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Wednesday, 18 January 2017


By: Team PenTastic

Interviewed By: Shirin Sonali

Sagarika Nath, who completed her Electrical Engineering degree from the College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar in 2008, qualified the UPSC exam with flying colors. She secured a rank of 199 in the UPSC 2015, and was one of the only 26 to qualify from Odisha, and managed to bag a seat in the prestigious IPS.

Despite her busy schedule, she took out time for a telephonic interview with our correspondent Shirin Sonali, where we got a glimpse into Miss Nath’s life at the IPS training centre, and also her life before achieving success. On being asked about her experience at Mussourie, where she is undergoing her foundation course, she replied that it has just been amazing. The foundation course goes on for 3 months, and it is common for the whole batch of 378 students presently enrolled there. She says that in the successive week, they would be embarking on an exciting trip to the Himalayas. They get to participate in a lot of extra-curricular activities like these such as archery, shooting, horse riding, river-rafting, cooking, baking, etc. and it has been a hectic and exciting ride so far.

When asked about her experience at CET, she replied that it was much different from her present situation. Then, they had hostel outside the college, and buses were their best means of transport. Miss it and come late to class, and you had to face some serious repercussions from the teacher taking their first class, who was none other than our very own Biswajit Sir! There were no extra-curricular activities back then except during Xtasy, the college’s annual fest; CET has come a long way since then. However, she emphasized on the fact that it is our schools and colleges which set the platform from where one goes to the next stage. It is where the strongest foundations are built.

The Lady Herself!!!!

UPSC is a totally different kind of exam, a marathon you can say, which challenges your practical and people management skills, how you solve problems and handle situations, she says. There were numerous struggles that she faced during her preparation, even though her family was very supportive throughout. There were subjects like Geography, History, Art & Culture, which were totally different from the subjects she was accustomed to, but nevertheless if you prepare smartly, nothing is impossible, according to her. Her favourite amongst these was International Relations, which gave her quite an insight into how people think and imagine, why people react the way they do, and about different cultures inside and outside our country, which was way different from her most-liked subject in college, control systems.

She has been a state and national level Karate champion, holding a black belt in the same. She is an athlete, having participated in sports such as swimming, roller skates and table-tennis. Apart from these, she also composes poems, and is a major travel freak and getting into IPS has given wind to her dreams as she has already been to quite a few places as a part of its curriculum.

To the ones who want to get into the same line as her, she advises that the earlier one starts, the better it is for them, as the exam doesn’t need a vast preparation, but rather a smart and efficient preparation. She says that the biggest problem students face is that they don’t get a proper platform to start from, and in Odisha, getting proper guidelines had been quite difficult. The ones preparing need to have a proper direction, and for whatever energy they put in, they will get equivalent result. She suggests that they should go through different blogs giving guidelines regarding the same, and maybe go to Delhi to get a good number of ideas and preparation tips from the institutes which help students get ready for UPSC exams.

She says that there must be quite many people who want to prepare for UPSC from CET, and are guaranteed to garner good results. Her message to us CETians is “Never give up on your dreams, and your path will automatically unfold before you”.

We wish her all the best for her great journey ahead. Our college is really proud to have a gem like her as its student!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

CET MUN Workshop: The Art of Diplomacy

By: Team PenTastic
Written by: Bedopam Roy

The engrossed audience!

“Diplomacy is the art of telling people
To go to hell in such a way
That they ask for directions”
-By Winston Churchill

With the upcoming Perception 2k17, the annual techno-literary-management fest of CET, CET-MUN happens to be an irresistible part of this extravaganza. It is a podium for the students to showcase their ability to research on a given topic, critically analyse it, present it and debate on it. It is in this event that team work and leadership skills take a centre stage.

To make the students of CET familiar with the procedures, rules and regulations of MUN, a workshop was organised on 16th of January 2017 at B-407. The time kept for the workshop was 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm for 3rd & 4th year and 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm for 1st & 2nd year. The event was organized by Cetadel and hosted by Arghya Patnaik along with Biswa R Mishra and Kaustuv Bose. Arghya Patnaik took the whole workshop of explaining the rules to a different level. With a talent like him, the whole event was going on an enjoyable roller coaster ride.

The MUNdis!!

The team MUN described the rights, motions, resolutions which the delegates will have to follow in the actual MUN scenario. All the would-be-representatives of MUN wholeheartedly participated having no academic load at this juncture of the academic year. There were a baggage of questions asked by the participants which was answered by the organisers with crystal clear clarity. Even some countries were taken as examples and their foreign policy was discussed.

The Committees and Agenda!

Such events truly showcase and enhance the rich and abundant talent in CET in the areas of diplomacy, leadership and the ability to mould others to our opinion. Nonetheless, it was CET-MUN team which worked day in and day out to make the upcoming event a very successful one. Looking forward to lots of fun during the ensuing CET-MUN. At last let’s not forget,

"When diplomacy stops, war begins."

Monday, 16 January 2017

Intra Sports Tournament: Game On!!

By: Team PenTastic
Written by Pratik Dash

The new year started with a bang for college students of C.E.T. as the whole college was excited to see sports players of the college in action.Who doesn’t want to see Himesh Chachra and Amit Bhuyan hitting sixes, Anustup Biswal and Shatam Patri scoring goals, Ram Manas and Anisha Sahu’s agile run, Dibya’s deadly smashes, Debasish Behera’s quick table tennis or Dillip Kindo and Adi Prateek’s wonderful drops of the shuttle.The first year’s involvement in the INTRA tournament made it more exciting.The Branch wise pattern of the competition made the environment more passionate. Wowww..the tournament was just incredible!!


The Electrical Team!

Playing through the league stages out of 8 teams only, four managed to go to the semi finals.In the semis Electrical team met the powerful I&E team and put up a great fight, but were unable to contain the I&E people.The mechanical defeated the CSE people to enter into the finals in the other semi finals .In a tough and competitive match against the mechanical team the Instru team emerged as winners.What a match it was!!


Hundreds of students took part in badminton.There was no space to stand in the Badminton court. Out of the immense participation, only one had to emerge as a winner. In a great match between Samidha Ratho (Electrical 4th year) and Megha ranjani (I&E 2nd year), Megha clinched the title. The Mixed doubles final was a great and exciting one as the Samidha Ratho +Adi Prateek combination proved their upper hand against the Dillip Kindo + Megharanjani duo. Adi Prateek+Thakurdas Soren duo were defeated out of nowhere by the emerging Debasmit Khanda (a first year player)+Amarendra duo who played very, very well in the finals of men’s double .In the men’s singles final Thakurdas stole a wonderful win (“well played Thakur!” echoed the court.)


The league matches were awesome.The sixes were cheered and each wicket made everybody’s heart skip a beat. 2 fifties of Amit Bhuyan, a 34 ball 102* by Himesh Chachra and an 87 run innings by Millan Roshan were the highlight of the tournament.The final is yet to be played which would obviously be more exciting though!!!


Tough fights, powerful smashes and great blocks make this sport more interesting. The mechanical team won it easily and it was sure though for them as they had the volleyball legend: our own Dibya bhai in their ranks. I think you all might be guessing it by now how they won it single handedly. "The boys played well", said our humble and calm Manoj Kumar Bhanja who featured in few matches.


The Captains!!
High voltage action and super speed dribbling, need of great accuracy and stamina, this game attracts great crowd. As usual Basketball has been one asset of our college and Intra matches proved it.With the ranks of Siba Prasad Dash, the Textile team came, saw and conquered the court beating the very strong Architecture team. As far as the women's team was concerned, there were two teams captained by the two stalwarts Anisha Sahu and Sagarika Kanhar respectively. More than winning, their intention was to mentor the young talent and ensure a great team for the upcoming Engineer's Cup.


Being a very tough sport, low participation was a negative point of the sport but watching Debasmit, Adi Prateek, Snehasis panda, Debashish Behera and Anisha Sahu in action, only fools would have missed it!! Anisha Sahu won the finals in singles beating the very beautiful Megharanjani who put up a gallant fight. In men’s singles it was Debashish Behera who emerged as an unbeatable winner.

The trailer to Engineer’s Cup i.e. the excitement level of students for sports was seen amongst the students."Never have the college seen so much of involvement of students for sports. Hats off CETians-cheers!!",said the sports secretary, Mr.Himesh Chachra!!

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Mission Rahat: Visit to SCB

By: Team PenTastic
Written by Arbind Samal (1st year)

"A life lived for others is measured in greatness,not in terms of years." This is what separates a humanitarian from the ordinary. We all believe in becoming an asset for the society,but for achieving this,it is necessary to help the ones in need! This is what our college and the students believe in- helping our fellow beings in any possible way we can.

With this thought in mind,Mission Rahat aimed to help the patients in SCB Medical College and Hospital, Cuttack during its visit,on 12 January 2017. The objective was not to just help the needy but also introspect within ourselves if we can actually do anything for them. After reaching the destination at the scheduled time of 11 P.M.,the students proceeded to the orthopedic ward with the guidance of the officials there. Around 40 students from the college took part in this initiative and there was complete effort seen from them as different groups were formed who went to different rooms to communicate to the patients and distribute fruits,glucose and other incentives.

It is rightly said that 'service to Mankind is service to God'. And Mission Rahat took a small step to not only serve the patients but also find solutions to improve their condition. The response that the patients gave,encouraged every single member of our team to help each and every fellow human to make this Earth a better one to live.

The students returned back with a mission in their eyes,that is to help everyone. The CETians of Bhubaneswar now successfully earn a place in the hearts of the patients in SCB hospital. But this mission wont have been possible without the guidance of Respected Principal sir Prof.PK Patra who allowed us to be a part of this noble cause. We are thankful to Shrimant sir,who went all the way with the students and guided them. This trip wont have been possible without the efforts of our President,Mr. Samir Satpathy, Vice President Mr. Soubhagya Satpathy and NSS Convener Mr. Ritwik Pattnaik.

We urge all our fellow CETians to help our fellow human beings and lead the surge of spreading this spirit of humanity.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Demons of the Dark

By: Team PenTastic

Written By: Manisha Panda, EE, 2nd Year

As the night draws by,

And the darkness creeps in,

The flickering stars in the sky,

Reminds the heart of the greatest sins.

Memories come alive,

Like the magic in the dream,

But the happiness does not thrive,

As pain makes the heart scream.

As the past breaks through the cage,

The broken trust withers the soul,

Darkness lingers and feelings savage,

Even make the mightiest stars condole.

Though brutal destiny killed the heart inside,

Time smirked as it pushed life into chaos,

Silent cries echo as the love abides,

Deep down a lurking hope in the darkest shadow hides.