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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Independence Day Special: Essay Writing Competition!!

By: Team PenTastic
Written by Srutee Rout and Shirin Sonali

"Words are more furious than fire". The statement itself reflects that the words can stir a revolution in the bloods of an individual, especially if it flows down from a powerful weapon such as pen. Keeping that fact in mind, Cetadel organised an essay-writing competition on the occasion of Independence Day to motivate,encourage and inspire the students of CET to pen down their ideas on nationalist topics at a wonderful forum.
It was organized on 17th August in B-402 at 1 pm and was co-ordinated by Srutee Rout and Shirin Sonali . There was much keenness among the enthusiastic freshers as well as other contestants as they found the best platform to express their views and ideas on the given topics. The topics of the event were:

1. Is Gandhi Really "THE MAHATMA",We Think He Is ?
2. "Nationalism without liberation is a Monster." Describe in context to JNU Controversy.
3. "Nationalism is a great Menace." Describe keeping in view the present Kashmir situation.
4."Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious."

The topics were provocative enough to put the participants into deep thought which had them whirling their pens for sometimes.
Towards the end of the competition we had Shashwat Bhuyan from IGIT who had come to inform about the VICI Magazine which rolled out it's first edition in this month. VICI is a collaboration magazine of CET Bbsr, IIIT Bbsr, IGIT Sarang and VSSUT Burla. After the completion of the stipulated time,papers were given to our own Mrs Sangeeta ma'am for evaluation.She had a tough time selecting but finally....

The winners of the competition were:

1.First position - Yogesh Kumar (3rd year Computer Sc.Engineering)

2.Second position- Arbind Samal (1st year Civil)

3. Third position- Aman Prasad (1st yr Mechanical Engineering)

Such events truly showcase the rich literary culture of CET and CETADEL is the perfect stage. For the same,more fun,more events and more surprises are on the way!!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Independence Day Celebrations at CET

By: Team PenTastic
Written by: Vinayatosh Panigrahi(3rd year, Electrical)

The flag hoisting
Gratitude, patriotism and a desire to do something for the development of the country, our motherland India. These were the feelings and thoughts that filled my mind and heart as I was standing in front of our National Flag with my fiends, teachers, HODs, Principals and our security staff as the Tiranga fluttered before us. On 15th August, CET celebrated Independence Day at 8.45 a.m, as our honourable Principal hoisted the National Flag and all the individuals present there sang the National Anthem.
The talented musicians from Arpeggio

This was followed by a speech from the Principal who encouraged, extolled and at the end of the day, appealed to the staff, both teaching and non-teaching, technical as well as non-technical, the security personnel of our college and the students on their commendable work and asked us to continue the good job.He also said that CET has been doing great work for the last 36 years as an educational institute in India. His speech was followed by a melodious song from our very own Arpeggio. Then, food packets were distributed which marked the end of the events of the day. The security personnel had done a commendable job, dressed in their impeccable uniform and parading on the CET grounds as they showed the might of our CET arsenal.

The security personnel of our college

Special thanks to CET Photofactory for the clicks!!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Independence Day Special: Quiz and Extempore Competitions

By: Team PenTastic
Written by: Bedopam Roy (2nd year, Textile Engg)

With the essence of Independence day touching the air at CET, the Literary Club, Cetadel kickstarted the Independence Day celebrations with a plethora of events, all dedicated to our nation. The first event was the India  Quiz, organized by CetQuizzite in association with Cetadel. It was a part of a string of three events planned by Cetadel, namely Quiz,Extempore and Writing competitions based on India .The quiz was organised on 12th of August in B-402 at 1pm. Students of various branches and years gathered here for this high-end, fierce,heated quiz. The quiz was co-ordinated by our very own Quiz master Debabrata Pramanik. Now how much the students knew about their motherland was put to test by him .Teams of 2-3 students were formed.
 As all the students gathered, the nail-biting competition started sharp at 1:10 pm.The entire competition was divided into 2 phases.In the first phase, 15 questions were asked in all.Each group had to write had to write its response on a piece of paper.The questions ranged from thought-provoking and head-scratching to some enthralling,enchanting and fascinating ones.The questions asked were about famous Indian personalities,events,films,UNESCO sites,etc.Every group discussed among themselves.As it finished, scores were calculated and six teams were chosen to go to the finals.

The QM, Debabrata

 In the final round,everybody was expecting a more difficult set of questions. It came with its own exciting,nerve-wrenching set of questions, that too in three different rounds.As answers were declared just after every question, a loud thumping sound could be heard from those teams that got it right.The team that got negative points could just utter ooohhhh…..with both their hands on their face. Here the teams also got bonus for answering every passed question. Debabrata bhai noted their marks in real time. After the last round,final group scores were declared.

The winners were: Sailesh Mishra,Prateek Goutam and Aditya Tripathy

And runners up were: Anshuman Panda and Bijay Naik

It was a fully power-packed,fun-filled session. All the participants, whether they won or lost could get a clearer image of India in his or her mind……with a much stronger National feeling!!

 The second day of the Independence Day Special events was heralded with the extempore competition. With just one day to go for the country wide celebration of Independence day, an extempore competition was organised by VOIX, the debating wing of CETADEL in B-402 at 1 pm. It was co-ordinated by Yogesh Kumar and Shrika Agarwal. The competition saw a huge number of first year students participating in it. Leaving them aside, there were competitors from other branches and other years as well. Shreemant sir and Sangeeta ma’am from Mathematics and Humanities department were the esteemed judges of this event. 

 Every candidate was given a topic from a draw of lots. He/She was given three minutes to think and arrange the points about the topic. Then they had to speak in front of the judges. Their speech was evaluated by the two judges as one was speaking for three minutes, the next one was given a topic. The topics given were :

i     Will the principles of the man who brought us independence work this Independence day?

If India is colonised once again, do you think India will get Independence?!

Can Indian media celebrate its Independence day?

Nationalism without liberalism is a monster.

 You could see the performers even moving their hands and the connection between what they said and their facial expressions was commendable. Candidates showed their enthusiasm and mesmerised everyone with their nationalistic views. They shared their perception about the government, reverence for the armed forces, sacrifices of freedom fighters and duty of the citizens.

 By the end of the competition, the winners were declared by the judges. The winners were:
Winner: Arvind Samal (1st year, Civil engg)

Runners up: Sai Shankar Gochayat (3rdyear, CSE)

Special mention: Vinayatosh Panigrahi (3rd year, Electrical engg)

The judges, the coordinators, and the one who covered it all!!

 It was indeed a great platform to showcase our talents.
                                         Freedom in the mind,
                                       Faith in the words,
                                      Pride in our souls…..
                 Let us salute the nation on Independence day!
             Wishing everyone a very happy Independence Day!!        

Special thanks to Aishwarya Kumar Das from CET Photofactory for the clicks!!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016


By- Abhipsa Mishra, Computer science and engineering(2nd yr)
           The better part of one’s life consists of his friendships – Abraham Lincoln.

    Largely unofficial, the friendship day is celebrated by millions across the world. Nothing like religion, gender, race, caste, nationality, ideology, senior-junior matters. 
         It is when we cherish the presence of those lazy, over smart, extra-sincere, funny, nostalgic, the “great thinker” type, outspoken, “conjoos” and many other types of friends in our life! It’s the time to chill out with our amigos. It’s the day to recollect those old and recent memories of small fights, big laughs, pranks, class bunks, outings, fests, movie nights, exam stress.
      Without this fun and frolic, life is unimaginable. Friends and friendship keeps us going. Devoid of friendship, life will be like a rose without fragrance, a book with unwritten pages and a sky without stars to stare at!
        When you break down, a hand pats you and calms you down; that’s a friend. 
 When you rejoice success, several other feet dance to the tune of your victory; those are friends.         When you are going down the way, a hand pulls you back to the right track; that’s a friend.           When you are upset, a voice cracks even the silliest of the jokes to cheer you up; that’s a friend. 

    Most part of the world celebrate this day on the first Sunday of August every year with great euphoria. Exchanging friendship bands, coffee party, wishing buddies whom you have not talked since ages, dedicating special songs on the radio, planning out for dinner, lots of gossips and humongous amount of selfies stir up the day.
            Exploring CET has turned these words into some cute memorable photos!

Electrical students of 2nd yr celebrated friendship day with a great zeal teaming up with many to have a grand lunch at the Victoria restaurant. They say “It was the first occasion on which almost everyone joined the celebration! It was great fun with all the new friends. Surprise awaited us.....Victoria restaurant offered special discounts exclusively for CETians....what could be more delighting (giggles)....”.

A beautiful collage of the students of Biotechnology branch, 3rd yrs celebrating the special day with great excitement. They all went to the COUNTRY KITCHEN, had luscious lunch with fun reloaded.  The girls had their night out at a friend’s stay. Pajama party, truth and dare games and delicious dinner was the part of their celebration!

The students of Mechanical branch, 2nd year celebrated friendship day in the girls’ hostel partying throughout the night. Their words “The definition of friendship keeps on changing as you grow. In our childhood days, it was defined by the number of friendship bands we used to get. It was like “yaar dus bands mile, wow. Waise yeh pink wala kisne bandha? But now it’s not about the bands. It’s about what you feel about each other and how close you are to each other”.

And here comes the grand celebration of our Computer Science and Engineering branch students, 4th year. They all planned out to visit the Lord Jagannath’s Dham Puri for their eternal friendship and well being! Bhavna Sahu says “ We received the blessings of the Lord and wish that our friendship stays forever....and our awesomeness should go on increasing !! Epic ABHADA(the holy rice of Puri temple)...mastii at sea shore and some amazing pics”. It was their best day among all the awesome days of life till now!
    Also few others of CSE, 4TH YRS cut the cake on this opportunity to make it a memorable one.

 The students of Instrumentation and Electronics Dept of 2nd yrs were not behind. They too reached to the restaurant to have some lavish lunch to break the daily routine. One of them said “ We still miss those friendship bands and our school friends....but koi nahi.....iss baar the celebration was grander than what we used to do in our school life...it was a high-profile friendship day...loved it!”

A few students of  Information Technology, 4th year went out for lunch to celebrate double happiness! And Hari Prasad says, "Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness. And to celebrate my campus placement and Friendship Day (belated) I  took my friends for  brunch at Biggies! My friends are my biggest support and they keep adding new meaning to my life everyday."

Vibrant and diverse are the perfect synonyms for friendship. Never lose it because you can afford it only once! 


Written by:- Amruta Kar, F&AT, 2nd year

Calm, sober and tender is
that ten letter word which binds us into an unbreakable bond,
Yeah "Friendship" it is, the purest of all.
With all variants it adds sweetness to our lives.
Endless counts, loads of love acting like a soothing balm.
Some left, some stayed-
giving sweet bitter experiences and a lesson.

Its a whole rush of emotions,
where understanding each other is what rules,
where there is no wall of awkwardness,
where the whole world seems like a better place,
where everything is fun filled.

No need to count the number of friendship bands,
count the little number of friends who can actually throw a
search alarm
when you're lost in the woods and meadows of turbulence.
They are the one to keep,
they are the one who actually care.

From stealing mangoes from neighbour's garden to making history classes entertaining.
From sharing tiffin to bunking.
From putting proxy to writing notes the next day.
From talking over phone for hours to binge watching "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" and relating to every character.

Maybe this is friendship.
A transition from habit to addiction and slowly ending up,
Making beautiful memories which can be cherished for a lifetime.