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Wednesday, 3 February 2016


By: Team PenTastic
By Pooja Pattnaik

They say, eyes never lie!
But in mine, you can't identify,
The love you discarded, then;
Made me into this, now in vain.

I look at my reflection in mirror,
Avoiding my affection is an error.
My eyes filled with tear,
As I put on the make up to hide fear!

Afraid to disclose my heartbreak
Eyes have learnt to lie, for my sake!
Seeing you go away deliberately
My confidence breaking to pieces slowly…

A thousand pieces of my emotions
Give way to disbelief in devotion.
A path of such endless pain,
By now, I have nothing to gain.

I look at my reflection in mirror,
I look away in disgust and fear!
The sparkle is long gone and lost,
As my heart and mind coats with rust.

A thousand pieces fallen apart,
It's so difficult to join them back.
I sit here and let my tears flow,
And recall how I used to glow.

I look at the reflection in the mirror,
“No! You can’t be me!” I scream in terror.
The lost eyes, the cheerless lips and the gloomy face,
“The reflection is a lie, I can’t lose the race!”

But truth never changes, we see
The person in the mirror is me.
I sit there sobbing, because I have lost the plea,
Trying to get back to winning the real me!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

You Only Live Once

By: Team PenTastic

Written By: Siddharth Samal, IT, 4th Year

You Only Live Once...

Obviously. But… we will get back to that. 

A cursory search at Urban Dictionary for YOLO reveals a rather unflattering resume for the new acronym. “The douche bag mating call“ , “carpe diem for stupid people” and worse. The word has come to be associated as a hash-tag for chronicling foolhardy escapades of the young and dumb. 

And that’s how it goes. You take something innocuous and overuse it in the most mundane of ways… all you are left with is a despised shell of an admirable sentiment. But for the purposes of discussion, lets dial back the history and the public perception of the word. Let’s focus on the original sentiment. You only live once. Life is all there is. Strip away the fickleness of the sound “yolo” and you find an oft ignored mantra of life. In the decorum and structure of society, we always tend to toe the line and forget living. 

And what do I mean by living ? Well, to not limit oneself when you are not harming anybody. To explore your horizons. To stimulate your senses. To realize that you are conscious space dust.

I quote Carl Sagan- “Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.” 

The fact that you breathe, can think and imagine, can feel a thousand hues of the basic emotions, can create and destroy, can connect with marvels just like you… the surreal realities of life are endless. Despite the omnipresent pain and confusion, life is still lived on a very large scale. Billion little stories playing out on this blue green dot in a mysterious ocean. It does not make sense to restrict our innate awesomeness, to deny the default wonders that we are. Sure, we do have a lot of jerks and dumb asses walking on the street but that’s beyond the scope of my discussion.

So. I am asking you, dear reader, to close your eyes and take a deep breath every day. And to think about the day that you are about to start. Another 24 hours of this cerebral experience we call life. About what’s important to you and what is not. About what must be done and what is just another bar of that tiny little cage you have built around yourself. I am not proposing that you try to be all bubble gum happy every minute. 
Life is hard. I know. You know. We are all fighting our own little devils on countless different levels. What I am asking is for you to remember and be aware and be alert. Of the fact that you only live once. During those moments when you must choose roads. During those forks of life. To affirm your existence and the wonder that you are, by default. Just by breathing and thinking and feeling. And, oh, look! Yoda agrees with me.

And sure, Carpe Diem sounds fancy. And elegant. But I would rather go for YOLO. It sounds nuts ! And it affirms my belief that, in the face of all the mysteries of life, I will always be a kid. YOLO!

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Alumni Meet

By: Team PenTastic

The annual alumni meet of CET was held on December 27, 2015 and was organized by the alumni cell of CET. It brought together many distinguished and established alumni of the college from all over the world. The following is the press release of the meet:

The annual Alumni Meet of the Central chapter of College of Engineering and Technology (CET) Bhubaneswar was held on December 27, 2015. The meeting witnessed coming together of over hundred alumni from across the 35 batches of CET including Prof./Dr. Saraju Mohanty (Professor, Texas, USA),Dr. Malaya Pradhan ( Deputy Director , Factories and Boilers) and many more. Inaugurated by the Principal, Prof./Dr. PK Patra, there was commemoration of the recent accomplishments and the infrastructure expansion of the college. The meeting also challenges and setbacks that the college is confronting, and the only solution to which is autonomy to be able to fulfill the goal it was set up for.

The Alumni unanimously agreed upon the various problems the college is facing, being dependent over BPUT for every single aspect, be it academic, administrative or financial matters. Various other discrepancies that the top students face being at CET include the lack of industry interface, research and project opportunities, proper infrastructure backing the newer departments, blunt course structure, discrepancies in the examination calendar, result declaration and delay in the certificate validation. Other issues that the college faces due to the lack of autonomy are, inability to extract funds under various national programmes for laboratory and other facilities, inability to establish educational and research oriented link ups between other universities, lack of decision making authority etc. CET has long surpassed all the parameters required and deserves to bear the unitary status in order to carry out the future developmental proceedings.

CET has achieved stellar with over 50 alumni in senior/ top management positions of global organizations, on faculty of universities, or running their start-ups. CET has demonstrated unfathomed success since its inception in 1981, when the Govt of Odisha had set it up to meet the growing needs of technically competent manpower. The college’s ability to make an impact the careers of the youth was impeded since it was a constituent college of OUAT - where the goals were not aligned. While the college was attempting to execute its mandate within the aegis of OUAT, it’s affiliation was changed and since 2002 it has become part of the BPUT. This has reset the clock from many perspectives.

The CET has a total annual intake of 840 candidates under the UG programme in various departments including Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering, Computer Science, Biotechnology, Fashion and Apparel Technology, Textile Engineering, Information Technology, and Architecture. The college has also an annual intake of 540 students under the PG programme and 16 under the Ph.D. programme in various streams. The Principal in his most elaborative words made the forum aware about the present status of the college under different fields. He also made the house aware about the recent developmental activities that have been scheduled.

It was learnt that apart from the existing 2 hostels, two more hostels were being developed by IDCO, are scheduled to be completed by March 2016. The college under the state government programmes is all set to establish itself as the Centre of Excellence of Mechanical Engineering which will ensure the college to receive special grants. The college is determined to focus further on research type activities, Entrepreneurship development and proper establishment of the Alumni Association from the coming session. The principal emphasised on three major goals that will be implemented from the next academic session, viz. center of competence for Internet Of Things (IoT), establishing a state-of-the-art Robotics lab in collaboration with IIT Mumbai, and a 3-D printing laboratory. He also threw light upon the infrastructural changes that the campus is going through with each department getting separate space, a plan of central library and an Auditorium with 2000 capacity which has an initial investment of 25 crores. The college is also concerned about making the faculty efficient by allowing them to participate in various Faculty development programs in Singapore, Indonesia, and UK with the support of TEQIP.

The meeting concluded with the alumni creating a roadmap for making CET an unitary university under the name Odisha Technological University (OTU) in order to make the college gain national visibility and standards. The last Sunday of every year was decided to be the open forum for the Alumni meeting where in the developments of the whole year would be discussed and necessary steps would be decided to make CET and consequently OTU a globally visible Institute.

Thursday, 5 November 2015


By: Anshuman Ray
Orchestrated mayhem. That’s what it was. A frenzy of activity motivated by the task of finding ten items very common yet can be easily overlooked. They ranged from something very prominent and hard to get by such as a pair of orange chinos to something very typical such as a white hairband.

All the items!!
The registration started at 10:30 in the canteen and the event kicked off at 12:30P.M . The turnout was very heartening and the list of events were revealed in a dramatic fashion from the canteen rooftop.
And with each alternate item, there is a catch. Like everyone was asked to find bottles with the perception logo on it. The symbol was on the cap which made the item even harder to find.

The pink-teddy man!!

There was a mad scramble for finding the ten items everywhere. When the event was about to end everyone turned a bit desperate for showing up with all the items and there was even a shouting match at the end. Students came up with almost every item except for a few which became the deciding factor - Orange chinos, Pen drive containing the teaser and the trailer of perception. Some tried to pass brown, pink even blue as orange and some couldn't bring both the required videos. After many verifications, here is the list of winners:
Winners and Co-ordinators!!

1st : Soumya Mukherjee, Rohan Patro and Adarsh Nistala
2nd : Debasis Das, Diven Souren and Anupam Samad

Beg Borrow Steal was the first event of Perception and it has certainly generated a lot of buzz among the students. It goes without saying that the event was as amazing as it's co-ordinators: Raksha Subhangini, Nimisha Acharya, Sidhant Sourav and yours truly!! Kudos to the Literary Secretary Anirban Pati for moderating the event. Perception is gonna be huge this time and we can't wait for tomorrow to happen!!

Monday, 26 October 2015


By: Team PenTastic
By Pallavi Mohapatra

It is the absence of light,
Crashing upon as an abysmal plight.
Piercing my senses is a silent scream,
Beckoning to me is a swoon less dream.

Stretching as a skyscraper is blackness’ pit,
Effortlessly knocking out my entire wit.
There are hushed voices above
eerily echoing in this alcove.

Waiting for me is a world with no track,
Swarming all around is the colour Black. 
It seems, a perennial cascade of gluey sap
is trying to root me in this trap.

Perplexed I am trying, to get a grip,
praying for a swift end to this trip.
Somehow stumbling, I grazed against a stone;
my fingers then traced a cross lone.

 The idea of a grave upon me then struck,
Inviting countless curses was my luck.
Despair started building a well around me,
Not a ray of hope for my iris to see.

Lingering over me was an invisible cloud,
 Chuckling devilishly was Death’s own shroud.
    Hopelessly, I willingly surrendered,
Leaving behind the world, on, my soul fluttered.

After ceaseless hours, the air around it lightened,
And finally, my unearthly afterlife brightened.