

I have visited the college a few times in the past few years but it has always been when my CET friends were in town. It would be a walk down memory lane each time. During our days, the facilities were very basic as the college had just moved to the new campus. Now to our envy, we see a full fledged establishment.

11. We at the Alumni Cell love to interact with our Alumni. What’s your take on the Alumni Cell?

I think the revival of the alumni cell has been a very good move. I have seen a lot of initiative from the current batches to connect with alumni. The recent round of interactions in different cities was very highly appreciated. Good job on that guys!

12. How was your experience of Alumni meet Bangalore 2014? We heard all the attendees got a Red bull can, courtesy: You!!

It was an awesome experience, meeting faces that we knew and finding out what they were up to in their lives now. I made many new acquaintances as well. But more so, the platform helped us come out with a strong plan of action to take brand CET to a more premium level.

Red Bull is always keen on reaching out to youth. We are all young (irrespective of my grey hair). I was in Red Bull until recently and they were glad to provide free cans to everyone at the get together. J

13. How important is a strong alumni body for a reputed institute? Do you think we CETians are doing enough? At last, what advice would you like to give to students at CET? Both short term and long term?

 More than the placement committee, I believe the alumni committee is the strongest tool for any institute’s brand. Placement and Alumni committees work hand in hand. It helps connect Alumni to their Alma Mater and give back. We have alumni in various positions in different parts of the world. Many would be more than happy to have CETians join their workplace.

We have made a start in the right direction in terms of the Alumni Committee. It is a great outreach that has happened. It needs to be further scaled up and carried forward without losing throttle by subsequent batches.

Do what you love doing in life and then you won’t be doing a job. CETians know what they want. No advice required. J

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Dear Friend

By: Team PenTastic

Written By : Pallavi Mohapatra

Into the unknown, my feet led me,
as I entered a new phase, bold and free.
But the unfamiliarity struck a chord of apprehension,
with all fresh faces adding to mounting tension.

The fated moment questioned my venture new;
the urge for a voyage, sans my crew.
Luckily then came a pat on my back,
reverting my mind to its decided track.

For the charming smile on the gleaming face,
obliterated tension’s every trace.
Time aided blossoming of a bond for life;
Watching our souls draw closer with each strife. 

No ordeal enfeebled the mutual concern,
how this flourished, none could discern.
Enough of hurdles now, let’s focus on joys,
for to merriment, there aint no ‘hows’ and ‘whys’.

Through peals of laughter, years gushed past,
Still our love hovers at the mast.
No worldly existence has ever been perfect,
Only friendship helps embrace a person’s defect.

Nothing endears better than a heart with love,
So never let go, by the word of Jove.
Praying that this magic never meets an end,
I sign off with a Love you, my dear friend.