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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Spare Parts

By: Team PenTastic
[Written by: Parthasarathy Nayak, 4th year, EE]

My friend had a close call with an accident. He was fine, but the side bumper of the Honda Aviator he was riding broke into pieces. We had to get it repaired before returning to its original owner. We started off one afternoon. First visited the PGL Honda showroom in Fire Station. We had to wait since it was an old vehicle and its exact cabinet was taking time to be found out. It was almost forty minutes later that the guy said they were not available. He asked to visit a different store which was another thirty minutes away. Went there, no avail. Another shop, after another shop, but the part was simply not available. We had almost exhausted all the shops in Bhubaneswar except one in Cuttack Rd. We went there and after a cruel wait, got our hands on one. The exact same color and model.

It took some time to refit and finally we came back to our hostel. It was pretty late by then and I thought of taking a quick nap. It was then that I thought of collecting all that I could learn from the days spending. First thing to strike me was, how difficult it was to find a spare part of a vehicle, secondly the addresses of all the Honda showrooms and workshops all over the city map. Then my thoughts went to those who people who have actually lost some part of them, maybe an eye or a leg. The thing is, you can find the parts of vehicles easily, you may recover soon from an injury, but never can you find a spare part of your own body. There is no manufacturing of the body anymore, yes there are prosthetic, but they hardly feel the same. You have to take care of yourself as it is, because you are one of a kind.

My mind again drifted towards the body parts market, and how bad it was. Patients have to wait for months to get a donor, and if they do find one, there are many other nit picky details that have to closely match other than the blood group for the body to accept the incoming organ and not just reject it away as a pathogen. Immune system suppressants are used to calm the body down, and let it not panic seeing such a big new thing enter its itself which could also have been some foreign agent trying to kill. Eyes and kidneys are the most sought after, many people die, but rarely do they donate their eyes. Kidneys are so rare, there is raving black market for it. Once there was a patient, when she got approved for the operation of her kidneys, she was given a date of the year 2018, just because there were just so many people on the waiting list to receive a donor organ.

Then there are stereotypes. Families simply do not want to part away with any part of the deceased. The ones signing up for organ donation are simply not enough to scale up to a country as large as India. It is too late now to change society, but we as youngsters can bring about change at a much larger scale, our young minds are impressionable and hence can be molded anyway one wants. This is a small request to sign up at nearest hospital, to donate and give life. If one looks at the bigger picture, and if one has watched the Harry Potter series, you'd understand, that by giving away an organ, is like planting a horcrux in a body other than our own self, this way the organ continues to live on, happy, oblivious to the body it is in. This only helps the human desire to live on forever, to be immortal. In a way you never really die, a part of you keeps living on.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Did Diwali Really Light Up "All" the Lives?

By: Team PenTastic

Written By: Abhipsa Mishra

Hey everyone! Celebrated this Diwali up to the brim, right? Yeah! Let us investigate what you missed this Diwali!
As the festival of lights and sounds arrived, people seemed to be busy sending the “best of the best” messages to their beloved kith and kin as early as possible. It has been a kind of trend in itself to be the “first” one in the message sending race. Even some messages wished us “Happy Diwali” for coming 30 years in advance no matter how the relation between the sender and receiver would have changed in these coming years.

Our fast moving world, our unpredictably hectic lives, our accelerating fingers to catch up with the social media trends; perhaps these “cool” stuff have taken us too forward in time that we have skipped the actual “present tense” of ours. We have left behind so many things, so many people and so many duties that cry for our attention. Their existence have stopped mattering us as we become unmoved and busy in the line of selfie craze (ah...those moments when we momentarily declare ourselves as celebrities or even pretend to have superseded them), glamorous make-over (physical make up as well as virtual make up :p), and becoming shopaholic( paying not a penny of heed to the expenditures and forgetting that we have not yet started earning, it’s our parents :P ).

What have we forgotten then? Or more appropriately, whom have we forgotten?

Well, they are those people who have to struggle daily for a livelihood. Wishing prosperity to people owning smartphones will be like praying for Ambani to become richer! They are those people who combat with their fates everyday to bring a smile on the faces of their loved ones. They are those whose eyes have lost the lustre, whose hands have become wrinkled and weak in their daily tussle with life. The sweepers who clean up our Diwali mess every year don’t get a fair chance to create that mess. They are those parents (poor in terms of money, rich in terms love) who find it hard to answer their son when he asks “can we get that cracker, can I get that dress, and can I have one sweet of that species (a delicious one)?” They are also those people who battle for us and against their life to protect the nation from the abominable religious fanatics. We talk about job security and get worried. These Jawans don’t even have life security!! Celebrations being incomplete for their families without them. Also I despair at the pitiable faces of the children in the numerous orphanages which amounts to about 20 million in India who don’t have the ever loving “mamma and papa” to fulfil their small little “legal” demands (if kids don’t demand who else will?). My heart mourns for those parents left in the so called old-age homes which do not resemble a home in the slightest of any manner. Thou have abandoned those hands which prayed for thy well-being and prosperity. And sarcastic it is to admit that you wish for the prosperity of all others on this special occasion forgetting your parents without whom you may not have known the meaning of prosperity! Thou have deserted those hearts which carry love and concern for you (no matter what your degree of cruelty is). Parental love is involuntary upon which even they don’t have control. You left those parents who used to bring all the varieties of crackers at your feet and taught you to overcome fear and crack your life’s first cracker. They are those people for whom the sound the crackers could be deafening rather than a hair-raising feat (often we feel proud after blasting a cracker, don’t know why!).

To be brief, they are those humans for which the coming and going of a festival does not make any difference because we have not allowed them to enjoy. Let us take a resolution to create a difference in these lives. Let us spread the happiness and light up the lives of these bunches of our proud population. Let us celebrate a socially inclusive Diwali involving all of them forgetting their caste, creed and class. We have created a disparity, only we can end. Next time you celebrate the varying colours of India; don’t forget to get good wishes for you from these people! Next time let us burn our ego and pride along with the crackers.

This is how India Looks on Diwali!

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Amuza Inductions! : The World's a Stage

By: Team PenTastic

 Written By: Pritiparna Panda and Priyam Gupta

"The world's a stage and we all have our individual entries and exits" is what members of Team Amuza had to say before the inductions, and boy, did they set up a great stage for the enthusiasts to showcase their acting skills! The induction was held on the 27th of October in the SAC area, and was judged by Mr. Subham Kumar Sahu(4th year) and Mr. Soubhagya Satapathy (4th year). The event was hosted by Mr. Suraj Kumar Rout (4th year) and Mr. Rahul Tirkey (4th year). The show kicked off with an amazing patriotic act put up by Mr. Sreekhetra Mohanty (3rd year) who enacted the fateful trial of Bhagat Singh, post the bombing of the Central Legislative Assembly. The profound emotions of this act resonated with the audience who were enthralled by the sheer power of the dialogue delivery to send a chill down the spine.

We Saw an Actual Bhagat Singh in Shreekhetra's Acting!

Next up was the Amuza team who flaunted their 'Nukkad' skills with the well loved calls of 'CET ke bande aaye', setting the excitement factor up a notch. This act was about how hypocritical the Indian society is when the subject matter of character analysation is the female folk. The act centered around topics like intercaste marriage and how it still is a matter which the larger half of the population of our country looks down upon.

Amuzians Sending out a very Strong Message!

The mood took a complete U-turn with the arrival of Swabhiman Dalei, Ashish Mishra and Subham Patra onstage. These first years had the audience in splits with their witty jokes, punctuated, much to the delight of the audience, with peppy dance numbers and movie excerpt parodies piping hot with 'bollywood masala', complete with the iconic 'Naagin dance' and a bunch of those relatable inside jokes on the life of an Engineering student. The crowd cheered these enthusiasts on with delighted rounds of applause and some serious wolf-whistling. 

Brilliant Performances by the Newbies!

Another, much appreciated performance was by Sanskar Sahoo and Siddharth Das which was about a child with special needs. The first year duo did an amazing job at explaining how tormenting everyday life can be for a special child and how more often than not, the consequences of such mental pressure can be serious and gruesome, which in the case of this act was suicide. 

And Some More!

Next in line was Yati Padia (1st year) who put up a commendable performance about how a social evil like female foeticide can be thwarted if only the parents, especially the father, decide not to opt for abortion under pressure from the society. The mono act ended with the message that girls have an equal potential to reach the zenith of success and make their parents' proud, as boys.

Felicitating the Winners

The induction was concluded by the award presentation for the Group/Mono act competition held on the occasion of Cleanliness week, Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. Ashish Mishra and team clinched the first prize and the second was bagged by the Amuza team.

Pic Courtesy: Photofactory :)

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The AfterMovie: A Masterpiece By Photofactory

By: Team PenTastic

Written By: Pratik Dash

On 26th October, room number B-407 Was flooded with huge crowd and excitement filled everybody’s nerves as PHOTOFACTORY;the photography club was about to release the AFTERMOVIE of the biggest event of the college , XTASY-2K16.

The "Aftermovie" is the first of its kind in the college.With the trailer of such level released online, there were great expectations from team Photofactory regarding the “aftermovie” and they did not disappoint. Bishal kumar Hembram  along with Prakash kumar Tudu has surely taken Photofactory to a different level.With a talent like Abhishek Mishra in their team this was going to be sheer fun.

At 13:15,when the video was aired for the first time,it was greeted with thunderous applause and a loud cheer.The video impressed with its first shot itself.There was again huge cheer when the video showed a clipping of the men behind the spectacle: Pankaj Shukla, Anubhav Routray, Rohit Kumar Patra, Rajesh Ranjan Mohanty and of course, Abhishek Khemka .We love them so much. A big round of applause again followed when the clip showed the Band’s and Dance performances,and then the loudest cheer followed When DARSHAN RAAWAL was in the screen.The first years were pretty happy and excited to see this FACE of the college,as they had angels' smiles on their faces.They indeed were astonished to see what it takes and how much effort was laid to host the Annual cultural fest “Xtasy-2k16”.

Dazed By the Brilliance of Team Photofactory

“Awestruck,awesome!simply awesome!!”,was the reply of Sunil Behera (4th year,I&E),on being asked about the trailer.

“Could not have been better, Hats off to the trio of Bishal bhaiya,Prakash bhaiya and Abhishek Mishra. This is Photofactory at a different level”,is what struck my mind when I saw the video.

New Logo Unveiled!

Along with Aftermovie release Photofactory also launched its new logo. A great response from the crowd and a huge turnout of students,made the release of Aftermovie and launch of logo a huge SUCCESS!!!!!

Here is the Link!!


Don't Forget to Watch it! :)

Pic Courtesy: Needless to Say, CET-Photofactory :)

Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Unknown Soldiers

By: Team PenTastic

Written By: Sunil Swaroop, EE (3rd Year)

Depicting the Scenario of Our Soldiers in PoK!

“Those who cling to life and those who defy death live”

Victory in a war generally finds it grounds on armaments and the nation’s military forces. The opportunity to descry the apogee of display of gallantry and valour is at disposal only in the field of honour. By displaying phenomenal intrepidity a soldier becomes laudable for his sacrifice and patriotism for his mother country. The solider considers being killed in action in the battle field as his only religion. During the war time the whole nation accolades and glorifies the soldiers for their act of bravery and heroism, they pray for their felicity and well-being. But what happens to these soldiers aftermath the war? Only a few soldiers are lucky enough to receive the medal of honours by expounding potency emblazoned with gallantry and indomitability. But all those uncountable soldiers who have sacrificed their lives to save the modesty of the country do not receive any such type of respect, gesture and gallantry awards neither it is feasible to honour them.

They Don't Sleep so We Can Sleep in Peace!

Very few lucky ones amongst the uncountable soldiers who have fought for the country and sacrificed their lives are honoured; but the love for their country, patriotism, valour and self-sacrifices of those brave sons of the mother land who were neither awarded any honour medals nor were their deeds noticed, cannot be underrated in comparison to those soldiers who were honoured. Due to the sacrifice of these martyrs, sovereignty and integrity of our nation is safeguarded. These are known as the “UNKNOWN SOLDIERS”. These are the soldiers whose identity is never known but whose voice reverberates and presence is discerned.

They Are The REAL HEROES....

To commemorate these unknown soldiers and inspire the future generations, numerous steps have been taken in different countries around the world to immortalise these soldiers. People acknowledge and venerate their sacrifices, accentuate their patriotism and pay homage to them. For this purpose many instances of establishment of war memorials are found in different countries. But it is heart rendering to know that these unknown soldiers remain unacquainted forever in the Independent India.


Westminster Abbey in England which is famous as the mausoleum of members of royal family and higher officials has a war memorial in the honour of the unknown soldiers. There is also a war memorial for unknown soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, America. The Americans every year on their memorial day assemble here to pay tribute to the soldiers. The epitaph in this memorial reads “Here rests in honoured glory an American Soldier, known but to God.”

Not Just The Soldiers...A Salute to all their families for the Sacrifices they make...

Post-Independence in India, there have not been any memorials for the unknown soldiers who were martyred in the battle field. Only the India Gate of Delhi which was built during the British rule constitutes the “Amar Jawan Jyoti” or the flame of the immortal soldiers erected under it in the wake of Liberation of Bangladesh to commemorate the Indian soldiers killed in the defence of their country. Hence it is indispensable to build war memorials for these soldiers to aggrandise them and be proud enough to edify the future generation so that the posterity will remember these unknown soldiers as symbol of courage, bravery and indomitableness.